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Style / Monday, 22 Oct 2012

adding to my closet

In Denmark, layering is a part of daily life and let me tell you, these Danes know how to do it right! I’m dreaming of adding a few pieces to my cold weather wardrobe and these are the ones I have my eye on.

1 |  The Cloven Heart
2 |  Stockholm Streetstyle
3 |  Emerson Fry
4 |  Chloe

What are your choices for cold weather fall? 

Style + This Guy / Friday, 12 Oct 2012

This guy: I

Besides my honeymoon, this is the longest, most inconsistant blogging in Lars history. And you know what? I don’t feel caught up at all! Ugh. For one who loves blogging as much as I do, it’s so hard not to publish every day, but I have been needing the time. Let’s just say, big changes might be on the horizon. Eeeek! All of this means that we need a new series on the blog, right? How about a This Guy? You like? We have This Girl, who clearly needs to be complimented with a guy so here you go.
This week: 
I interviewed Alison from The Alison Show for the Brooklyn Bride series, “What does it mean?” 
I did the flowers for a fancy schmancy event yesterday to help out Maria and I scored a thong in my goody bag. And not the flip flop kind.
Happy weekend!

Design + Life + Outfit to room + Style / Thursday, 4 Oct 2012

Outfit to room

Girl  |  Sofa  |  Lamp  |  Throw  |  Pillow  |  Rug

by Katie Farber of This, That, & The Other 

Style + This Girl / Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012

This girl

With the arrival of autumn, I’ve begun to think in more sunset colors. Mexican and Bolivian serape stripes spring to mind.

This girl  |  Sits  |  Holds