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coloring + Design + the shop / Friday, 11 Dec 2015

Flowers Coloring Book

Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built

Let’s end the week on an extremely exciting announcement. I’ve been wanting to dish about it for ages but also wanted to keep it a fun holiday surprise so . . . SURPRISE! We made a coloring book! It’s called Flowers Coloring Book: Botanical patterns and charts for beautiful color play and I am so so stoked about it. It’s everything I wanted in a coloring book because, as you’ve probably heard by now, coloring books for adults are a thing! Did you know?! People use them for relaxation, meditation, and creativity…and this holiday season I’ve been needing A LOT of the first two.

I wanted a coloring book that I would want to color in myself and so after months and months of preparation, this is it! If you love flowers, you’re in for a treat! It’s 60 pages of 10 different botanicals: poppy, lilac, magnolia, peony, tulip, sweet pea, rose, sunflower, protea, daisy and each one has a scientific chart, a bouquet, two patterns, a close up, and a Scandinavian inspired symmetry layout (like a rorschach test). Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built

See below for more details!

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Life + the shop / Friday, 9 Jan 2015

This week

Twig NY The House That Lars Built

As I type, I’m packing for my trip to the CARIBBEAN today! My friend Meta and I are teaching a couple of photo styling workshops at the Click Retreat aboard the Royal Carribbean and I can hardly stand it! January in the Caribbean? Yes please!

Above pic, I just got all the samples of my 3 new collections of dinnerware for Twig NY. Hooray! They are now out on sale. I’m going to be styling some vignettes soon and hosting a tea party so stay tuned for some fun images!

Edit: As I’ve been transferring my old site to my new host, I’ve lost content from some posts. 

Design + illustration + Life + Products + the shop / Monday, 12 Nov 2012

dum, da da dum!!!!

It’s here! The brand new 2013 calendar is finally available in the Etsy shop. 

For the 2013 calendar, I was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina. Living in Copenhagen, Denmark, Andersen’s fairytales are still very prevalent and mentioned. After reading the fairy tale in the land it was written, the story took on a new life and became a bit more real. You know that I love the idea of playing with scale (everything oversized!) so Thumbelina’s thumb size was a perfect image to recreate. I became entranced by the image of the butterflies that whisked the main character, Maia, away by her white sash as she escaped her arranged marriage to the ugly mole. For the calendar, I imagined a bouquet of butterflies clumped in lovely colors.

The calendar is 11×17″ ready for a frame or pinned to a wall. It’s a beautiful giclee print on cotton paper. The colors are super lush. Wait until you see it in person! Agh! Order the Thumbelina calendar here. The first batch come in with a slight overlap of printing. those are being sold for 1/2 price and you can find them here.

AND, the Language of Flowers calendar is back by popular demand. Order it here.

Photo by Lina Ahnoff