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Projects + Style + thanksgiving / Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014

Thanksgiving dress & a question

In this job I’ve had the chance to work with a number of wonderfully creative and talented people. One of these is Carli Randolf. We’ve been talking about how to work her sewing skills into the blog and we came up with the idea of making a design to wear for certain events. The holidays is a perfect time to “don some new apparel” so, without further ado….introducing the Thanksgiving dress! More particularly, the Pumpkin Pie dress. SEE IT??? Once you see it there’s really no going back, but if you don’t say it out right then you’re in the clear. We used a fabric that we found at our favorite local shop, Harmony in Provo. They sell the most lovely fabrics. This tip isn’t super helpful if you don’t live in Utah, but I’d email the owner Laura (see here) and talk to her about it. Perhaps if we put enough pressure on her she’ll start shipping out some fabric for you.
I’ve already worn it to a few events and LOVE IT! I’ve been wanting a dress that focuses on stripes as diagonals and Carli took this idea and ran with it. She created a fun side sleeve that mimics the diagonal in front and the kangaroo pouch. Of course, I love me some dresses without waist bands (much to my husband’s chagrin) so this dress is perfect.

Now the question is…I love this dress so much, but do you? Would you dear readers be interested in buying the patterns if we provided them? Just putting it out there to see if that’s something we should invest our time into. If not, no worries! But if so, let’s share the dress love!

With that, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m so grateful to have you along on this creative journey of mine. Without you, there’s no blog and for that I’m super duper grateful.

Photography by Laura Sumrak
Dress by Carli Randolf
Fabric from Harmony 

Food + holiday + Projects + thanksgiving / Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014

3 pie crust decorating ideas

Give Thanks and Eat Pie pie stencil. Available with Cricut ready file.
You know food is not my specialty…but decorating food is something I can totally get behind. So, we did what we do best and painted the town Matisse, stenciled some sugar, and dotted some pies to make some fun and memorable pies perfect for Thanksgiving.
Last week while I was in NYC I attended the exhibition on Matisse’s cut outs at the MOMA (after getting bummed I couldn’t go to the Tate in London). I was inspired so we came up with the Matisse pie, of course.
The Matisse pie crust
Matisse inspired pie crust idea.

 The polka dot pie crust.

Dot pie crust.
See below for the full tutorials.
Photography by Laura Sumrak
Baking and crafting by Victoria Riza, Carli Randolf, and Ashley Isenhour,

“Give thanks and eat pie” pie stencil

I love how simple yet impactful this one is. Ashley came up with the idea to apply a stencil to a pie…genius! This one is great for the Cricut or Silhouette machine.

Step 1: Simply download this file and cut it out on your machine or cut it out by hand. I used a piece of scrapbook paper to create the stencil.
Step 2: Set onto the pie. Not too firmly, it might take a layer of the pie off.
Step 4: Sprinkle powdered sugar on top with a sifter.
Step 3: Gently take the stencil with hands on either side so you pull it all off at the same time.


Give Thanks and Eat pie pie stencil
Cricut ready SVG pie stencil file.
The Matisse cut out inspired pie crust
Carli came up with this brilliant idea to paint the pie crust with food coloring. It went on so smoothly and bakes brilliantly.
Step 1: Cover your pie with the dough to have a large surface to work with.
Step 2: Use a paint brush to paint on your design with food coloring. We didn’t water down at all but used pure food coloring. We looked at images from Matisses’ paper cut outs.
Step 3: Bake it in the oven for 10 minutes to brown the crust (you should have already baked the pie filling).
Matisse inspired pie crust.

The polka dot pie crust

Victoria came up with this fun and easy idea of decorating your pie crust.

Step 1: Roll out your dough and use the back end of an icing tip to punch holes into the dough like a cookie cutter.
Step 2: Apply the dots to the perimeter of the pie then coming into the center of the pie filling and bake for the last 15-20 minutes of the pie cooking time.


Pie crust idea.

How will you be making your pies for the holidays? Tell me!

Crafts + DIY + holiday + Projects + thanksgiving / Monday, 17 Nov 2014

Thanksgiving Day hat tradition

Start a new tradition of making hats for each other to wear on Thanksgiving like this pumpkin pie hat.
I was talking with my girl Hillary and she mentioned that in her family they recently started a tradition of making hats the day of Thanksgiving. As you might guess, I was all ears. Hats + holidays = I’m all about it. Not only that, but they draw names and make a hat FOR another person and have to wear it the day of Thanksgiving. Genius! Think of the possibilities with this! Well, we decided that everybody needs to adopt this tradition so we came up with a few ideas of our own. Of course, they are meant to be ridiculous. Think of Aunt Edna sporting a candy cornucopia at the dinner table!
Above, pumpkin pie hat. Below, candy cornucopia.
Start a new tradition of making hats for each other to wear on Thanksgiving like this candy cornucopia fascinator.
Start a new tradition of making hats for each other to wear on Thanksgiving like this turkey hat.
Above, Brown paper turkey hat. Below, popcorn ball fascinator. Bottom image, pinecone hat.
Start a new tradition of making hats for each other to wear on Thanksgiving like this popcorn ball fascinator.
Start a new tradition of making hats for each other to wear on Thanksgiving like this pinecone crown.
See step by step tutorials next pages.
Photography by Cassidy Tuttle 
Crafting by Hillary Gallip, Ashley Isenhour, Victoria Riza, Brittany Jepsen