There are few things more important to me than having a home that feels lived in, comfortable, and beautiful. I have found that one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by hanging art on the walls! The only downsides to hanging art of the walls are 1. finding that perfect piece and 2. the cost of that perfect piece. For a long time I poo-pooed on hanging anything that wasn’t original artwork on my walls. I have since seen the light, repented of my old ways, and come to love art prints and exhibition posters for my walls, especially since I can’t afford the original art I’d prefer.

I find myself especially drawn to exhibition poster trend because of the sentimentality that they can hold from ones I have visited or even just for the love of a certain artist. Hopefully in my dream home I’ll stick exclusively to original artworks, but I have a pretty good feeling that some of my favorite exhibition posters will make the cut for to help my house feel like home. These are just a few (27 to be exact, I couldn’t help myself… so many good ones!) of my favorite exhibition posters that would look amazing framed and up on any wall! Read on →