Book Club + Life / Monday, 4 Nov 2019

November Book Club

November’s here and I am thrilled to introduce you to this months book club read! Making a Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant To Live by Melanie Falick. To say that I have been awaiting the release of this book for years may sounds dramatic but its true, I even wrote a little something about it the minute I got my copy in the mail, check it out.

I was lucky enough to be one of many featured makers and artists in this book, which I find myself feeling mildly sheepish about because I look up to so many of them, some might even say idolize! Anyway, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book. It is going to leave you feeling inspired to create! Lookout November, the month of making (and reading) has arrived.

You can find the book here. And stay tuned for a printable poster and bookmark later this month!

collaborations + Design + Life + Style / Friday, 1 Nov 2019

Our new holiday collaboration!

Reveal day! We’ve been keeping an awesome collaboration under wraps for months and we are so excited to share the news with you TODAY! Teaming up with our favorite new beauty brand, Eighteen B, we’ve developed the branding and packaging for their holiday campaign with the theme of gratitude. Because what better way to celebrate this time of the year than with a grateful heart.

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Design + downloads / Thursday, 31 Oct 2019

November Desktop Calendar Download

November has arrived bringing with it the cold weather, thanks to Monica Dorazewski we’re keeping warm with Novembers desktop calendar. Set this as your screensaver for your desktop and phone and feel some instant warmth kick in! Read on →

Crafts + DIY + giveaway + Projects / Wednesday, 30 Oct 2019

Uncommon Flowers by Kate Alarcon + Chronicle Publisher Book Giveaway

We’re back at it presenting you with yet another beautiful crafting book! Uncommon Flowers by Kate Alarcón is, dare we say, a masterpiece. The book launched recently and we couldn’t not share it with you! Included are 30 different types of plants (and we’re not talking your everyday plants) along with step by step instructions on how to create them! This book includes a series of some of the most elegant paper plants we have ever seen over here at Lars. You are going to want this one for your craft collection.

We were so inspired by Kate’s new book, Uncommon Paper Flowers, that we thought we’d give it away along with some of the most inspiring selections from Chronicle Books and our own, Craft the Rainbow. One lucky reader will win this full collection!

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Life / Tuesday, 29 Oct 2019

How to make time to craft (even though you may not think you have it!)

The House That Lars Built for Mixbook travel bookOne of the main comments we receive anytime we put a project out into Internetland is…”wish I had time to make this” or “ain’t nobody got time for that!” or “I’ll never have time for that”. Listen, we get it. We’re all strapped for time.

We all know that if you’re trying to make something happen, you’ll figure out a way to prioritize it. Even then, sometimes what you really want still doesn’t happen. Right? Figuring out how to make things happen is a lesson in creative problem solving. It’s one of my favorite things to think about and try and figure out, though I’m not A+ at it—time efficiency is my love language, but I’m still working on getting really good at it.

Of course, there are times and season for making things happen. For example, since having Jasper my “down time” is now filled with much more cleaning and picking up than previously, thus, my carved out time for making is less. So is my energy. Perhaps you’ve noticed the same times and seasons in your life? Read on →