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Party + Projects / Thursday, 21 May 2015

DIY Tassel balloon

Make a tassel balloon

For our books & balloons baby shower, our guest of honor, Victoria, clearly needed her own decorated balloon, a la Geronimo, so Ashley came up with a fun way to include some book inspired features into the decor. She included some bright tissue paper tassels along with tassels from pages from some books from the thrift store to tie in all the elements. Any way you put it, you just can’t go wrong with a humongous balloon. You just can’t.
DIY tassel balloonMAKE A BALLOON WALLballoon stuck in a treeBalloon baby showerBalloon baby showerPhotography by Melissa Leavitt  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour of Ike Studio  |  Balloon from Zurchers

See more from the baby shower here and click below for the full tutorial

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Projects + Style / Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015

DIY painted shoes for St. Patrick’s Day

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shoes

My mom took one look at this photo from this shoot from Valentine’s Day and immediately texted me saying, “Missed opportunity. You should have painted the soles.” I love my mom.

I love her because she’s a creative GENIUS! Of course the soles of shoes need to be painted! Now, I may have missed a Valentine’s Day opportunity, but I’ll be darned if I miss St. Patrick’s Day when it’s even MORE important to get your color on. I mean, who wants to be pinched? This is one of those classic moments when someone notices you aren’t wearing green and then in a sudden graceful rush you bring your foot up to face and show them the green. Or rainbow in this instance.

DIY Rainbow Shoes for St. Patrick's Day

See how the rainbow garland goes with everything?! DIY Rainbow St. Patrick's Day ShoesDIY Rainbow Shoes for St. Patrick's Day DIY Green Shoes for St. Patrick's Day
Photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Craft assisting by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Styling by Brittany Jepsen 

Click below for full tutorial and to shop the post

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DIY + Party + Projects / Monday, 9 Mar 2015

Two St. Patrick’s Day Garland Ideas

2 St. Patrick's Day garland ideas

I’ve was super inspired by a garland tutorial that Design Love Fest featured by Kamryn Stimpson and thought it would be fun to do my own version but in rainbow colors along with some token shamrocks for a stellar St. Patrick’s Day garland. Wouldn’t it be fun for a party or something? And the great thing about them is that you can mix and match them for all sorts of occasions. I can see certain color pairings perfect for Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, or just for funsies year round. I made two different versions because I really got into it and couldn’t stop cutting out shapes. And I even whipped out my Cricut machine, which lead to many many many shamrocks. That machine is super handy when you have intricate designs that you need to cut out in bulk. DIY Rainbow St. Patrick's Day GarlandMake your own Rainbow St. Patrick's Day GarlandMake your own Rainbow St. Patrick's Day Garland

DIY Rainbow Garland for St. Patrick's Day

This second garland I’ve had in mind for ages. I added in some “gold coins” to complete the Patrick’s Day fest. Though, I’m pretty sure I want it up year round.DIY Gold Coin Garland for St. Patrick's Day DIY Shamrock and Rainbow Garland for St. Patrick's Day DIY Shamrock and Rainbow Garland for St. Patrick's Day DIY Shamrock and Rainbow Garland for St. Patrick's DayPhotography by Trisha Zemp  |  Craft assisting by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Crafting and styling by Brittany Jepsen

See the full tutorial and shop the look below

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Design + Life / Monday, 23 Feb 2015

How I improved my Instagram photos with one trick


You know I’m awfully sheepish about showing pictures of my house—(“It’s not how I would design it if I could do it properly”, “It’s only half painted”, blah, blah, blah”)—but I was encouraged to do this post in an attempt to show more snippets from my life. I have a tendency to only show aspects that I’m super duper proud of and half painted rooms with sofas that haven’t been reupholstered yet aren’t exactly my glowing moments. But, I was telling some friends about how one little part of my room has changed my life and they said “people would love to hear about that” so, would you like to hear about how something from this picture above has changed my life for the better?

Can you guess what it is?

Is the suspense killing you?

Am I being so annoying right now?

Ok, another hint, it has to do with this picture too: (SO ANNOYING OF ME!)


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Life + This week / Friday, 16 Jan 2015

This week

rainbow bracelets

Greetings from the middle of the ocean somewhere! We’ve been on board for nearly a week now and head back tomorrow. It’s bittersweet…I love solid land yet I love sun. Ah! Such a predicament!

We stopped at St. Maarten where they had an outside stand selling these lovely bracelets made from the seed of a palm tree. After they are dried out they turn super hard, allowing artisans to sculpt them. I love the colors they used and decided to do a #crafttherainbow.

Check out more photos of the trip on my Instagram feed and more to come in an upcoming post!