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Design + printable + Projects + thanksgiving / Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

Printable leftovers tags

Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because the fun really begins after the meal is done. Yes, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving has to be when you get to take your delicious leftovers home with you to be enjoyed as a late night snack or a tasty addition to your work lunchbox. It’s like you get an extra few days of Thanksgiving! Instead of stealing from your host and mixing up tupperwares we’ve got these cute, printable leftover tags that’ll spruce up any bag. Plus, they’d be great alongside our printable pie boxesRead on →

paper + printable + Projects + thanksgiving / Monday, 14 Nov 2016

DIY Printable leftover Pie Boxes

Leftover Pie Box Printable

If you haven’t gathered yet, we like pie over here. All the pies! The more the merrier! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, which means there is almost always leftover pie on Thanksgiving. That poor forlorn pie, right? Well, we have the solution so no pie gets left behind! We created these DIY printable pie slice boxes for your thanksgiving festivities so you can easily take home those leftovers. Whether you use them as an adorable upgrade for tupperware, or as thank you gifts or favors following the feast, your guests will love these! Each box fits one slice, which might encourage portion control for some… As for me? It’s the perfect excuse to snag a few different flavors! Simply download the file and follow assembly instructions. There are designs for pumpkin, pecan, cherry, and apple. Let them eat pie!

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Crafts + paper + Party + Projects + thanksgiving / Monday, 7 Nov 2016

Origami Cornucopia


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I can always count on the same friends, family, and food being present. This is often the only time of the year when I get to see certain loved ones and consume the yummiest foods. Why oh why must we save all the apple and pumpkin goodies for such a short time? However, I do believe the traditional decor for Thanksgiving leaves a little (a lot?) to be desired. We decided to mix things up and create an origami cornucopia, which is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. With a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to fill it, of course. After the paper crane costume we created for Halloween a few weeks ago, we went a little crazy over origami, and this is the fruits (literally HA!) of our labor! I LOVE how it turned out. The origami can be a bit time consuming, but it’s the perfect activity to do while watching those wonderfully cheesy Hallmark Holiday films. This rainbow origami cornucopia will put all those boring wicker ones to shame!

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halloween + Party + thanksgiving / Tuesday, 1 Nov 2016

Pumpkin leaf favors

Pumpkin FavorsI was put in charge of writing thank you notes to a bunch of people that contributed to a church activity earlier this month. I decided to forgo the traditional card and envelope in lieu of something more seasonal. Of course, a handwritten thank you is always lovely (I certainly have a thing for stationery), but when you couple it with a festive pumpkin it takes a “thank you” to the next level! I love using seasonal items for projects–pumpkins are plentiful right now and have a warm, natural feel that’s perfect for fall. We couldn’t give them away without including a pun, so on each leaf we wrote: “Thanks for carving out time!” Pretty clever, right?  You can use these as “thank you” notes like we did, but they would also make adorable favors for a party or shower. You could even cover your mantel or doorstep with a bunch of these tiny pumpkins!

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Party + Projects + thanksgiving / Monday, 16 Nov 2015

Friendsgiving printables

friendsgiving palolo cockriel

Today’s post is from new Lars contributor, Palolo. Welcome to the team, Palolo!
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that just screams family, and, of course, we’re all grateful for family! But what if family is too far away to spend Thanksgiving with? Insert Friendsgiving a fun seasonal tradition to celebrate the family that you make for yourself!
 Since moving across country, I have been especially grateful for good friends. Old ones who stay in touch (and listen to me squeal about how cute east coast squirrels are and how no one here fully appreciates this fact ) and new ones who adopt us into they’re lives and homes. Friends are truly the family you choose, and we’re so excited to get to celebrate this season with them!
To celebrate, I illustrated and designed an invitation, menu card, recipe, and leftovers label, that you can download and print yourself.


Design and photographed by Palolo or here   |  Co-hosted & Styled by Savannah

Download the printables below! 
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