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Life / Monday, 14 Jan 2019

Becoming: Grace Bonney

For January’s book club, we’re reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. I started reading the book during the holidays and was so inspired by it that we had to switch our schedule that we included first in our line up–it’s that good. Her view on “becoming” is that you are not static and always in the process of becoming something more or better–a new and improved version of yourself. It couldn’t have hit home more because it’s something I’ve been focused on the last few months.

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Life / Sunday, 6 Jan 2019

January book club: Becoming

Happy New Year, readers! We’re so excited for another year of discovering great books and culture with you all, not to mention sharing the work of an amazing artist each month! There will be printables, gorgeous photos, interviews, and fun discussions. Thanks for being here!

Without further ado, we’re starting this year off with a bang with our former first lady’s memoir, BecomingFrom her humble beginnings in Southside Chicago to her days in the White House, Michelle Obama shares the many life experiences that have shaped her. She’s humble, funny, and honest, as she observes what America is today and frankly asks each of us who we want to become. I started reading it over the break after listening to Oprah’s stellar interview on her podcast and I wasn’t able to put it down! We had another book lined up for January but I couldn’t think of a better book to inspire a fresh start to a new year. Her theme of “becoming” reinforces the idea that we are constantly evolving and can become anything we want to be. It’s so inspiring.

Follow along with us on @larsbookclub, where we’ll discuss quotes or sections from Becoming all month! Stay tuned for artwork later this month as well. Enjoy!

You can find the book here 

If you have any ideas of thoughts about the Lars Book Club, please leave them below!


collaborations + Life / Friday, 27 Mar 2015

This week

Design Mom book out now!

I had a huge shoot yesterday shooting my 3 dinnerware collections for Twig and I can’t wait to show them to you! It was one of the most physically demanding shoots I’ve had in awhile and one of the most involved so my legs feel like jello today. I’m unbelievably out of shape. What else is new.

In other news, I just received my copy of Design Mom’s (Gabrielle Blair) new book How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s been in the works to write a book for 5 years and I bet it’s so nice to have it done and out (starting April 7th). I first met Gabrielle years ago at a blogging conference in Berlin when I was living in Copenhagen and she was living in France and she has always been super supportive of my work. I look to her as someone with vision, know how, and getting things done with style and grace. Though I don’t need a handbook on how to live with kids just yet, I will take any handbook that tells me how to live life, because heaven knows I need all the help I can get. Pre-order your copy here!

Fun links for the weekend:

Uh, this is hilarious. And took major dedication for a good joke. 

I’m determined to have a green space this year! 

This dress is adorable for spring

I love that she has fun with her job. I think I’d do the same!

I got my copy of Oh Joy’s book this week as well and it’s so so so gorgeous. It’s out April 7th. Pre-order now!

I’ve begun the hunt for the perfect spring/summer sandal and I’m eyeing these, these, these, these, these. I want them all!

Every year I say I’m going to do something awesome and every year I feel. But here are some fun ideas for April Fool’s jokes

Happy weekend!

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housekeeping + Life / Monday, 5 Jan 2015

New Year’s resolutions & what I got for Christmas

Looks like I just need to go to Kinko’s and copy it off and do a big fat REDO!
I would prefer not to view any year as “bad” because there are highs and los to every year–happy days and what I just now termed “learning days”. I had many many “learning days” this year. I did such a bad job sometimes and I’m wondering to myself “how are you 32 and still alive?” When do you figure out how to be an adult because I sure ain’t there. And why is there no handbook? Seriously. How to be an adult needs to be published. I would buy it, read it, and bookmark it. Especially if it was written by that magical person who is a mix of Beyonce, Dave Ramsey, Suze Ormond, Warren Buffet, Anthony Robbins, The Pope, Ellen, Stephen Covey, Amal Clooney, Michelle Obama with the tone of Amy Poehler. Or maybe Oprah should just write it. And I would give it away as gifts to so many people as a not so subtle hint 😉 There should be a section on growing up, accounting, spirituality, getting along with people, finances, scheduling, planning, taxes, stock markets, how to be kind, how to choose and keep a job, etc. 


I’m pairing these resolutions with pictures of my Christmas gifts, because yes, I’m 8 years old and need to show the neighborhood kids what I got. Let’s talk about them first. Priorities!

Top image, I LOVE kitchen accessories (which is why I’m stoked about my new dinnerware line with Twig NY), but I HATE to cook. Like, I’d rather not eat anything that have to prepare an egg. I’ll get into this more in my resolutions below. Some kind friends and family know about this little predicament of mine and kindly gifted me some adorable plates and and kitchen gear. And some I totally bought on my own because Anthro has some great sales (and 25% off now!). And the plates are illustrated by Nathalie L’ete who is other worldly in my opinion and is on my list of all time favorite creators. We got some of her dishes for our wedding and she’s constantly coming out with new ones to add to our collection.

And then Joy from Oh Joy was kind enough to gift me a mug from her Oh Joy for Target line and now all of her products are 50% off at Target 

Second image, Paul got home from Denmark yesterday and brought home a collection of fun goodies from one of my favorite stores, Sostrene Grene, which is basically a designer version of Dollar Tree. Man, Denmark has so many things figured out like dollar stores. If you’re looking for a business venture, try bringing that concept to America! I will keep you in business!
ANYWAY, that was a long, distracted way of getting to my goals for this year (and hopefully not a sign of what 2015 is looking like) 
GOALS. I learned in the last 2 weeks that I need some down time to make goals. Down time meaning not when you’re visiting home with 9 grown adults and a little 3 month baby who’s the cutest thing in the whole wide world. I get very distracted by cute babies. I got back from California a couple of days ago to an empty house (Paul was in Denmark visiting his family for the holiday) and FINALLY allowed myself to think of new goals. I’m finally feeling hope for what I’d like to do. Hope is a nice thing. Do you have it for the new year? I hope so. There’s so much to be hopefully for. It can really add momentum. As Miss Stacey says “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” 
I limited my goals to 3 categories and in vague terms. I know goals are best when you’re specific but here on the blog they will be more vague until I draft a plan of action.

Don’t take on jobs that you get a pit in your stomach about
Listen, sometimes you have to take jobs you don’t necessarily want to do even though they may not jive with your style or whatever. I know. I’m AN ADULT! (I keep on telling myself) Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do. BUT, last year I ignored that pit in the stomach a few times when I knew I shouldn’t take jobs but did anyway in order to pay the bills. And tell you what, I was run into the ground trying to be on top of it all and not doing a good job at it and then getting burned out, incapacitated, etc.
I need to listen to that voice and trust it. Trust that I will get the right jobs at a pace that I can handle and do a good job at.
Work with more sponsors
Part of the thrill of blogging is the people I get to meet and work with. Last year I worked with some great brands and creatives. This year I’m releasing a new redesigned website and wan’t to go to town partnering with other brands. I think they are a great way to challenge me creatively. I love finding a way to add my voice into someone’s brand. This is pretty much my way of advertising to the world that I’m now taking sponsors for 2015 🙂 Subtle enough?

Be kind
Last year I found myself attempting to “be real” versus being kind. Being mean or what people on reality shows call being “honest” about other people is not always nice. I want to stop the nonsense and be kind and say kind words and THINK kind things about people. And if the urge arises to say unkind things I need to think of something to say….what should it be? 
Limit complaining
Complaining is not always helpful. Like Mindy says in Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? in her section about stress: it’s not a legitimate topic of conversation. “No one ever wants to hear how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time everyone is stressed out.” 
That said, I do think there are productive forms of complaining when done correctly. Like, if you can create a solution to the problem, then you can complain. But not if it’s to a person who has nothing to do with the problem. Sometimes you need a good venting session to get it out of your system, but other than that, don’t tell everyone all your problems. Especially if it involves money.
SO, I want to limit my complaining.
Read in the morning
Are you spiritual? It’s generally a topic that’s not viewed as fully acceptable in a public arena, but man I wish it was more. I mean, we overtalk about physical appearance stuff like diets and clothes, and gyms and stuff and then spiritual stuff is limited to church or books or the yoga studio or wherever it is that you discuss it.
I need to MAKE TIME for reading my spiritual books. I got into a bad habit of reading and energizing my spiritual plate right before bed when I’m nearly asleep and that was no good. I need it to start my day off right.
Like I said, these are vague, but I’ll be crafting a plan of attack so I can really dig into them. 
Happy goal making!