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DIY + Home + Projects / Monday, 12 Aug 2019

Color blocked thread Wreath

For the last few months, the entire Lars team has had a somewhat unorthodox love affair. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too saucy, just that we’ve been enamored (one might even say obsessed) with…would you like to guess? Lampshades and lighting fixtures! I know, I know, we’re the biggest nerds on earth, but who cares? We can’t help it; we see them, we like them, we want them, and then, of course, we make them. We’ve been on an absolute lamp overload as of late and especially the work of Ana Kras, so we decided to mix things up just a little bit with our next project. We have yet to fall out of love with the plate and cup light fixtures we made a while back, so we decided to turn our latest obsession, these threaded lampshades, into this amazing door wreath!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll realize that this project combines two Lars hallmarks; color, and wreaths. We combined the two, because we absolutely cannot think of anything we would love more than this vibrant door wreath. Can’t think of anything more inviting to welcome your loved ones into your home!

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Design + Projects / Thursday, 8 Aug 2019

14 Tips and trick to hang Spoonflower wallpaper

I won’t try and hide my mission in life right now–get as many people to hang up wallpaper in their homes as possible. There’s just no better way to add color and pattern and really customize a space to your own taste. It’s such a part of my current repertoire that I have it all over my rental apartment. In fact, when I presented the idea to my landlords, I made a slide show presentation complete with mood boards and a top ten list as to why wallpaper belongs in their investment. I won’t bore you with the list for now…(ha, you’re safe!), but here’s the deal: Wallpaper is now made to come off like buttah. It ain’t your 80s paper, which you can never get rid of. 

In my living  room (see here), I had a professional install it. He did an amazing job. And for my bedroom (see here), we decided to take a stab and do it ourselves. And when I say “we”, I mean I watched from the sidelines as my team impressively went to town. They did a fantastic job, so I decided that we needed to share our tips and tricks on how to hang wallpaper, and in this case, Spoonflower wallpaper, since that’s what we used here. 

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DIY + Projects + Style / Monday, 5 Aug 2019

Add on rainbow buttons!

Sometimes all you need is just a touch of rainbow, you know what I mean? Not the whole entire outfit but a little nod. We’ve been wanting to try this out for some time and then were pleasantly surprised to see one of our favorite labels do it, State the Label. Great minds think alike, eh?! So, if you don’t want to add your own, there are a ton of cute options over there.

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baby + DIY + Projects / Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019

DIY mushroom playmat

Have you seen the adorable stuffed playmats in the shape of leaves or plants? I’m so in love with them! I was wanting to make one for Jasper long ago, but that ship sailed. There’s no way he can be contained to a little space like that these days. I couldn’t get it out of my mind so we brainstormed one that has a large touch and came up with a mushroom. Isn’t it so cute? It will be perfect for Next Baby (not an announcement!). Our photographer, Jane, had her adorable 4 month old cousin, Sam come over to test drive it and I think it’s safe to say he approved.

What do you think?! Ha! Such a sweetie pie. Learn how to make it below!

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DIY + Projects + Style / Thursday, 25 Jul 2019

DIY clay hair clips

Have you tried out the huge hair clip trend? We are ALL over it! It’s about time hair gets a little bling! There are so many good ones out there, but we had a specific palette and design in mind and we had to try it out. Turns out, they go with everything! It’s easy and cheap and you can make whatever you’d like. We tried ours out with clay and it was the perfect medium for doing so.

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