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Projects / Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016

DIY paper heart leaf philodendron

paper plants diy

by Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY

Philodendrons, an expansive genus of plants home to many favorites from the gorgeous giant split leaf to the more delicate moonlight, are popular as houseplants. These lovable beauties however require lots of sunlight and varying degrees of TLC. My bedroom window, which faces a fire escape and an alley, just does not provide that kind of light. I have long needed a touch of green to brighten the space… Welcome, paper heart leaf! Even the name, “heart leaf” endears me to her. I crafted this dear-heart-leaf in an afternoon! You can too, follow along to learn how.


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Projects / Tuesday, 3 Nov 2015

DIY paper fiddle leaf fig tree

DIY paper fiddle leaf fig tree

I envisioned making a paper fiddle leaf tree a few years ago for our dark basement apartment knowing that they require a sunshine and that was a luxury I didn’t have. Well, time escaped me and I stumbled upon Corrie Beth Hogg’s apartment tour on Design*Sponge and spotted a DIY paper fiddle leaf tree and I was enamored. We’re lucky to have Corrie Beth here with us today to show us how to make the popular tree!

Ah, the fiddle leaf fig tree, an all time favorite among so many for its striking dramatic appearance and easy care indoors. Umm, or so called easy care… for those with an advanced green thumb! Well, even though I do not have the magic touch, I still love ‘em. I love the way they add personality and a bit of whimsy to a room, they remind me of something Dr. Seuss might dream up. It’s that fanciful quality and the fact I can’t keep a real one alive, that inspired me to make a crafted version. You can’t tell in these photos (thanks, long exposure) but my living room is dark y’all, real dark. Meet the paper fiddle leaf fig! It brightens up my space and I never have to water or worry about it. You can make one too! This tutorial has several steps, I designed this sculpture to be sturdy and last, so get your maker’s hat on and follow along.DIY paper fiddle leaf fig treeDIY paper fiddle leaf fig tree

Get the full tutorial below! 

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Projects / Monday, 21 Sep 2015

DIY Paper M​âché ​Vase

Corrie_Hogg_paper_mache_vase8DIY paper mache vase

Recently I went to one of those paint your own pottery places. You know them… they have various bisque fired mugs, plates, and bowls that you glaze and then they fire them for you in the kiln and you pick them up a week or so later. Pottery studios are great fun and I wish I could go every week as it seems I can never truly satisfy my desire for new and different ceramic pieces to style my home or gift to friends. To scratch that itch, this summer, I started crafting paper mâché objects that I can make at home. Most recently this footed vase! It’s been a lot of fun making new shapes and designs ­ styles that can’t be found at the paint­your­own place. You can make one too, all it takes is a few items from your recycling bin. Read on to learn how!

Project and photos by Corrie Beth Hogg

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Projects / Tuesday, 4 Aug 2015

DIY papier mache pineapple tray

Paper mache pineapple tray

Today’s DIY comes from Lars contributor Corrie Beth Hogg. Check out her other DIYs here

I am a firm believer that one can never have too many trays. They’re perfect for a coffee table, buffet, or for serving up your favorite treats! Plus, they are a great solution if you need a quick styling change around the house, a pop of color, or a hint of something unique. I love how easy and customizable this craft is, a simple papier mâché project made from supplies you already have around the house (and they’re surprisingly durable too). Make a thematic tray for the upcoming shower you’re hosting or a smaller version for jewelry on your bureau. These make great gifts too, the possibilities are limitless!

Paper mache pineapple trayPaper mache pineapple tray

project and photos by Corrie Beth Hogg

Click below for the full tutorial below!
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Projects / Monday, 15 Jun 2015

DIY papier mâché cake stand

DIY Papier mache cake standDIY papier mache cake stand

Today is a big day for Lars. I’ve been wanting to cultivate a larger community of wonderfully whimsical makers for some time now and today I’m taking a big step.  I have some stellar new contributors who will be providing delicious recipes and clever crafts and we’re kicking it off with one of my favorite makers, Corrie Beth Hogg, whose work I’ve been a big fan of for some time. Corrie is a lifelong artist, crafter and avid DIYer (kindred spirits!). She is currently a designer for David Stark Design in Brooklyn, NY and will be popping into Lars with some of her fabulous creations. Take it away Corrie!

Although the technique dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, I have always thought of paper mâché as the thing I made masks with in 5th grade. It wasn’t until recently, when I kept putting off taking a ceramics class – yet I still wanted to make those kinds of things, that I realized just how ubiquitous the supplies are and how easily that translates into making decorative and functional objects for my home! (Who needs a kiln anyway?)

Paper mâché has historically been used for decorative fabricating: everything from crown molding, to gilded frames and jewelry boxes. It remains a worthwhile, and often overlooked technique perfect for ornamental objects beyond the elementary school mask or piñata, which is why I was inspired to make… paper mâché cake stands! These are so easy, you can (and should) make them too.

For this project, I didn’t buy a single thing! I love a craft that simply requires me to hold onto my recycling for a couple weeks, uses tools and supplies I already have, and does not call for special equipment.

Click below for full tutorial!

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