3D Leather heart pins

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with these 3D leather heart pins? If you’re not looking to get all decked out in pink and red this holiday, these heart pins are the perfect way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit. They’re not over the top, but they’re still adorable!

Pin them to your shirt, your purse, or anything you can think of! These little hearts would also be great Valentine’s gifts to share with friends, family, or coworkers! Scroll below to learn how to make your own Valentine’s heart pins.

3D leather heart tutorial
If you hate Valentine’s Day, I apologize in advance of this whole week–it’s gonna be heart-centric. But let me clarify that I’m not about the lovey-dovey mushy Valentine’s with long stemmed roses and baby’s breath. I’m all about the happy, friendly, let’s-show-people-they-are-loved Valentine’s. And who doesn’t want that?! These projects are intended for a bit of friendly happiness. Keep reading for the tutorial on these 3D leather heart pins!

leather heart tutorial
I’m a dresser-upper for holidays, so I came up with something from the leather scraps I bought when I lived in the leather district of Curitiba, Brazil about a decade ago. I just found the untouched bag at my parent’s house over the holidays and have come up with a couple of projects for them this week. First up, a 3D heart Valentine pin. This is for the person who just wants to add a dash of festivity for the holiday–there’s not TOO much commitment here (just like these Valentine’s heart pom poms!). Plus, as in all great projects, it’s quick and easy squeazy.
leather heart materials

DIY leather heart pins


  • pieces of leather (the craft store sells it or you can get a bunch from Amazon)
  • scissors
  • pin backings (from craft store. I got mine from Joann and they are really flimsy, so I wouldn’t recommend them but these are more like it)
  • leather glue or E6000


  1. Create a heart shape with a pen on the back of the leather.
  2. Cut it out. Joey Gladstone style.
  3. Cut a very small line down the center of the heart, about 1/4″.
  4. Glue on both sides of this little line. You’ll see here I used a glue gun but only because I left my leather glue at home for the day 🙁
  5. Fold the heart together and hold until dry.
  6. Unfold the heart open and voila! A 3D heart!
  7. Add glue to the pin and secure it onto the back of the leather heart. No trick there.
make a leather heart pin

How adorable are these little guys?!

And in true awesome style, my photographer, Trisha Zemp, as we’re shooting says, “Why don’t we make a cute little stop motion with the scissors chasing the hearts?” Of course! I mean, it’s only natural. She’s the best!

photography by Trisha Zemp

If you loved these 3D leather heart pins, check out more Valentine’s Day crafts and inspiration on our Instagram!



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