Day 13 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the rainbowDress the rainbow

Day 13 of Dress the Rainbow and we’re too burnt orange.

Photography by Alexa Jorgenson

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2020 Trend Alert: Embroidered Everything

The feel-good factor is just as important as a principle of design because when it is present, people notice. Embroidered work feels personal and intimate, tying the owner to the piece. It also carries with it emotion that otherwise would be lost in a different medium. Would Katherine Kelly care so much about that hanky if it was screenprinted? Not a chance! That hanky reminded her of her mother and represented a central theme of the movie – that old things, however quaint, could be replaced by modernity. 

Luckily enough for us, people love embroidery way too much to let it slip away into memory. We are some of those people!! Care to check? Search our website for the word “embroidery” – I did and counted the results until I got to sixty and decided that was enough. We have written about embroidery in sixty different blog posts. If you are a newbie to fabric arts, check out our results for some inspiration and even a tutorial on basic stitches.

embroidered fashion trend 2020

If you, like us, are fully on the embroidery train, don’t wait for someone to give you a hanky! With some help from the Lars team, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite embroidered items for purchase that we have compiled below. Feel free to peruse, and if you dare, shop!!! If you’d rather make your own embroidered item, go for it! From simple stitches to complex masterpieces, embroidery shines on everything.

Embroidered Fashion




Embroidered home decor


All mood board photo sources can be found here on our Pinterest!

Day 8 of Dress the Rainbow


It’s been one week of #DressTheRainbow and we’re just getting going! Day 8 is upon us and it’s fire truck red with the every sunshiny Ginger Parrish of Parrish Place, whose brightness and zest for life is contagious! AND, she has an ebook that teaches you step by step how to take bright and colorful photos. I’m putting this on my wish list right this moment!


Photography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Red hat (now on sale!) 

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Day 3 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 3 of Dress the Rainbow (if you missed the announcement, find out more info here). Today it’s coral pink with Aubry Bennion of Hello Maypole, my go to place for fun, happy felt balls. Aubry is a never ending source of positive energy optimism and I’d say it came across in the photo, no? She even dyed her dress coral pink from white to make the shot pop. That’s dedication my friends!

Coral pink is another favorite of mine. Wait, all pink is a favorite of mine. No matter, coral specifically is a perfect blend of orangy pink and here it’s softened with a lighter shade. It’s perfect used with various shades of orangey reds or turquoise or yellow!

Join in on the fun by taking your own photo in any shade and tagging it with #DressTheRainbow and @HouseLarsBuilt and enter to win a $500 gift certificate to Asos.

And a treat for you! Use the code HELLOLARS for 20% off all 50-count felt ball packages in the @hellomaypole shop!   

My dress from Maeberry Vintage  |  Aubry’s dress from Gap (similar one found here on sale now!)

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Photo by Victoria Riza

60 days of Dress the Rainbow


60 days of Dress the Rainbow

60 days of dressing in every hue of the rainbow can lead to one beautiful long grid and one colorful slide show (press play for a delightful tune!). Thanks for following along on this color exploration! Check out the full Dress the Rainbow shoots here and stay tuned for a fun announcement this upcoming week!

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Day 10 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the rainbow with Modern Colorist and The House That Lars BuiltDress the rainbow with Modern Colorist and The House That Lars Built

Day 10 of Dress the Rainbow in tomato red with my sister, Caitlin. Shooting with my sister is always a party as you can clearly see. I can think of no one better to partner on this project with than her. Catch her on her new fashion blog, Modern Colorist! It’s good guys!

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Loungewear in every color of the rainbow

Colorful Loungewear

This rainbow of comfort is sure to cure your quarantine blues. Find your hue! Or mix and match them to bring a smile to your face every day! Our top picks you should keep an eye out for are: wide-leg sweats that totally count as pants. Spring linen drawstring pants in amazing shades (if you still have enough self-control to change out of joggers every morning.) Lars approved Tie dye, so you can be totally on trend this season. And … all of it. We love it all.


Blue light glasses for working from home

Have you tried blue light glasses yet? Our team loves ours! Anyone who spends all day working from home on a screen should get a pair. I can work all day headache free with my blue light glasses. Try out one of the fun colored frames below!


Slip on shoes and sneakers to complete your loungewear look


Day 42 of Dress the Rainbow

Sarah Jane Studios for dress the Rainbow

Day 42 of Dress the Rainbow with my dear friend, Sarah of the illustrative design house, Sarah Jane Studios. Sarah is magic. That’s really the best adjective I can ascribe to her. She lives a life of pursuing beauty and wealth and passion but in the best senses of the words. She is kind and wise and smart and beautiful and talented, but really, how she does it by magic. I think of her as Mother Goose–a teller of beautiful stories through her illustrations and words. I’m lucky to call her my friend. She has some very exciting things happening in the near future and you must check it out. This includes some new books she’s written/illustrated, a new fabric line, new prints, and a new shop!

Check out her site here 

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photo by Alexa Jorgenson with some books that Sarah illustrated 

Day 47 of Dress the rainbow

Kera Thompson of Interwoven

Day 47 of Dress the rainbow in cream with Kera Thompson of Interwoven. Kera is a trained interior designer who lived in the Middle East with her beautiful family and create this online home interiors shop after spotting beautiful home goods in her travels. Her curated goods are beautiful! As you can tell, Kera is one happy, lovely lady and I’m pleased to call her a friend.

And fun news! She’s giving Lars readers 20% off everything in her shop! Enter LARS20 at checkout. AND she’s a part of a Designer Market Sale in Salt Lake City next Saturday, August 29th

Shop Off White Below and check out the outtakes!

Photos by Alexa Jorgenson

Day 31 of Dress the Rainbow

Aubrey Nelson, hair painter

Day 31 of Dress the Rainbow in green/blue with my dear friend Aubrey Nelson, who you might recognize as the woman behind my blonde, white, pink, and now green/blue locks of recent times and the painted hairs of many other lovely ladies. For this shoot she had visions of beautifully painted green and blue wigs, because, turns out, wigs come on and off. Who knew?! And they don’t damage your hair! And you can cut it to any style you choose. I think I’m going to start wearing wigs on a regular basis.

Funny story, Paul is in NYC for the summer and when I showed him the picture his natural reaction was to ask if I cut my hair. “Yes,” I told him. “Did you color your hair?” Yes, I told him. “What do you think about it?” I asked. Expecting him to find it not suitable, he surprised me by saying how much he LOVED it. Like, really loved it. Like, he would want it to be permanent.

And that, my friends, is why we make a great time 🙂

Aside from pioneering hair painting, Aubrey is one of the most tender hearted and generous souls I know. She has some fun projects coming at us in the next few months and you must stay tuned to hear all about it. Follow her on Instagram here.

And thank you to Jessica Peterson who works magic with that camera.

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Day 25 of Dress the rainbow and giveaway

We’re half way through the rainbow, folks and it’s getting awfully pretty! Have you joined in yet?! Day 25 of Dress the Rainbow in kelly green with Courtney Brown of Cents of Style. Here’s one girl who has her priorities straight and I’m a big fan of the empowerment she and her movement/company are encouraging among women.

Here’s how the story goes: She started this fashion accessories company in 2007 here in Utah after realizing that her love of fashion was more than just daily dress up fun. As a stay at home mom, she decided to focus some of energy on creating a place for women for women to find fun clothing at a fraction of the cost. It is now her belief that when you LOOK good who then FEEL good and then you have the power to DO good. Today, Cents of Style is a multi-million dollar company that employs 25 other women. How incredible is that?! I’m a big fan of anyone who provides opportunities for people (in this case women), to provide and empower. Call me a fan!

To celebrate Dress the Rainbow, Cents of Style is giving and AND a friend the opportunity to win a $500 shopping spree! That’s $1000 total!
Head on over to @HouseLarsBuilt on Instagram to enter!

See more pics below! And get the full look over at Cents of Style

Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow in medium grey with Kyong Millar of Koo de Ker, a local boutique in Salt Lake City. I remember when I was an undergrad here in Provo and this cute little shop first opened. There weren’t too many rad shops in the area and this one made an impact. I was thrilled when I returned back to Utah and discovered that Koo de Ker was alive and kicking 10 years later. Kyong has impeccable taste and her Instagram shows it! Her shop contains something for everyone in every price point, which I really appreciate.

Today, Kyong is giving away two gift cards worth $100 each. Check out how to enter after the jump!

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Photo by Jessica Peterson