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Easter + Party + Projects / Monday, 30 Mar 2015

DIY bunny party hats

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Tic Tac® brand. I received compensation to write this post through the Tic Tac Pack Program; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

bunny party hats

As you know, it’s my personal belief that all holidays deserve a party and Easter is no exception. That’s why I came up with this DIY bunny party hat to celebrate in true bunny style. They’re perfect for an Easter hunt or sporting at the dinner table. No big pink bunny costumes (a la a certain Christmas movie) needed! See below for the full tutorial.DIY bunny hatsDIY bunny hats

I used the new Bunny Burst Tic Tac® mints to inspire my color palette for the bunny hats. They are a blend of artificially flavored green apple and grape mints and, of course, I ate a few along the way, to really get into the spirit. These little mints were the perfect confetti accessory for the table scene. Wouldn’t they be cute left out as a surprise for your guests mixed with the party hats?!DIY bunny part hats

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Crafts + DIY + holiday + Projects / Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017

Easter 2017 Project Roundup

Easter Crafts Round up

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It comes at such a happy time of the year! Flowers are blooming, the days are longer, the sun lingers, and gardens are planted. It’s a time of rebirth and fresh starts, which means it’s also a perfect time for crafts and projects! We’ve created an Easter 2017 Project roundup of our favorite Easter projects from the past few years in hopes that you’ll find something so inspire you this Easter season!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Sunday, 19 Jul 2015

Day 12 of Dress the Rainbow and This Week

Day 12 of Dress the Rainbow with Hedley and Bennett

Day 12 of Dress The Rainbow with Hedley and Bennett

We’re already on Day 12 of Dress the Rainbow and it’s orange red in my new Hedley & Bennett apron. Have you heard of them? Ellen Bennett started the company after working in several restaurants in LA and noticing the mundane aprons, she set out on an apron crusade. I heard her speak at Martha Stewart’s American Made conference in November in NYC and the girl is pure joy. She loves aprons and life! Call me a convert. Mind you, it doesn’t convert me to cooking, but I’m not opposed to going Amy Sedaris style walking around town in an apron. And a pet bunny on a leash.

Links for your weekend! 

I just discovered this web series. I love the glimpse into the life of the NYC ballet dancers 

This man seeing color for the first time. 

Tiny artists studio

Famous women in history flash cards. Love this campaign! 

Old crafts for kids! 

The benefits of doodling

Have you entered the giveaway? Tell all your college friends!

15 books you’ll get lost in

Alison released a new class about how to throw a party (to go along with her cookie class!)

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is now! The biggest one of the year! 

And 30% off J.Crew with code GOSHOPPING

THIS backdrop! 

Shop the orange red look below!

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Life + This week / Sunday, 6 Apr 2014

This week

I spent this week in California at Craftcation in Ventura, where I spoke on a panel and taught a workshop. I was hoping for sun and frolics but it was a little too moody for such frivolousness so I spent the majority of the time cooped up in doors with my winter tights and consequently getting sick. Beautiful. I’ll be talking more about the conference this week.

Then yesterday on the way back from the conference, I rode with Kelly of Studio DIY, Brittni of Paper and Stitch, and Kelly of Design Crush and I had the option of spending 6 hours at LAX before my flight or attending the release of Oh Joy‘s new collection with Land of Nod. Ummm, what would YOU have done? Yeah, me too. The party was held at Fig House in LA (above picture), designed by Emily Henderson and it was a kiddy dream come true. Sprinkles bedsheets, ice cream stuffed pillows, a bespoke bus. They killed it. AND, I got to meet a lot of people who I’ve been friends with online for years or reconnected with after awhile. It was a dreamy afternoon. LA just has it all!

This week on Lars:
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Make a paper Easter lily
make mini basket Easter place settings
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black and white striped cakes on Brooklyn Bride

3 Pinterest boards I’m loving:
Femke’s Art and Illustration board is bright and beautiful
Katie Armour’s Blooms get me excited for spring
Katja Olldendorff’s pineapple board is pure fun and eye candy

photo from my Instagram

Life + Review / Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014

Lars in 2013 by color

In my mind, 2013 went like this: moved to America, made some stuff, met new people. Done. When I went back through the archives of the blog, I was shocked at how much “stuff” I had done. And how many great people I met, and the places I got to go. Tip: if you have a bad memory, keep a blog! Or scrapbook! Or take pictures. It’s so helpful for this aging noggin. I took a tip from the fine ladies at Sister Mag and decided to do a recap of the year according to color. Why? Same reason we now categorize our bookshelves in the same why-no order, just color. 

 Featured in Uppercase Magazine  |  Oversized Easter Egg  |  American flag picnic blanket  |  Something Blue wedding  |  Make a camera strap from a scarf  (one of my most pinned images!)  |  Taught at Anthropologie  |  Back to School stickers  |  Being a ballerina  |  France  |  Gift toppers  |  Father’s day wrapping idea  |  Halloween care package idea  |  Bonnie  |  Spotlight on QP Collections  |  Paper cut Boutonniere  |  Candy Bomber  |  Behind the scenes at the ballet  |  Head scarf

Make an envelope pillow  |  succulents and pumpkins  |  Maypole  |  Nutcracker  |  How to make polka dot wrapping paper  |  Maypole  |  Sewing kit printable  |  Oversized snowflake backdrop  |  My 2013 calendar  |  paper cut out card for the bridal couple  |  Fall decor idea  |  glitter heart packaging

Tomorrow I’ll be going over some New Year’s Resolutions. Yawn, you might say, but don’t worry, there’s something in it for you. Muhahaha.