DIY Gingerbread house gift boxes

Gingerbread house gift boxes

You know I love getting creative with my wrapping paper–it’s part of the fun of gift-giving! We were challenged by Painters to use our imagination with their markers and so we came up with these adorable DIY gingerbread house gift boxes, which just might induce more squeals than the actual gift box itself. And no need to fear, they require just three materials. Easy squeezy!

Painters is hosting the Style by Aisle Painters Contest for all you looking to get creative this month. Through December, they are giving a winner a prize valued at $500 to someone creating something in the Party and Seasonal Decor category. You and your other talented DIY friends/family can submit your homemade creations to On the website, you can even download a coupon for Painters products so you can add more colors or tips to your DIY/crafting collection.  You can take advantage of the coupon even if you don’t enter the contest. Go to the website to learn more!

Edit: The Style by Aisle Painters Contest has closed.

Gingerbread house gift box tutorial

See below for the full Gingerbread house gift box tutorial! 

Christmas party line with Modify Ink

The House That Lars Built party line Modify Ink

Hooray! Along with our holiday cards, I’m pleased as punch to release our new holiday party line with Modify Ink. As I’ve mentioned before, Modify Ink is an ultra-custom party and art printing website with a fine editing software that allows you to customize every single detail of your party down to the exact color palette you are wanting for your party, because we all know how annoying it is to have something be so close to what you want, but just not quite there. This is the fix!

The House That Lars Built party line comes with a number of fun party decor items like bunting, monogramed garlands, cupcake flags, place cards, invitations, menu cards, labels (perfect for sodas or wine!), party hats, gift tags and gift labels. Here, we turned our cupcakes toppers into ornaments and hung them from Christmas trees. You also have the option to have Modify Ink craft everything for you or you can choose to pay less to do it yourself.The House That Lars Built party line Modify Inkmodify ink the house that lars built-ornaments 17modify ink the house that lars built-ornamentsThe House That Lars Built party line Modify InkThe House That Lars Built party line Modify Ink

See more party images below!

DIY paper tissue flower gift topper


Tissue paper flower gift topper

You know me. I love gift wrap! Probably more so than the present itself. I came up with this tissue paper flower gift topper as an fun way to add a dash of whimsy to a gift and it’s super easy. It’s based on paper poms, so if you know how to make those, you’re good to go!
Tissue paper flower gift topperTissue paper flower gift topper

See the full tutorial below!

Printable Friendsgiving Cards

If you’re spending Thanksgiving apart from friends or family this year, there are still ways to share the holiday with them! These printable Friendsgiving cards are perfect for those long-distance gatherings, and they will surely bring some joy to holidays spent apart!
 Since moving across the country, I have been especially grateful for good friends: old ones who stay in touch (and listen to me squeal about how cute east coast squirrels are and how no one here fully appreciates this fact) and new ones who adopt us into their lives and homes. Friends are truly the family you choose, and we’re so excited to get to celebrate this season with them!
To celebrate, I illustrated and designed an invitation, menu card, recipe, and leftovers label, that you can download and print yourself.


Design and photographed by Palolo or here   |  Co-hosted & Styled by Savannah

Download the Thanksgiving printables below! 

Fall leaf streamer


Fall leaf streamer

All these gorgeous fall leaves sprinkling from the sky have got me thinking, what can we do with them?! So, because you know I have a love of hanging decorations, we thought a fall leaf streamer was in order! Bundle up some fall leaves (we didn’t go farther than our yard!) and get gluing! The leaves are real so aging will definitely be a part of the beauty of the project. Think gorgeous brown, organic leaves. AND, it can be used in a number of ways: table runner, party garland, mantle decor. AND, it requires TWO materials. That’s it! So simple and yet impactful.

DIY Pumpkin Balloon Arch Backdrop


Pumpkin Balloon Arch Backdrop


DIY toilet paper roll candy garland


Toilet paper roll candy garland for Halloween #colorizeyourparty with Astrobrights

DIY toilet paper roll candy garland

ASTROBRIGHTS®, who I woked with on my paper plants, asked me how I would “colorize your Halloween” and I said, “with toilet paper candy garlands” of course! It’s become my belief that every party needs candy and every room needs a candy garland. It just makes the world a brighter, sweeter place! I based the concept on these candy lights that my mom used to make for our house for Christmas. I’ve been saving toilet paper rolls for over a year now (what? You don’t?!) so this was the perfect time to put them to use. It makes it  so easy to cover with their vibrant color papers and a layer of cellophane. Easy squeezy!

Toilet paper roll candy garland for Halloween #colorizeyourparty with Astrobrights

Candy name tag from a toilet paper roll for Halloween #colorizeyourparty with AstrobrightsToilet paper roll candy garland for Halloween #colorizeyourparty with Astrobrights

See the full tutorial below! 

Halloween Party with Tortured Artist Costumes

Halloween artist costume party

I collaborated with photographer Alpha Smoot and a number of uber talented folks to create a Tortured artist Halloween dinner party and it’s one of my all-time favorite projects to date. I got to live out my childhood fantasy and college art history days of collecting all my favorite artists in one sitting. Dreamy! Here are the artist costumes we re-created. Find all the costume recipes link below and here’s the video that Trisha Zemp made of the party. Such a great collab!



Party hat garland tutorial


Party hat garland tutorial

As you know, I love me a good garland. I love that they can be packed away and brought out for the perfect celebration. I’m preparing for a birthday soon and wanted something that screamed birthday so I created this mini birthday party hat garland for the occasion. Check out the full tutorial below!
Party hat garlandParty hat garland tutorialPhotography by Trisha Zemp 

Mini birthday party hat tutorial

Materials: tissue paper, scrapbook paper, red acrylic paint, paint brush, pom poms, bakers twine, craft knife, scissors, party hat template, fringe scissors, glue gun

Step 1: Cut out party hat templates (Use this one) out of your scrapbook paper

Step 2: Cut a strip of contrasting tissue paper about 1/2″ wide.

Step 3: Use the fringe scissors to create fringe on both sides of the strip of tissue paper.

Step 4: Assemble the party hats. Secure with glue gun if necessary.

Step 5: Glue the fringe to the bottom of the party hats.

Step 6: Paint fun designs onto the party hats with the red paint and paintbrush.

Step 7: Cut two holes on either side of the top of the party hats

Step 8: Insert twine into the party hats. If necessary, wrap a piece of tape at the end of the twine to help it glide in easier.

Step 9: Attach the pom poms onto the top of the party hats with glue gun.


And you’re ready to party!

Party hat garland
Party hat garland tutorialParty hat garland tutorial
Party hat garland tutorial Party hat garland tutorial Party hat garland tutorial

Paper flower garland


Paper flower garlandFlowers can/should never go out of season, right?! Well, that’s my personal motto anyways. I came up with this flower garland tutorial and loved how it turned out. And you may not guess it, but the technique is pretty much a riff off of a paper fan, so it’s easy! It’d be perfect for a birthday or garden party. I love having a supply of garlands on hand just in case I need to throw a party or shower someone with love for a day. It seems to happen more often than I expect.
Paper flower garlandPaper flower garland


  • paper (office paper works best for the flower part but thicker works fine too)
  • cardstock
  • hole punch
  • green paper for leaves (scrapbook or cardstock)
  • green paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • circle cutter or craft cutter machine (I used a Cricut)
  • glue gun
  • stapler
  • leaf template

To make the flower

  1. Do a 3/4″ accordion fold with an 8.5×11″ piece of paper. Cut off any excess paper.
  2. Fold the folded paper in half (use this fan tutorial to see how it’s done)
  3. Staple the mid point of the folded paper.
  4. Cut the edges of the paper so that it forms a fun design like a petal.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to create another one for a fuller look.
  6. Glue one edge of the paper to the other side or another flower and turn it into a circle
  7. Cut 1 1/2″ circles for the center of the flowers. You’ll need three per flower.
  8. Paint a fun design onto the circles if desired for the center of the flower.
  9. Glue the circles on with your glue gun, one on front and one on back. Leave one circle.
  10. With one of the circles, cut two holes.
  11. Make the leaves with the template (download here).
  12. Paint a fun design on them as shown.
  13. Cut two holes into the center of the paper.
  14. Slide your string through these holes and trade off with the circle with two holes.
  15. Once you’ve rotated between a leaf and a circle, glue the circle now on the string to the back of the flower onto the circle you’ve already glued.

paper flower tutorial


Donzo! This is one of my all time favorite paper garlands! I have it as decoration in my new studio. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!Paper flower garland Paper flower garland

Fruit wrapping paper


Turn your wrapping paper into fruit

Ever since I turned balloons into fruit a few years ago I’ve been loving the idea of turning everything into fruit. I’ve been spotting some fun projects from around the web too (like Mr. Printables printable fruits here SO GOOD!) and since I’m on a wrapping paper kick (like the all sorts licorice here), I thought…why not fruit up some wrapping paper? Wouldn’t it be so fun to do for a birthday?! I’m digging it.

The fun thing about this one is that it’s all paper! Probably paper that you already have in your paper stash. I used a cutting machine to make the exact shapes, but I’m providing the templates in case you want to cut it out yourself. 
fruit_wrapping01Turn your wrapping paper into fruit!

Photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Crafting and styling by Brittany Jepsen  |  Craft assistant: Ashley Isenhour

Click below for full tutorial!

DIY Paper prize “Congrats” ribbons

Paper prize ribbon DIY

I love making decor that I can save for specific special occasions. I needed a “congrats” sign so I decided to invest a bit of time into making one that I can have forever and a congratulatory paper ribbon was the perfect way to do it! But you could also change it up with birthdays or names or monograms. And I’ve teamed up with My Mind’s Eye to allow you to purchase all the colors you need to make it yourself in one kit. See below! PRIZE RIBBONSPaper prize ribbon DIYPaper prize ribbon DIYPrize ribbon "Congrats" rosettes

Photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Crafting and styling by Brittany Jepsen