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A Midsummer Mingle + Events + Party + summer / Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014

A Midsummer Mingle Part 2

I know you shouldn’t gush over your own party, but I can’t help it. Natalie nailed it! I want to be transported back! Part 2 is up and I thought I’d take you on a tour of the event. A Midsummer Mingle was not only a party but a series of “experiences” that each hostess created. It was pretty much our blogs/brands brought to life as you meandered through the garden. 
First, you were greeted with a balloon arch (I’ll provide the DIY soon, I promise!)
Then at the welcome table each guest was handed a letterpressed map and schedule that Merrilee had designed and Sycamore Street Press printed. My helpers had created name tags for all the helpers with my paper flower templates. 
Along with a schedule each guest received a floral crown made by Amy Anne and helpers. 
Lastly, each guest received a swag bag at the beginning of the party. The idea was that as they meandered through the garden and visited each host’s “station” they would pick up their own swag. We got the canvas bags from Save on Crafts (see here) and ironed on a flower that Merrilee designed. We cut the flower design with a Cricut using their iron on decal paper. Ashley helped take the design and make it Cricut appropriate in Illustrator. They received tons of goodies like artwork, stationery, felt ball garlands (from Hello Maypole), lavender sachets (from Harmony), earrings (from Darlybird), a cute artprint from atly, and others.
Then they began the walk through the enchanted forest (isn’t that what it’s called in Elf?) with hundreds of globe lighting from Save on Crafts. 
As you meandered through the paths you were led to Meta Coleman’s station, Camp Meta. She created the cutest vignette of a North West camp site.
For her Cricut project she created a woodland inspired paper frame that guests could take to frame their instant photos. She left out some Fuji cameras for people to go crazy. 
After a stay at Meta’s, you were to “tiptoe through the tulips” through my station (I stole the theme from my sister’s wedding!). I wanted a Mad Hatter garden feel so we strung tons of felt ball garlands, paper lanterns, fans and garlands (from BHLDN). I have to give a huge shout out to Annie from atly and her sisters for saving the day and helping out. I was so busy working on the balloon installations and everything else that I didn’t get a chance to do my own booth. They pretty much set it up for me! 
My helpers had spent the previous weeks created paper flowers that we attached to the fence along with balloons from Partyland
For my Cricut project, I created the flower-cut lantern you see above. A huge thank you to Ashley Isenhour for helping me take the idea and make it tangible! And thank you to Brynn for creating the dozens of lanterns. They were created with shades of sorbet from American Crafts

 Hello Caroline!

Carli handed out one of my Scandinavian thank you cards along with an origami business card holder (see here).

Once tiptoeing through the tulips you were invited to Write on the Wall with Sycamore Street Press. Eva transformed a section of the house into a minimal bohemian getaway. She layered her gift wrap on the walls and encouraged guests to write down their favorite part about summer and handed out some of their new line of shibori inspired cards.

For their Cricut project they cut out letters and turned them into quotes.

We’re only half way done! Part 3 will be up soon! 

Events + Party + summer / Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014

A Midsummer Mingle

Hooray! The day is here! I’m so thrilled to announce A Midsummer Mingle, an event I’ve been planning with Meta of One More Mushroom, Merrilee of Mer Mag, Sarah of Sarah Jane Studios, Melanie and Alma of Caravan Shoppe, and Eva of Sycamore Street Press. I get overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of all the love and support I receive from the work I do. Pretty much, I wouldn’t do what I do without you, so a sincere thank you! After a conversation with these ladies on the same topic in their respective spheres, we decided we wanted to give back in the way we know best: through beauty and celebration. Thus, a celebration of the longest day of the year is in order! 
I mentioned yesterday about the Scandinavians love of summer and sunshine and after living in cold/dark climates for the past decade or so, I view the changing seasons in a new light. Sunshine months mean life and adventure and socializing and Midsummer was the perfect way to celebrate. We’re holding the event at a lovely garden here in town and providing a number of “experiences” that you’ll have to discover throughout. I simply cannot wait for you to see it all! And Cricut was kind enough to sponsor the event so we’ll have a making station with lots of different things to create in addition to entertainment, food, and frolicking. 
So, if you’re local (or if you’re not, you’re still welcome to make the voyage!), we’d love to have you! Sadly, spots are limited, so please RSVP early. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
Hints to what you will expect: lots of flowers, beautiful swag bag, music, and balloons. Can you just see it now?!
RSVP here (and grab a babysitter!)
This event is sponsored by Cricut as well as many other vendors like Save-on-Crafts. Email me if you’re interested in providing swag or would like to provide additional sponsorship to the event.

collaborations + Life + Party + Scandinavia / Friday, 21 Jun 2013

Happy midsummer!

After living in a cold, dark country for a few years, I have a ginormous appreciation for the sun. In Denmark, in the chance that the sun did come out, you never knew how long it would stay so you would get your hiney outside and soak in the vitamin D as long as you could. I find myself reverting to those patterns here in Utah though I don’t really need to because default weather is good weather. Sun = happy me. Thus, Midsummer is my new favorite holiday. We don’t celebrate it as much in America, but that’s ending today. 
Midsummer is the longest day of the year (and Scandinavians like to point out that the days only get shorter from here on out, but I cringe at that thought), so celebrations are in order. Up in the north at this time of the year, the sun hardly goes down, so you get pretty much 24 hours of sunshine. The Danes celebrate with Sankt Hans, where they burn effigies of witches, but I didn’t think that would be the prettiest shoot, so we celebrated with more of a Swedish midsummer. I’m told that Swedish midsummer is mostly about drinking, so as a non-drinker that’s not an option, so we’re going back to the classic midsumer.
I called upon some great talents for this shoot who luckily said yes to the last minute collaboration: Ciara Richardson, the fantastic photographer and Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral who did the lovely flowers. I was also lucky enough to have all my interns come be models. Aren’t they gorgeous? I couldn’t have asked for better magic makers.
First thing to celebrate the Swedish midsummer, floral wreaths. These are essential. Ashley made some beautifully simple headpieces for everyone.
Then we brought in the maypole that I made (DIY right here) with Ashley’s beautiful flowers on top.
Midsummer, or summer solstice, is an ancient paga ritual that often started with fertility dances around the pole. SO, ummm, we did some fertility dances. Because that’s what grown ladies do.
Then we started the weaving of the ribbons. I don’t know why, but for some reason I was afraid that all the beautiful images I saw on Google in my research wouldn’t come true for ours, but it did. It works! 

 In and out, in and out. Every other person goes the opposite way to create the weave.

 If you take it off the pole, does it form a Chinese finger trap?

Then Ciara worked her magic and somehow made me look presentable, which is quite the feat because well, I’ve never seen my skin so broken out before. Eeeek.

 Channeling Kate Moss’ wedding.

I’m so lucky to have such wonderful interns. Besides being helpful and willing, they are kind and good people. And gorgeous, sheesh! Audrey even had her 14 year old sister, Jenny, visiting from Texas so she came too. Thank you Jenny!

And I mentioned it earlier this week, but by the end of Midsummer, if you haven’t found someone to hook up with (not my words), then you collect 7 flowers and put them under your pillow. Then you dream about your future husband. Does it work? You tell me!

If you want to learn more about midsummer, watch this video. The humor is so dead on.
If you want to make the maypole, step-by-step instructions here.

THANK YOU to the ladies who made this collaboration possible. Let’s do it again!

photography by Ciara Richardson
flowers by Ashley Beyer of Tinge Florals
maypole and concept by me, Brittany Watson Jepsen
models: Ashley Ellsworth, Jenny Ellsworth, Carla da Silva, Maude Lee, Maurine Anderson

Life + Uncategorized / Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

Becoming: Meta Coleman

If you’re just joining in, for the month of January we were inspired to change up our content for the month to focus on women who we find inspiring and can tell us about their journey of “becoming” based on our Book Club book of the month by Michelle Obama. You can read the rest of the interviews here. Stay tuned for many more!

Stylist and interior designer, Meta Coleman, is a dear friend of mine and Jasper’s self-appointed godmother (Mormons don’t really do godmothers, but at the same time…we totally do…ha!). We met 6 years ago when I first moved to Utah and we’ve been inseparable ever since teaching workshops on cruises, working on books, planning parties. Meta is completely OBSESSED with interiors. It’s her job and she’s mighty good at it for that reason. She lives and breathes it. She is one that stays true to who she is no matter if it’s in style or not. She aims for authenticity over trite and for this reason, her style is unique yet timeless. She’s always trying to push boundaries too so that she and her clients don’t stay static and look like every other Pinterest house. As a friend and colleague, she pushes me to be better at what I do. I received a number of requests to feature her and I’m so glad. She’s one of a kind!
Read the full full interview below!

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Party + Projects / Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to curl a balloon

For our Midsummer Mingle event a few years ago, Partyland, a local party store here in Utah, supplied us with balloons along with a little contraption to create some curled balloons. At the time they were selling these simple contraptions, but sadly they aren’t selling them anymore. Instead, they taught me how to create my own DIY version and I’m sharing it with you today. Hooray! They are such a fun and easy take on party decor. Read on →