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Life / Thursday, 20 Sep 2018

19 best office supplies orange and yellows

Our office supply favorites continue with yellow and orange as the main attractions! Yellow is my favorite color and has been for a while now. It oozes warmth, optimism, and happiness, and reminds me of sunshine, flowers, and light. All things good! Here are some of our favorite accessories to dress up your new journals!

  1. Lemon pouch
  2. trash can
  3. mustard socks
  4. yellow circle crossover bag with poms
  5. Gouda cheese notepad
  6. orange stapler
  7. oversized orange paperclip
  8. yellow beret
  9. washi tape
  10. yellow fanny pack
  11. yellow earrings
  12. orange notebook
  13. orange pencil case
  14. tassel pillow
  15. cactus pen
  16. yellow sunglasses
  17. yellow water bottle
  18. Do Something Everyday that Makes You Happy notebook
  19. orange catch all

DIY + Life / Tuesday, 18 Sep 2018

Q&A with Amber of Damask Love

Amber Damask Love Making It

We were thrilled to have Amber of Damask Love, participate in our My Life In Color blog tour (you can read all about how she uses our journal here!). As you may have seen, Amber was a finalist on the NBC show, Making It, and we were holding our breath on every episode up until the finale. Way to go Amber! Have you seen the show? What did you think? I couldn’t help but think what I would have done for each project. It got the wheels inside my head churning! What about you? Well, I was dying of curiosity so Amber was kind enough to answer some questions about the show. Read the full interview below!Amber Damask Love Making It My Life In ColorYou described your experience on air as a journey, yet you’ve been crafting for a number of years. How did you grow as an artist during the course of a few weeks on a show?

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Design + Life + Shop / Monday, 17 Sep 2018

The Yellow and Orange Chapters

Orange and Yellow

Welcome to yellow and orange week here at Lars. Every week for the next few weeks we are focusing on two adjacent colors of the rainbow in honor of the release of My Life In Color, our new guided journal. Join us as I show you how I’m filling out my own copy. You can see the red/pink chapters here

Yellow just miiiiight be my favorite color. Maybe? It’ consistently the one I choose as a pop whether it’s in a craft project, or a home accent decor. And I’ll very likely be wearing it on any given day. It’s just so refreshing!
Orange and Yellow

I even the first time I fell in love with yellow…

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DIY + Life + Projects / Monday, 10 Sep 2018

The Pink and Red Chapters

Pink and Red Chapter Last week we featured the rainbow chapter of My Life in Color and this week we’re focusing on the first two chapters of the book, the pink and red chapters. I wanted to give a you a glimpse into the book and how I’ve been using it myself. And I’m sharing one of my favorite answers from a question in the pink chapter.
Pink and Red Chapter

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Book Club + Design + Life + printable / Monday, 11 Jun 2018

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Have you been enjoying Accidental Icon?? Iris Apfel’s love of life and all things colorful is infectious! Here are a few questions for you to read and think about. Tell us what you think as we continue reading about and discussing Iris all month long. This month’s amazing artwork was created by the talented Rosie Harbottle! Stay tuned for an interview with her later on this month!

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