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DIY + Projects + Style / Thursday, 10 Aug 2017

DIY Fruit Earrings

DIY Fruit Earrings What are your favorite things about summer? I have a long list, but it includes drippy ice cream cones, overflowing gardens, late night sunsets, and all the fresh fruit. I decided I needed to memorialize something from summer that I could wear all year round, acting as a little reminder of those blissful summer months. My solution? DIY Fruit earrings! Little beaded gems reminiscent of apples, oranges, and pineapples! In punchy colors, these are the perfect touch to an outfit that just needs a little something. Inspired by some sold-out earrings J.Crew created a few months ago, this is a simple DIY that will guarantee a mood boost on a dreary day.DIY Fruit Earrings

Continue on to see how you make all the fruits!

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Crafts + DIY + holiday / Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017

Paper Carrot Treat Box

Paper Carrot Treat Box

In the church I attend, we are encouraged to befriend others in our congregation by going on monthly visits, sharing a message of hope, and just taking time to show love. It is an initiative that I can definitely get behind. Additionally, I’m a big fan of showing love through gifts and service so I often share treats with friends and neighbors for holidays or just for fun! This Easter, I wanted something simple and festive that I could easily throw together and deliver. There is nothing better than a handful of Cadbury eggs this time of year (did you hear they have a cookies and cream version!), and tucked inside a printable paper carrot treat box? The Easter bunny has nothing on you.

Continue to download the printable and instructions!

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housekeeping + Life / Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016

State of the blog address: 2016

Ms. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow blog readers:

We are 8 years into The House That Lars Built. That’s 33 8 years of trying to figure out what the heck I will contribute to this world, 8 years of putting pretty things out into blogland, 8 years of meeting fine, fabulous, and creative people like yourselves, 8 years of working with fantastic companies and collaborations, roughly 3 years of finally getting serious about blogging, 2 years of realizing that this is what I really want to do and making it a viable business for me and my family, and many moments of “this is so wonderful I get to be creative professionally”, alongside “holy cow, I don’t think I can move my body anymore” to “what’s a good system for organizing receipts. help!”. (For reals, anyone got one?)

I’m lucky I get to do what I love and get paid for it. And have you with me to show me your beautiful ways too.

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collaborations + Dress the rainbow + Style / Saturday, 5 Sep 2015

Day 60 & official shirt of Dress the Rainbow


What started out as a 30 day color project turned into 50 and then…60! Yes, Dress the Rainbow has come to a close after two whole months of endless wall-scouting, dreamy clothes shopping, and shameless model-faking. I invited you, dear readers, to participate and wow! Over 1,000 of you joined in! Some of you really took it to heart and did your own versions of the project and I was floored at your color finding and dedication. Please, take a look at all the submissions here. I’ll be posting some of my favorites on the blog and Instagram next week along with the winner of the contest.

And, AND, I have two more special announcements. Can you even take it?! The first one is tonight and the next one will be announced next week so stay tuned for that, but in the mean time…introducing THE OFFICIAL DRESS THE RAINBOW SHIRT!

Official dress the rainbow shirt

I partnered up with & Apparel to create this rainbow-lovers oxford blouse and it’s screaming for a color-loving home. Click here to purchase this adorable guy. He’s got a sweet collar and buttons up the back and two slits on the top to show off your beautiful collar bone—meow! And of course, an embroidered rainbow in lovely colors. As you know, I’m all about the dresses and skirts, but he’d be so cute with jeans too (gotta get me some of those…). AND, it’s at a super affordable price.dress-the-rainbow-shirtrainbow-nails

I’m posting the full rainbow spectrum along with some last thoughts about the project tomorrow so stay tuned!

Click here to check out the Dress The Rainbow oxford shirt! 

Photography by Jessica Peterson 
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Life + travel / Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015

Guide to Spring City, Utah

Guide to Spring City, Utah

A few weeks ago I was invited to go down to Spring City with some friends to celebrate Pioneer Day, a state holiday here in Utah. We were guided around the town by Spring City native, Zina Bennion, whose family settled there in the 70s and helped turn it into the artist destination that it is today. Zina is a wealth of knowledge about many things but especially about Utah history and artists as both of her parents are well-respected artists and she grew up immersed in that community. Today, we are lucky to hear the full guide to Spring City.

And you might be wondering why you even need to know about this little town in Nowheresville, Utah. I would have wondered the same thing before visiting. Guys, this place is a little piece of magic. Only this town and Williamsburg, VA are listed as complete towns on the national history registry. and Forbes listed it as one of the top prettiest towns in America. And I had never even heard of it until a few months ago. We need to change that people!

We’re releasing the guide today just in time for Labor Day, when the annual Artist’s Studio tour and plein air competition takes place. If you haven’t made Labor Day plans yet, I’d strongly suggest going!

So, without further ado, here’s Zina!

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