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Dress the rainbow + Style / Thursday, 3 Sep 2015

Day 58 dress the rainbow

Dress the rainbow with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day

Day 58 dress the rainbow in pitch black with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, a party DIY site and now shop. Jordan has been a great mentor and friend to me since my early days of blogging. She was the first person to hire me to do DIY projects and I contributed to Oh Happy Day for one year. I learned and continue to learn a tone from her and she’s been kind enough to give me advice and support, though you may not see it in our faces :). Jordan has paved the way DIY bloggers and the online generation in general now that she’s transitioned into a full on party shop and site. I’m thrilled for her success and can’t wait to see where she takes it from here.

Thanks for dressing the rainbow, Jordan!


Photography by Lindsey Orton

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Thursday, 3 Sep 2015

Day 57 of Dress the Rainbow

Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press

Day 57 of Dress the Rainbow black with Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press, a gorgeous stationery company. Eva has been a friend of mine for the past few years dating back to when I first started blogging. We ended up meeting at the first ever Alt Summit and remained online friends during my years in Denmark. Being in the same state, I have come to admire Eva for her stellar business practices, whole living, and her dedication to craft and family. Eva runs SSP with her awesome husband, Kirk, and they will be debuting a new collection of curated goods on their site for the fall and holidays. I’m so thrilled for all their success.

Shop Rainbow Black Below!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Tuesday, 1 Sep 2015

Day 56 of Dress the Rainbow

Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked

Day 56 of Dress the Rainbow in dark grey with Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked, the baby moccasin company here in Provo. Susan built this million dollar company from scratch with sheer will power and tenacity and I applaud her for her smart business practices. She has been a great business support to me since I moved here two years ago and we even collaborated on The House That Lars Built moccasin last year. AND, she loves SnapChat just as much as I do 🙂 We both spoke at today’s StartFest, a conference for starts up in Utah and agreed that we are excited that more women are participating in the start up world and we can’t wait until next year when more women become involved.

Thanks for playing #DressTheRainbow, Susan!

Photography by Alexa Jorgenson

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Monday, 31 Aug 2015

Day 55 of Dress the Rainbow

Meta Coleman in Dress the Rainbow

Day 54 of Dress the Rainbow dark grey with stylist, Meta Coleman. Meta and I met two years ago when were assigned to work as stylists on Merrilee’s book, Playful, and it’s been a love fest ever since. She lives 5 minutes away, which comes in handy when we need to borrow clothes or props or we just need advice. She recently stopped her blog and began focusing solely on her styling work, which covers interiors, still life work. She can out-thrift anyone (I swear she has magnets in her fingers) and when she does something, it’s always 110%. She and some other friends of mine recently started a film production company called Norr, with Meta on sets and their films are gorgeous!

Thanks for playing, Meta!

Also, a huge thanks to Haley Titus of Colour Me Classic who created the gorgeous watercolor background for today’s color. Check out her feed for other pops of watercolor backgrounds. I love love love it!

Shop Dark Grey Below!

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Dress the rainbow + Style / Monday, 31 Aug 2015

Dress the Rainbow 9 days

whites and greys of Dress the Rainbow

I decided I can’t show you the full progress until now because we only have a few days left and it would be revealing too much! SO, here’s the next and last batch of 9 days before our final debut! I keep on saying it but it’s true: the slightest change in chrome makes all the difference, no?! I wish I could do this forever…

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