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DIY + Projects + valentine's day / Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014

Make a giant heart pouch

paper woven heart giant
big paper heart
ideas for Valentine's Day box

Because you can never exploit a craft too much. (Oh wait…chevron!) Yesterday I turned the paper Danish heart into a leather pouch to carry your little trinkets in–I currently use mine for my earphones–and today I thought I’d go the extreme opposite and show a GIANT paper Danish heart that would be perfect for little kiddy Valentine’s instead of a traditional box. Apparently the box is a big deal as some mommies have been telling me lately. This one takes 5 minutes so if you’re into time management might I suggest it.

MATERIALS: 4 pieces of Canson pastel paper (from the art supply store. Doesn’t have to be Canson, just any art paper will do), scissors, tape or glue, template (download here)

Step 1: Use the template and enlarge it to fit the size of the Canson art paper. I filled the entire sheet.
Step 2: Cut the pattern out onto 4 pieces of paper, two in each color of your choice.
Step 3: Tape the two similar  colors together at the bottom or glue them together.
Step 4: Follow the same process as THIS post to weave the two together.

DONZO. Seriously, so easy and major impact. You know what I mean?!

photography by Trisha Zemp 

DIY + Projects + valentine's day / Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014

Make a woven Danish heart pouch

danish heart instructions
dansk hjerte
Christmas in Denmark is symbolized with a heart. It’s quite common to spend the Christmas season making woven hearts out of paper and hang them everywhere–on a Christmas tree, on garlands, on postal stamps. They’re really sweet. Here in America we don’t use the heart for Christmas, but as you know from all of my projects within the last week, Valentine’s Day. SO, I morphed the Danish Christmas heart into something a bit different–a leather pouch. Because I love making things practical in addition to cute.
Materials: leather scraps (you can get some from Amazon), small Velcro circles, scissors, heart template (download here), pen
Step 1: Cut out the template and trace it onto your scrap of leather.
Step 2: Cut out the leather.
Step 3: Fold the leather strip in half and crease.
Step 4: Weave together by starting with the first little strips on either color and placing it outside of the other.
Step 5: Move onto the second strip and place it under.
Step 6: Move to the last and bring it out again.
Step 7: Now start with the next strip and repeat the process but do the opposite pattern of the first strip.
Step 8: Repeat to the last strip and do the same pattern as the first strip.
Step 9: Turn the finished heart into a pouch by placing the adhesive velcro circles onto the inside of the pouch on either side.
instructions for Danish heart
danish hearts out of leather
pouch leather heart
I had made a few hearts and then realized that I could use them at a Valentine exchange that I attended over the weekend. I figured I needed to do something a little extra to them so I added in an arrow to complete the package.
I made the arrow out of a bamboo skewer and black paper (see more instructions here).
valentine heart
valentine's day idea
photography by Trisha Zemp

DIY + Projects + valentine's day + video / Monday, 10 Feb 2014

3D Leather heart pins

3D leather heart tutorial
If you hate Valentine’s Day, I apologize in advance of this whole week–it’s gonna be heart-centric. But let me clarify that I’m not about the lovey dovey mushy Valentine’s with long stemmed roses and and baby’s breath. I’m all about the happy, friendly, let’s-show-people-they-are-loved Valentine’s. And who doesn’t want that?! These projects are intended for a bit of friendly happiness.

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giveaway + Life + Style / Saturday, 8 Feb 2014

Tie giveaway

I’ve talked about QP Collections before (here and here) and now I’m pleased to do a giveaway with them just in time for Valentine’s Day. Because who has a gift for their guy yet??? (don’t answer). QP does THE BEST ties for guys. I’m talking lovely florals…ok your guy doesn’t do florals? You’re not along. They have madras, linens, and a Santa Fe line that I’m dying over.

To enter:
1. “Like” The House That Lars Built on Facebook or Instagram @houselarsbuilt and sign up for QP Collections newsletter (sign up at bottom of home page).
2. Leave a comment telling how you’ve entered and which tie you would choose if you’re the winner.
2. Last day to enter is Monday (so it can arrive by Valentine’s Day).

AND, he’s offering 15% off to everyone. Use the code LARSBUILT15 at checkout.

Good luck!

Style + This Girl / Friday, 7 Feb 2014

This Girl

rosie assoulin pink
Charleston exterior in pink with swirling topiaries
baby pink minimal Scandinavian interior

This Girl gears up for Valentine’s Day in delicate blossom pink.