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DIY + hair and beauty + holiday + Projects + Style / Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014

Holiday hair do Part 2: Chignon braid bun

As you prepare for some holiday celebrations, I thought some beautiful braided tutorials would be nice so here’s part 2 of 2 of the holiday hair do series (see part 1 here). This chignon braid bun is what Jessie created at the BHLDN shoot from earlier this year and I LOVE how it turned out. I think it’s just the right amount of formality and fun. See below for the full tutorial.

tutorial photography by Trisha Zemp
Photography by Jessica Peterson 
Hair by Jessie McArthur
Styling by Brittany Jepsen


1. Part the hair down the middle and connect to the backs of the ears
2. French braid the hair from the part the end each side and use elastic to secure
3. Pull the rest of the hair on the back of the head into a ponytail and secure with elastic
4. Loosen the ponytail
5. Flip the hair through to make a “topsy tail”
6. Back comb the ponytail and then roll it up to the head making a chignon bun
7. Bobby pin the bun in place
8.Take the two side braids and place them over the top of the bun and secure in place with bobby pins

christmas + Design + gift guides + holiday + Kids + Life / Wednesday, 3 Dec 2014

Holiday gift guide for kids

I may not have kids but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eyes on some adorable toys and clothes for the holidays (and no, I’m not hinting at anything!). Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for kids for the holidays.

  1. Art print by Merrilee Liddiard
  2. Limited edition stuffed cats
  3. Beautiful covers from Puffin Classics by Anna Bond. It comes in Anne of Green Gables,
  4. Little Princess, Little Women, Heidi
  5. Yellow puffy toggle coat (I want one for me!)
  6. Red pom pom beanie
  7. Playful book by Merrilee Liddiad (the book I styled for!)
  8. Moccasins that I designed for Freshly Picked
  9. Soft crown
  10. Colorful onesie (getting this one for my new little niece!)
  11. Bracelet
  12. Sweater (I also want it for myself!) 
  13. Red knitted tie
  14. Blue suede boots
  15. Stuffed flamingo
  16. Flora and the Flamingo (I LOVE the illustrations on this one!)
  17. Alpaca stuffed apple pillow
  18. Magnolia the Bunny on Walnut Society
  19. Flamingo onesie
  20. Lumi the doll by Le Train Fantome

Illustration by Danielle Kroll

collaborations + hair and beauty + holiday + Life + Projects / Monday, 24 Nov 2014

Holiday Hair Do Part 1: Frozen braid

Frozen-inspired braid tutorial
Remember the collaboration I did with BHLDN a few months back? The balloon arch? Ring a bell? Well, Jessie McArthur who did the hair on our lovely ladies, provided the tutorials on how to re-create the hair. I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming holidays. A few months back I showed how to do the crown braid, and today I’m showing the Frozen-inspired braid that our model Anna wore (her name was ANNA for real!). 
Frozen-inspired braid tutorial

Photography by Trisha Zemp 
Above photo by Jessica Peterson
Hair by Jessie McArthur
Art directed and styled by Brittany Jepsen

Frozen-inspired braid tutorial

1. Part the hair on the side
2. Begin the braid adding in hair only from the top of head (one sided braid)
3. Bring the hair across the back of the head keeping it close to the face
4. Finish the braid tight to the end of the hair and tie off with hair elastic
5. Slide the elastic down to end of hair
6. Loosen the braid by pulling the individual pieces to create a fuller look
7. Bobby pin the braid in place to keep it secure


collaborations + Design + Kids + Life + Portfolio / Thursday, 18 Sep 2014

Playful is out!

Playful, a kid's craft book by Merrilee Liddiard, is now out! Fun projects to make with and for your kids.

K, you really gotta get on Instagram because I’ve been sharing up a storm the release of Merrilee Liddiard’s, Playful, a book that she wrote and I styled with Meta Coleman with photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat published by STC Craft, a division of Abrams Books.

Merrilee has become a good friend since making it last year and I’m so proud of her and excited to see where this takes her. Her work is impeccable. She has a true love of crafting for kids and this book is evidence of that with the clever and simple projects she created that are perfect for a rainy day. Her work as a professional illustrator is sprinkled throughout the book with darling illustrations here and there.

This was a true collaboration in every sense of the word. I was brought on as the wardrobe stylist and Meta did the props but we worked hand in hand and relied on each other for opinions and back up. The world of kids is one I never thought I would enter pre having kids but I’ve loved getting to know the world a bit better. I mean, how can you know when it turns out like this?! I found so many wonderful clothing companies that I wish I could keep for my own kids some day.

I think we created a book that captures what it’s like to be a child. There’s color and whimsy and cute details.

This is one of my favorite scenes with the Brooklyn row houses. We initially tried to get it as the cover of the book, but then there turned out to be so many other favorites.

Could you die over these sweet little girls? Merrilee shows how to make these adorable wooden face necklaces and we matched the hair. And the adorable clothing from Wunway Kids was perfection. Wunway became a go-to source for much of the book because they nail their style. Meta knocked it out of the park with the stacked books. 
These little lovebirds genuinely love each other. Aren’t they the sweetest?! I had Merrilee draw on some bird details onto her tights to reflect the cardboard bird costume.

This one might be my favorite. Of course, I say that to all of them though. The party scene was so much fun to create. Meta opened up her home for much of the shoot and this one was in her little girl’s room with the amazing chalkboard wall. I love the drama created with the blackboard. It was a wonderful way to show off the cardboard tiger pinata. And, this was also the birth of the famous balloon arch. I knew I wanted to do some type of installation with balloons and I gathered a whole lot to go crazy with it. I hadn’t yet perfected the technique so by the time it was ready to shoot much of the balloons were gone–they hadn’t stuck to the wall or to each other. But at least a few of them stayed and it was just enough to create a festive look. And I love all the bright clothing with shops like Wolf and Rita, Zara, Wunway, gorgeous leather shoes from Nathalie Verlinden, and some of Meta’s vintage pieces.

This bird pattern from Wolf and Rita is one of my all-time favorites!

Ohmyword. The kids in this scene are too much (especially little Nohea, second from right!). We used Goat Milk’s awesome white basics to create this puppet parade scene as well as some adorable wellies from Polarn O. Pyret.
And if you don’t think that’s magical enough, take a look at the trailer for the book done by Jenner Brown and styled by Meta Coleman and Merrilee Liddiard. 

Are you dying?! 
But these are just a few of the images from the book. You’ll need to run and grab it for yourself! Playful is now available at book stores near you or you can get a copy on Amazon here (and it’s on sale!!!).
I thought you might like some sources on where I got the clothing so here you go:

DIY + Events + Party + Projects / Monday, 28 Jul 2014

Balloon arch tutorial

How to make a balloon arch
Ok, ok I hear you! You want the tutorial! I had every intention of getting the tutorial from the BHLDN Flamingo Pop shoot and Midsummer Mingle to you so much sooner than this, but I’ve been on GO ever since. But now, calm your fears, here it is. In all it’s flamingo balloon goodness. I’m still perfecting the process (perfecting balloons?) but yes, turns out there is a learning curve to it as far as engineering goes.
balloon arch tutorial

See the full tutorial on the next page! 

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