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Life + This week / Friday, 1 Apr 2016

This Week & direction change


After much contemplation, I’ve decided to do away with crafts and home and change focus on The House That Lars Built. This comes after much experimenting with my hair and make up and learning that I REALLY love it! And I’m REALLY good at it! It’s a revelation! Though I’ll miss crafting, I think beauty is a natural extension of creativity and color usage. I mean, I can color my hair, my eyes, my lip liner…it’s all coming together! Plus, it combines my thoughtful art direction and styling skills, which I’ve been able to build up over the last few years.

I think I have something really unique to offer the webisphere, like the Ode-to-Grace Coddington hair-do I perfected. And the best part about it? It hardly takes any product! It’s just leaving your hair in braids all day!

Guys, I’m really excited about this change and hope you will follow me on my new journey towards ultimate creative freedom. I have a lot of tips and products to recommend. You won’t want to miss a beat! Stay tuned!

Oh, and for ALL of you asking, click here to claim your own sweatshirt.


Annnnd now, the best links of the week.

Currently dreaming of London because of these pictures in the fog

If I ever started a “Color the Cities” collection, these would be my inspiration

A wonderful Pinterest board showing how to use this year’s Pantone colors

SUPER BLOOM in Death Valley (only happens once every 14 years!)

I need a sofa! Just discovered this new-to-me company. Looks promising! 

Colorful foods gives you healthy skin, find out which ones!

Wishing I was a cyclist so I could pass through this Amsterdam mural tunnel

13 colorful foods for healthy skin

Happy April Fool’s day 🙂 Please forget this image promptly. 

This week / Saturday, 16 Jan 2016

This week


Anyone watching The Bachelor? Anyone notice anything familiar? The season premier featured a contestant from Portland who introduced herself to the bachelor wearing a flower hat reminiscent of the flower hat I made for the royal wedding and Today Show. Ha! Now it begs the question…who wore it best? 😉

What are your plan for the long weekend? Me? Oh, just TAXES! I long to be organized someday where it doesn’t take me eons to prepare for it. Somebody teach me your ways!

If you’re staying in like me and need some procrastination devices, here are some fun links for your weekend!

Anne fans, did you hear the news?

This carpool karaoke is so adorable

A French watercolorist’s countryside escape

This color library is pretty dreamy

I was really moved by this fine artist

Gorgeous papaer plants

These rare photos of Paris are gorgeous

David Bowie in every phase 

This is how I exercise

Extra 40% off! 

Love this rug! 

I would like one of each of these please (all on sale!)

This week / Friday, 13 Nov 2015

This week

A Beautiful Mess 2016 planner

The holidays always always, without fail, creep up and then BOOM! It’s here! And I’m a wreck and so behind on life. AND THEN, my body decides to temporarily but you on hold (in the form of sickness). Sometimes you just have to be forced to take a breather no?! I’ll take what I can get. We had a number of shoots this week and more next week and I’m holding my breath. Guys, I’m so so lucky to get to do what I do and I absolutely love it so so much, it’s a hustle! And I’m still learning how to make it more sustainable. Bit by bit. Any pointers? I’m all ears!

Here are some fun links for your weekend!

The simplest things can be the most beautiful. 

Fun Christmas dinnerware party schemes

I’ve totally gotten into coloring books. I LOVE this one.

Love the menu card for this Thanksgiving dinner

I just bought this book and this one. Beci Orpin is me new design hero! I love her style.

Julia Child’s French getaway is on the market. If only…

Don’t forget to enter the holiday card giveaway! 

Dress the Rainbow for doors and windows! This world is so beautiful.

An update to Pinterest

Did you hear about this incredible flower house in Detroit?! 

My copy should be coming any day now and I can’t wait to dig in! 


Photo from my Instagram feed. I may be behind on 2015 still, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for 2016. Cute 2016 planners from A Beautiful Mess.

Life + This week / Friday, 30 Oct 2015

This week

fairmont sonoma

This week I spend a few glorious days in Sonoma, California with the fine people of Williams Sonoma and Fortessa. It was so nice to get out of the dry air and soak in the vineyards. I hadn’t ever been and was delighted to see the gorgeous landscapes, which felt like Europe.

And, of course, in true DIY fashion, I have been so burned out creating costumes for Lars that I haven’t done a bit of decorating of planning of costumes for ourselves this year. It’s kind of like not seeing the famous landmarks in your hometown…you’re just too close to it and think you’ll always have time so you never do it. Sigh.

Have a happy halloween folks! Here are some fun links for your weekend!

Breton Company just released their 7th episode and I’m honored to be interviewed. Thanks Joseph for having me! 

This horror version of Charlie Bit My Finger is HILARIOUS (and frightening. ha!). Good job Alma! 

Also, this one has a great ending 🙂 

Working smarter not harder, by Eva. She’s so wise.

The value of fashion photography

5 no carve pumpkins to try this Halloween! 

Cute Halloween lanterns

Such a cute sweater and perfect for fall!

pretty Halloween favor bags

Big sale at J.Crew today only! 

Guide to Halloween candy

Cute top

Halloween candy bark

I’m thinking of starting #DanceTheRainbow, what do you think? 🙂


photo from my Instagram at my week in Sonoma at the Fairmont.

Life + This week / Friday, 23 Oct 2015

This week

post it confetti

Guys! I still don’t know what I’m doing for Halloween. I love to dress, but per usual, I have nothing planned! It usually comes down to a last minute costume. What are you doing? This week we had a lot of fun projects behind the scenes and I cannot wait to show them to you. Glee! Stay tuned!

Fun links for your weekend!

So clever! 

Love this DIY for storage!

The next great Scandinvian destination

Rad painted interiors

This costume is the best! 

Rainbow crepes!

I’m so excited for this album. I pledged. Find out the details here! 

Pumpkin lanterns

Beautiful botanicals

Did you hear that Kate Spade is now doing a home collection?!