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Interiors + Style + Style Sheets / Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013

Style Sheets: Henri Matisse

This is the third post in a new collaboration called, Style Sheets. The style sheets are imagined by Jessica Lynn Williams, an interior decorator in Brooklyn (and part of the reason why Kate Spade windows look so fab!), and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Michelle Christensen. Take a look at the previous style sheets here.

Henri Matisse is our first male style icon for the series and it’s a natural fit as he’s one of our favorite artists. He was a master of color and pattern, which makes for an oeuvre emanating life and exuberance. Naturally, his interior must be equally bright and patterned-full. 

ALSO, if you’re on Instagram, I’m holding my first Instagram-only giveaway/game. Look up @houselarsbuilt for more deets. Hint: you must answer the question, “If I were a room, what would I be?” FUN!

flowers + Style + This Girl / Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013

This girl

If I wanted to, every week would be This Girl Floral. I try to exercise moderation in all things, but I couldn’t help it this week. Too many goodies out there right now!

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Style + This Girl / Tuesday, 2 Jul 2013

This girl: Independence Day edition

Subtletly celebrating the 4th in blue stripes.

This Girl  |  Sits  |  Steps 

AND! Congrats to the winner of the Laura Ashley giveaway. Megan Plue, come on down! 

Style + This Girl / Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013

This girl

Pure class.

Style + This Girl / Friday, 7 Jun 2013

This Girl: Donut edition

It’s today! Happy National Donut Day! Did you go out and get your free donut? Go to the National Donut Day site to see who’s participating (sorry foreigners). As a former non-sugar eater, I’m sure my friends from like 5 years ago are shocked that I’m the self-imposed poster child for this holiday. I’m just much classier now. Here’s proof. (scroll to last picture).

Don’t forget! There’s a hashtag for today! #ndd13

Here are some more posts about donuts to feed your mind, in addition to your belly:
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Fancy Donut party

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