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halloween + paper + Projects / Monday, 17 Oct 2016

2 paper Halloween costumes


img_1472DIY paper bouquet of flower costumes

As you know, paper is my medium of choice, so for today’s installment of costumes inspired by Bath and Body Works fragrance mists, we are creating 2 costumes made entirely from paper and I LOVE how they turned out. If I had a bazillion costume parties to dress for, I’d be every single costume we create but these one are closer to the top of the list. First, we created an oversized origami crane inspired by their Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance as well as a bouquet of flowers costume inspired by their Hello Beautiful and Sweet Pea fragrances.

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paper + Party + Projects / Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016

DIY Fall Leaf Cake Topper


I love fall because it means crisp air, changing leaves, and pumpkin treats galore! This quick DIY fall leaf cake topper is the perfect finishing touch for the many desserts you’ll soon be preparing (and, of course, eating!) for all your Halloween parties and Thanksgiving gatherings. These colorful, gold-brushed leaves look great on a classic tiered cake like we’ve did here, but they’d also be adorable on individual cupcakes or tarts!

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paper + Projects + YouTube / Thursday, 6 Oct 2016

DIY brown bag bookbinding (with video)

DIY 5 minute bookbinding from a brown bag

One of our most popular posts is our 5 minute bookbinding tutorial from 2 years ago. We’ve received a number of questions about it and I thought it might be more clear to show it through video.

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paper + Party + Projects / Tuesday, 4 Oct 2016

DIY Charm bracelet garland

DIY Charm bracelet garland

by Kathleen Ballos

If there’s one thing I love making, it’s a fun garland. For today’s project, I made a giant DIY charm bracelet garland inspired, of course, by vintage charm bracelets! I love the idea of making this to decorate for a DIY necklace or bracelet making party, or even as permanent décor in a girl’s bedroom. Shop around your craft or dollar store for fun shapes to turn into the jumbo charms–coming up with cute ideas is half the fun! Keep reading for the full instructions. Read on →

paper + paper flowers + Projects / Monday, 12 Sep 2016

DIY Paper Swiss Cheese Plant

paper plant tutorial

paper plant tutorial

by Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY

Let the paper plant crafting party continue! Today I am showing you the swiss cheese plant also known as monstera obliqua. She is kinda like the darling daughter of everyone’s favorite – the monstera deliciosa! (We’re working up to the deliciosa!) What’s not to like about a plant named for cheese? Anyhow, I’ve had so much fun sharing with y’all some of my best-loved plants made from paper! You can find ‘em here! And, I’m honored to share another one today! Read on to learn how to make a paper swiss cheese plant!! Read on →