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Design + Life + Style / Thursday, 20 Apr 2017

Lars Kid Graduation Chatbook

Kid graduation photo book custom cover

We’re nearing the end of April and with May fast approaching. Spring and Summer are without a doubt my favorite seasons. They bring longer days, Midsummer celebrations, visits to the greenhouse, picnics, straw hats, road trips to quaint towns, sandals, and sunshine. For those of you with little ones, this also means summer vacation and the end of the school year! Our next installment of Chatbooks celebrates that momentous occasion! We designed a more sophisticated graduation book (which you can now get for multiple years!), but we thought we needed a more playful version for the kiddos! Whether you want to document their school field trips and photos or include camps and vacations taken throughout the year, this book is a perfect fit!

Lars Kid Graduation Chatbook

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DIY + holiday + paper + Party + Projects / Monday, 5 Dec 2016

Christmas Paper Office Party Decorations

Christmas Paper Office Decorations Christmas Paper Office DecorationsYou know the scenes in the movie “Elf”, when Buddy stays up all night decorating the department store? Or when he does it again at his dad’s house? GENIUS. Well we decided to channel our inner Buddy the Elf and bring some Christmas cheer to the work place! It just seems odd to us that the place where people are generally spending 8 hours of their day often gets neglected when it comes to holiday decor. So we’re making it super easy for you to remedy that trend ASAP. All you need is 1 ream of paper. It can’t get much easier than that! We covered our studio top to bottom in super simply paper crafts that you’ll remember making in Elementary school: Paper chains, lanterns, angels, and snowballs! Never mind the fact that it might be warm and sunny outside, because it will feel like the most magical winter wonderland inside! The key to the magic is to make a ton of paper decorations, so when we say a ream of paper, we mean the entire ream of paper! Don’t worry about doing it all in one night though, we don’t all have the skills that come from being raised by elves. Take a few nights to get in touch with your inner child and fill your floor with paper decorations! This would be perfect for an office holiday party, or even to surprise a coworker!

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giveaway + paper flowers + Party + Projects / Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016

DIY Papier mache flowers & book giveaway


My dear friend, Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag (one of the organizers of Midsummer Mingle with me) recently debuted a new series of children’s books that she wrote and illustrated called Fairy Friends. They’re hard book primers teaching kids the basics of counting, opposites, colors, and seasons through gorgeous floral collages intertwined with her whimsical illustrations. I love Merrilee’s look. It’s modern and so imaginative and this may be my favorite thing she’s ever done, which is risky to say because she’d produced a lot of gorgeous work. She teamed up with Meta Coleman to stage a woodland fairy tea party and the results are so enchanting. I visited them right while they were in the middle of paper maching their flowers and I was in awe. These ladies produced magic! Merrilee was kind enough to supply us with the tutorial on how to make the papier mâché oversized flowers AND she’s giving away a set of four signed books. diy-papier-mache-flowers-4

See below on how to make the flowers and how to enter the giveaway!
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Projects / Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016

Printable floral crown


My favorite holiday of the year is upon us: Midsummer! Celebrating the height of the sun and the longest day of the year, midsummer reminds me that winter is as far away as possible, which deserves a proper celebration! Sure, you can make foraged floral crowns for the occasion, but we decided to try it with some printed botanical favorites. Print off these crowns for your summer gathering or just for fun! Read on →

Design + Life + Style / Monday, 23 Mar 2015

Vintage Whites Market & other Utah craft and vintage fairs 2015

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

Last weekend I attended the Vintage Whites Market early shopping event with my friend Melissa Leavitt. Melissa is an AVID attender of early shopping events for flea markets and she convinced me that I needed to make it a priority. It didn’t take much convincing because Vintage Whites is one of my favorite vintage markets in Utah. They’ve been bringing their vintage market to Utah for the past 3 years and each year it somehow gets better and better. If you remember, last year I taught a paper flower wreath workshop there and it was jam packed full of shoppers beating me to some fabulous finds. But I learned a secret this year…pay the extra money for early access. It’s worth it guys! Elbow swinging room, live music from Mindy Gledhill and first pick at cross-stitched flamingo art.

Exhibit A: 

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

It might be one of my all-time favorite purchases. They belonged to me.

And I ran into some fab ladies who love vintage just as much as we do. Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

And this lovely lady here, Duchess Hot Chocolate, might be the most charming person you’ve ever met in your life. She’s from England and speaks to you as if you’re a long lost friend. Everyone deserves to eat her delicious, homemade hot cocoa. Everyone. Plus, it’s on the cutest bicycle you’ve ever seen (and psssst: You can hire her for your own events!). Double whammy. I’m desperately trying to get her to bring her chocolate to Midsummer Mingle. Crossed fingers!

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintage shopping with The House that Lars Built

My new favorite vintage seller this year was Lacy Dresses Vintage and her mother’s shop Why Naught Shop. They sell the most gorgeous vintage pieces. Like, good quality pieces that you’ll want to invest in. I loved her immediately. And I now want to dye my hair white and get a bob. She was selling this dress that had the most perfect print for The House That Lars Built. Can you see why?! I want to do something inspired by this print. Sadly, the dress made me look a little too much like pioneer, otherwise I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.22.13 PMVintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintageWhites-10Vintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltVintage shopping with The House that Lars BuiltPhotography by Melissa Leavitt Photography 

I love shopping vintage and thought it might be nice to collect all the Utah craft and vintage markets information in one spot so you can mark your calendars. See below for the full list. And if you don’t see one on the list, it’s probably because I need to know about it. Let my know my leaving a comment! or email me at

Happy vintaging!

And stay tuned for an article from vintage shopping experts on some tricks and tips on how to shop vintage.

Dress from here  |  Shoes from here  |  Tights from here 

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