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housekeeping / Friday, 26 Aug 2016

Internships for fall semester

Dress the rainbow

Come complete our rainbow!

Things are gearing up here in Utah as Provo transforms from ghost town to college town. You can feel the excitement in the air (and the increased traffic!). Lars internships last for one semester, which means that I’m now searching for interns for fall semester. Read below to see if you’re a good fit!

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This week / Friday, 13 Nov 2015

This week

A Beautiful Mess 2016 planner

The holidays always always, without fail, creep up and then BOOM! It’s here! And I’m a wreck and so behind on life. AND THEN, my body decides to temporarily but you on hold (in the form of sickness). Sometimes you just have to be forced to take a breather no?! I’ll take what I can get. We had a number of shoots this week and more next week and I’m holding my breath. Guys, I’m so so lucky to get to do what I do and I absolutely love it so so much, it’s a hustle! And I’m still learning how to make it more sustainable. Bit by bit. Any pointers? I’m all ears!

Here are some fun links for your weekend!

The simplest things can be the most beautiful. 

Fun Christmas dinnerware party schemes

I’ve totally gotten into coloring books. I LOVE this one.

Love the menu card for this Thanksgiving dinner

I just bought this book and this one. Beci Orpin is me new design hero! I love her style.

Julia Child’s French getaway is on the market. If only…

Don’t forget to enter the holiday card giveaway! 

Dress the Rainbow for doors and windows! This world is so beautiful.

An update to Pinterest

Did you hear about this incredible flower house in Detroit?! 

My copy should be coming any day now and I can’t wait to dig in! 


Photo from my Instagram feed. I may be behind on 2015 still, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for 2016. Cute 2016 planners from A Beautiful Mess.

Design + Life + Style / Tuesday, 25 Aug 2015

Guide to colorful walls in Utah Valley and SLC

Guide to Colorful Walls in Utah

Announcement! It’s day 49 of Dress the Rainbow and I told you it was going to be 50 days but I LIED! I got so wrapped up in the excitement of posing with some of my favorite friends in front of colorful walls that I just couldn’t stop and I ended up shooting 10 extra days! SO, that means that YOU have 10 extra days to grab something from your closet and go and DRESS THE RAINBOW! As if I haven’t hammered it into your brain enough!

BUT, I also thought you might be able to use a hand. Because I spent hours trolling the area, I have a firm grasp on where all the colorful walls are in Utah Valley and a bit in Salt Lake City and a tiny bit more in NYC, where I shot all the photos. So, I’m providing a list for all you locals (others, sorry, you’re on your own!), in hopes that go for it! Several of these were shot at private residences. I don’t condone shooting at private residences…but…umm….I did always knock at doors to ask 🙂

A few tips to those not in Utah:

  • When looking for pink and purple: adult novelty stores, friends. That’s where they all are! Swearsies!
  • AND, industrial walls are great for floor to roof colors in general.
  • I find that parts of town that are dedicated to different cultures are more brightly painted.
  • If you can’t find full walls, doors work too! Shoot it from the waist up to capture it.

Without further ado, your complete list of colorful walls in Utah Valley.

Click below for the most color walls in Utah Valley

Dress the Rainbow with The House That Lars BuiltLight pink house  |  (private residence)

Dress-The-Rainbow-3Blush pink house (please be respectful of owners) |  700 E 712 N, Provo, UT 84604

aubry-bennion-dress-the-rainbowPink wall  |  Mercado Latino de Utah (go around to the back)  |  275 S University Avenue, Provo, UT


Dress the Rainbow with Damask LoveBright pink wall |  Lingerie shop across the street from Target on 300 West in Salt Lake City (I’m trying to locate the name)
Dress the rainbow with Alison showBright pink wall  |  Asian Market (go around to the back on the East side) 24 N 500 W, Provo, UT
Dress the rainbow with Ali from Nena and CoFuchsia wall |  inside the Nena and Co. Warehouse in American Fork, UT

Dress the rainbowSangria wall  |  Asian Market (the North Side) 24 N 500 W, Provo, UT
ginger-parrish-1Red wall |  Big Kahuna Pizza  |  470 S 700 E, Salt Lake City (next to Trolley Square)
DTR2-edited (1)Red garage  |  101 Powers Street, Brooklyn, NY  (or any fire station!)
Dress the rainbow with Modern Colorist and The House That Lars BuiltRed barn door  |  Orem State Street Dress the Rainbow with Cristina of Birdie's BakeryRed garage door |  Big Kahuna Pizza  |  470 S 700 E, Salt Lake City (next to Trolley Square)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetBurnt orange wall  |  100 N about 50 W, Provo, UT

Dress the rainbowShades of orange wall  |  100 N about 50 W, Provo, UT

orange dress the rainbowBright orange wall  |  Boost Mobile |  514 S State Street, OremDress the rainbow cantaloupeCantaloupe  |  Taco bell  |  EVERYWHERE |  WORLD  |  GALAXY

Dress the rainbow in marigold with Modern ColoristGold Yellow wall |  Z Ultimate Self Defense Studios  |  104 N 500 W, Provo, UT (EDIT: no longer painted this color)
Mindy Gledhill in Dress the RainbowMindy Gledhill’s yellow bus (check her Insta for announcements about tour dates!)
Flor de luz dressesYellow hut |  Snow Cone place  |  816 N Main Street (near AutoZone and Discount Glass), Springville, UT

Dress the rainbow in pineapple yellowYellow House  |  900 E 150 N (NE corner), Provo, UT

rubi jones dress the rainbowSoft yellow wall | Cubana Cafe  |   80 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Modern ColoristMustard wall |  Columbia Lane (across from DI), Provo, UT

Dress the Rainbow with Sheryl GarnerGreen foliage wall  |  The Colony, 500 N, 700 E, Provo UT  at the basketball courts

Carina Wytiaz for City CouncilGreen wall |  Scera Park Pool, 701 South State Street, Orem. They have a whole bunch of colorful walls here: blue, purple, green. So good!

Dress the rainbow army greenArmy green wall |  Next to Cubby’s in Provo

Dress the rainbowForest green wall |  Private garage on 300 S and 400 E, Provo, UT Dress the Rainbow in teal with calligrapher Melissa EsplinTeal  |  Private house on 900 E and Center Street in Provo (SE corner)

Merrilee Liddiard of Mer MagLight teal wall |  Apartment complex at Freedom and 960 N (NE corner), Provo

Dress the mint rainbowMint wall |  Private residence, 200 S 200 E (SE corner), Provo

Light blue with Caitlin BoyesGray blue wall |  State Street Orem on the North side of the building. Around 900 N (East side of street)

CK Wooley of Shabby AppleLight blue wall |  CBI Security  |  59 Cleveland Ave, SLC

Dress the Rainbow in blueBlue wall | Private residence|  300 E 120 S, Provo

#BeBraveBayleeBlue wall |  Scera Pool Park, Orem, UT

Dress the RainbowBright blue wall  |  600 S 450 W, Salt Lake City
liz-stanley-say-yesPeriwinkle blue  |  State Street, Salt Lake city

Dress the RainbowNavy wall |  Private residence  |  500 or 400 E or 600 E and 400 N, Provo

vanessa-quigley-chatbooksPurple wall |  Scera Pool Park  |  Orem

Day 44 of Dress the rainbow in plumPurple wall |  Pawn shop on 300 South and 50 W, Provo

Lacey vintage dressesPurple wall (on north side. The front side is a striped pink and purple wall). Adult novelty shop on either 400 W or 300 W and like 400 S, Salt Lake City

lavender dress the rainbow-squareLavender wall |  Private residence  |  100 E 300 N, Provo

Kera Thompson of InterwovenOff white wall |  100 S 1oo W, Provo, behind Nuskin

Small Fry Dress the RainbowOff white wall |  100 S 1oo W, Provo, behind Nuskin

I’ll update it as the rest of Dress the Rainbow unfolds. Muhaha! If anything is unclear here, let me know and I’d be happy to clarify. Now, get to dressing the rainbow!

/ Friday, 2 Jan 2015


Dress the Rainbow with The House That Lars Built
 Brittany Watson Jepsen here. I grew up teething on the seaweed of Southern California though I preferred reading and creating in the great indoors. My mom’s favorite quote was “a creative mess is better than tidy idleness” and so my childhood was spent creating art work, music, and yes, lots of messes. On track to becoming a museum curator I was haunted by those creative messes and enrolled in permanent “creative mess status” otherwise known as a master’s in interior design at the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. I graduated in 2010 after spending summers working with professional creative messers including Jonathan Adler and Celerie Kemble in NYC. There I designed products for Tiffany and Co., Schumacher, and Dempsey and Carroll and helped create beautiful interiors for fancy schmancy penthouses. The summer of 2009 I studied textile design and wrote a column for design*sponge. I married Paul in September of 2010 (perhaps you’re here because you saw pictures of our wedding?) and moved to Copenhagen. We have since moved back to ‘Merica–Provo, Utah to be exact–where I can currently be found crafting up a storm in our little home at the base of the Rocky Mountains and staring in front of a computer screen blogging for this here blog. Check out some of my projects here

I offer a variety of services: create, publish, amplify.

CREATE: I’m first off a creator. I create crafts, style them, design products, write, illustrate. (Portfolio site on the way!)

PUBLISH: This blog is a great platform for featuring your work as well. Let’s talk about how to make that happen!

AMPLIFY: Want your word to spread? Let’s talk about how to take it to the next level with my social media platforms. 

I love collaborating! Let’s make beautiful things!

Contact me for a media kit:


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Design + garden + gardening + Life + Projects / Tuesday, 14 May 2019

My garden reveal

As you know, I may not be an official green thumb–I’m more of a “green gambler” in that I plant a bunch of stuff and hope that something sticks. It’s a risk, but every year I take it and somehow I have a number of plants that have survived my plant collecting addiction. Every year that is, except for last year, when I had a 3 month old. I just didn’t have it in me. But this year….this year folks, we’re going BIG! We went crazy this weekend in creating a container garden in our little patio.

Jasper has relatively early mornings so I thought it would be fun to head out into the garden before work each morning and do some watering (aka: run around in the sprinklers) and get it back into full gear. This spring I’m teaming up with Fiskars to showcase their range of garden tools in my attempt at perhaps one day becoming a successful green thumb. I can’t wait to show you–here we go! Read on →