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Life / Friday, 6 Feb 2015

This week


As you well know by now, my favorite topic to talk about in the whole wide world is the weather. And it’s 60 degrees here in Utah! Hallelujah! It’s all an answer to prayer really. So, I guess you could say that life is pretty stellar at the moment. If you don’t count all the projects and work that I’m behind on. And all the Valentine’s Day projects I wish I could make if only I had the time. Sigh. Life is SO hard, you know?! Sarcasm.

In other news, this was a week of fun meetings! Fun meetings means fun collaborations, which means fun content for Lars. Stay tuned!

This photo above is a #cantcropthis behind the scenes look at the shoot I did for the pajaki chandelier with Owens and Davis and Elise the Photographer. Sometimes you have to make something out of nothing like hanging a wire from one corner to another to attach a chandelier. Another day, another makeshift hanging, you know?

Fun links for the weekend:

Celebrating the Oscars? Here’s a free printable ballot

I’m eyeing this for my closet

A fun and simple drink topper for Valentine’s Day

And I die over this!

What a gorgeous kitchenette!

How to host a Galentine’s night!

Speaking of, I’d probably I’m buying this for it

For a more subtle way to celebrate this holiday of love

Love this color and there’s only a few left!


Lars elsewhere:

This is how I would do my wedding if I did a redid on Brooklyn Bride

Thanks Domaine! So honored to be included on this list! 

This is not recent, but I’m not sure I ever shared this interview. So fun to see my old Copenhagen studio!


Have a lovely weekend! I’m making a ton of Valentines today! What are you up to? 

Photo by Elise the Photogapher

Life + press / Friday, 30 Jan 2015

This week

Maison magazine Korea February 2015 Twig NY

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you so so so much for the feedback on the new site. I’m pretty thrilled with it myself and I love hearing your thoughts. Please continue letting me know if you come across anything fishy. We’re still fixing a few things.

I’m preparing for a big shoot on Monday so I have a lot of prop making in the form of fruit and last minute wardrobe finding to do. What are you up to? Did you get caught in Snowmagaddon 2015? Surprisingly, it’s pretty mild here in Utah–I’m going with it for as long as it lasts! And after my shoot I’m doing some major preparation for 2015 for the blog. I’ve had a lot of freelance jobs the past few months and I’m excited to focus on Lars.

My dinnerware collections with Twig NY were featured alongside one of my favorite designers, Molly Hatch, in the latest issue of Maison magazine in Korea, above. I love how they styled them all together! They’re now available for sale on the Twig site!

Links of note:

I also struggling with what to wear for the winter

I love these printable Valentine’s!


Jordan always gets it right!

Yes! This installation is gorgeous! 

Love me a good cheese ball

Lars elsewhere:

I think this would be fun to do for anniversaries

Gorgeous blue interiors

Bon weekend! 

DIY + Projects / Thursday, 29 Jan 2015

DIY Arrow & heart hair pin

valentine's day hair pin

I’m one of those holiday-obsessed types who likes to dress up in head to toe matching outfits. You know, all green for St. Patrick’s Day, orange and black for Halloween. I realize not everyone is so maybe you just need a dash of pink for Valentine’s Day? Just maybe? This heart and arrow hair pin is a very cute way to get into the spirit without going overboard. OR dress it up with oodles of pink and red and totally kill it! And, it’s so easy to make! Check out the full tutorial below.

valentintes_hearthair03diy valentine's day hair pinValentine's arrow pin

photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Crafting by Ashley Isenhour  |  Styling by Brittany Jepsen 

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Crafts + DIY + holiday + Projects + valentine's day / Wednesday, 7 Jan 2015

DIY Room to room: hearts

Guys, I’m taking the plunge, I’m going Valentine’s. As one of my resolutions for the new year is to plan better, I thought I’d get going! Here are some of my favorite heart projects that would be so fun to make for Valentine’s Day.

DIY tissue honeycomb diamond heart by You are my Fave for Julep
DIY heart pillow
DIY heart doilies by Martha Stewart 

See more Valentine’s Day DIYs here

DIY + Projects + Room to Room / Wednesday, 21 May 2014

DIY Room to room: stamping

Remember when stamping used to be the thing? I had a huge collection of rubber stamps that I played around with making Valentine’s Day cards and such. Today it’s become popular to make the stamps yourself from common objects around the house. They tend to look a bit more organic, which I love.