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A Midsummer Mingle + Crafts + DIY + paper + Projects + summer / Thursday, 10 Jul 2014

Easiest hanging paper lantern tutorial in the world

My subject lines are becoming quite assertive: “Easiest paper lantern tutorial in the world” and “How to create the best garden party of the century“…this one really is though! It’s really the easiest paper hanging lantern tutorial in the world but it looks a bit tricky no?
Brynn Grover, who helped spear head the Midsummer Mingle, is an elementary school teacher and made all the lanterns for the event (minus the laser-cut looking ones. I’ll be showing a tutorial on those soon!), and showed me how to make them too for all of you!
Click below for full tutorial!

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A Midsummer Mingle + Events + flowers + Party + summer / Monday, 7 Jul 2014

How to throw the garden party of the century

how to throw a garden party
balloons in the pool at your party
floral head crown

Are you ready for some oooos and ahhhs?! Natalie Norton did an amazing job at capturing A Midsummer Mingle and I’ve been dying to share the pics with you.

If you’re just joining me, I threw a garden party with Sarah Jane Studios, Mer Mag, One More Mushroom, Sycamore Street Press, Caravan Shoppe. It was a way to say thank you to all the people out there who support us because we couldn’t do what we love and without you. It turned out to be a party much bigger (and better!) than any of us intended, but we couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out so we’re boldly calling it a success. I’m dividing the photos into two parts–they’re just too lovely not to share all of it with you. It couldn’t have happened without the support of many, many people–especially Cricut— so stick with me as I attempt to thank them here.

I learned so much from this event so I thought it might be helpful to share some tips on what to do and what NOT to do.

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Life + This week / Sunday, 29 Jun 2014

This week

This week was recovery from A Midsummer Mingle, the garden party I threw with One More Mushroom, Sarah Jane, Mer Mag, Caravan Shoppe, Sycamore Street Press last Saturday. The party pretty much took my whole life, along with my interns’, my house, and my husband’s. And we’re still not recovered. My house is a DISASTER and the amount of clean up seems never ending. BUT, the party was a success! Everyone came dressed in white and from what I can tell, had a good time.

Another fun piece of news, mostly just for me and Paul: I found my engagement ring after 3 weeks of searching. Hooray! Where was it? As we were cleaning our storage room I found it nustled in our grocery bag pile. How did it get there? But I’m glad we were led to it. Hallelujah!

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Make Brazilian cheese bread

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Links of note:
This DIY paper flower crown is spectacular! 
I love the colors of these color-blocked food domes
I’m LOVING Merrilee’s interactive illustrated tale. If I had kids I’d bring them along on the ride!
I found this Podcast helpful in explaining why American doesn’t love soccer

collaborations + DIY + hair and beauty + Projects + summer / Thursday, 19 Jun 2014

Crown braid tutorial

We’re gearing up for our big Midsummer party on Saturday and we have SO much to do. There will be lots of handmade elements sprinkled throughout the garden so we’re getting our craft on big time! It’s turned into more of an effort than my wedding!
Some of you have expressed interested in learning the braided hair styles that we did for the Flamingo Pop shoot with BHLDN and I thought Midsummer was the perfect time to try them out. Jessie M, who created the styles, graciously provided the tutorials so you can recreate them yourself. Midsummer or not, they are perfect for getting the hair out of your way and looking adorable at the same time.
Click below for full crown braid tutorial!

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Life + This week / Sunday, 15 Jun 2014

This week

I feel like I’ve been saying this for a few weeks now, but this week was NUTS. I’m looking forward to when I can breathe a bit more. Somebody tell me when that might be. At the same time, I’m grateful for friends and family who I’m lucky to be surrounded. You made my birthday so special. Thank you! And on this Father’s Day, a special shout out to my father, the original Lars, for whom this blog was named after. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! (Do any read this blog????).

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We’re throwing A Midsummer Mingle!

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