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Style + This Girl / Tuesday, 9 Apr 2013

This girl

Because it’s snowing today, I’m feeling the need for coziness. This girl has coziness down.

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Katie Farber + Outfit to room + Style / Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013

Outfit to room

Outfit  |  sofa  |  chair  |  pillow  |  rug   |  lamp
by Katie Farber of This, That & The Other

Style + This Girl / Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013

This girl: Easter

Cotton candy is her apple a day.

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flowers + Style + This Girl + This Guy / Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013

This Guy & This Girl & This Babe

Today, This Guy and This Girl got together and had This Babe. I just had to do it!  You can’t not have a picture of Will Ferrell in a bathing cap covered with flowers and leave it alone. Am I right?

This guy  +  This girl  =  This babe