Day 7 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the rainbow

Day 7 of #DressTheRainbow and we’re on sangria, that gorgeous deep red. I admit that deep reds are not my go-to color. They’re a little too dramatic and harsh on me, but I love the pow it gives.Dress the rainbow Dress the rainbow

Come join in on the #DressTheRainbow fun and enter to win a $500 gift certificate from asos. Just post a pic of yourself against the same color background and tag it with #DressTheRainbow and @houselarsbuilt

Photography by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Dress from Maeberry Vintage  

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Day 6 of Dress the rainbow

Dress the rainbow with Ali from Nena and Co

And we’re continuing our dog series on day 6 of Dress the Rainbow and joining me in fuschia is one of my favorites, Ali Hynek and Gary Crawford of Nena and Co. Ali is a true class act. Kind, generous, hard working, smart, and beautiful. You might remember Ali from the photoshoot I styled with Meta Coleman for their kids line. A couple of years ago Ali started Nena and Co. as a way to spread her Guatemalan culture out into the world. She works with Mayan artisans to create handbags, clothing, shoes, and of course, the children’s lines out of the most gorgeous colorful fabrics. You just must check out her shop. And lucky for you, she’s offering Lars readers 15% off all her inventory until Friday with the code DRESSTHERAINBOW.

Feel free to join in by posting your own photos against a fun colorful background and tagging it with #DressTheRainbow !

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Day 5 of Dress the rainbow

Dress the rainbow with Alison Show

If you know anything about Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show (she gave herself her own show. Her words, not mine), you know she likes pink and she loves to party. I say we captured her essence in just one photo, no? You cannot be bored when you’re around Alison. You just can’t. Alison throws parties and teaches an awesome sugar cookie class , which you should definitely run to take.

We rented a puppy from Puppies for Rent based here in Provo and then my friend Natalie graciously brought in her puppy, Scout, and adopted puppy Penny, to join us with the matching sweaters we found at Forever 21, because we both happened to be at the mall at the same time. It was fate.

Fun fact: it just so happened to be National Pink Day. Again, fate.

Photos by Alexa Jorgenson

Sunglasses from Cents of Style  |  Sweaters from Forever 21  | platinum hair from our mamas… 😉

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Day 4 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the Rainbow with Damask Love

Have 4 of #DressTheRainbow is with the lovely Amber of Damask Love, who I first met at Alt Summit a couple of years ago. With her fun, colorful, crafty aesthetic, I knew she had to be a part of the project. I was thrilled when I realized that she would be at Alt in Salt Lake City in June. It was meant to be! Of course, she chosen hot pink, her go to color and it took a trip to a downtown adult novelty store to make it happen.
Hint: if you are looking for colorful walls, always look in the seedy parts of town! They do not disappoint!
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Day 3 of Dress the Rainbow


Day 3 of Dress the Rainbow (if you missed the announcement, find out more info here). Today it’s coral pink with Aubry Bennion of Hello Maypole, my go to place for fun, happy felt balls. Aubry is a never ending source of positive energy optimism and I’d say it came across in the photo, no? She even dyed her dress coral pink from white to make the shot pop. That’s dedication my friends!

Coral pink is another favorite of mine. Wait, all pink is a favorite of mine. No matter, coral specifically is a perfect blend of orangy pink and here it’s softened with a lighter shade. It’s perfect used with various shades of orangey reds or turquoise or yellow!

Join in on the fun by taking your own photo in any shade and tagging it with #DressTheRainbow and @HouseLarsBuilt and enter to win a $500 gift certificate to Asos.

And a treat for you! Use the code HELLOLARS for 20% off all 50-count felt ball packages in the @hellomaypole shop!   

My dress from Maeberry Vintage  |  Aubry’s dress from Gap (similar one found here on sale now!)

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Photo by Victoria Riza

Day 2 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the rainbow

Day 2 of Dress the Rainbow (if you missed the announcement, find out more info here). Today it’s blush pink, one of my favorites. Blush is wonderful if acting as a neutral or just on its own. I love pairing it with other tinted hues like olive green or navy or even shades of browns. I especially love blush when paired with other shades of pinks and peaches. It reminds me of petals. SO, of course, I had to bring in some of my paper flowers to enhance the shade.

Joining me today is my sister Caitlin Watson Boyes, who you will be seeing a lot more of since she was the impetus for this project. We share a love of colors and patterns, and after much encouraging, she has FINALLY started her own blog called Modern Colorist, a fashion blog set out to teach you how to use color in a modern way. It’s educational and fun and clever, just like her!

Dress-The-Rainbow-3 Dress-The-Rainbow-4

Join in on the fun by taking your own photo in any shade and tagging it with #DressTheRainbow and @HouseLarsBuilt.

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Above left: Skirt from Koo de Ker in Salt Lake City, top from H&M. Above right: Both from H&M

Photos by Alexa Jorgenson

Dress the rainbow

Dress the Rainbow with The House That Lars Built

Well friends, I’m off on another color adventure. After #CraftTheRainbow and #LetterTheRainbow and most recently #PopsicleTheRainbow, I decided I couldn’t get enough. Or I am nuts. Both really. So I decided to start…#DressTheRainbow. With the help of some color loving friends, I’m taking my color experiments to some colorful walls with a handful of bright frocks by my side for the next 50 days! It’s a large undertaking but there are colors to wear and walls to be discovered!

I’m inviting you to join in with me on this fun project. Every day for the next 50 days I’ll post a pic wearing a color of the rainbow against the same color background. And YOU can do the same thing too by selecting any color of the rainbow and finding a wall near you and snapping a shot and posting it to Instagram where I’m hosting the project. It’s been really fun to discover colorful walls in my hood. Warning: once you start, you can’t stop! You’ll be identifying colorful walls from here on out! Just post your photos with #DressTheRainbow and @houselarsbuilt.

At the end of the 50 days I’ll choose a winner who will receive a $500 gift card to Asos, my favorite place to buy colorful clothing.

You ready??? Alright, get, set…#DressTheRainbow!

photo by Alexa Jorgensen