DIY Christmas Poppers!

We’re getting ready to rock around the Christmas tree, or in this case pop around the tree, with these DIY Patterned Poppers! Fill these up with all of your favorite goodies for all of your favorite friends and make the giving experience all that much more fun when you pop these bad boys open to find anything from treats to tiny trinkets, the options are endless!

How to make DIY poppers


  • Poppers patterns (you can print large ones at your printer or smaller at your house, your printer can also resize them to create a variation of sizes!)
  • Kraft paper (we used a little extra wrapping paper we had laying around!)
  • Ribbon
  • Exacto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scoring tool


  1. Print out your popper patterns.
  2. Cut out your pattern with an exact knife of scissors.
  3. Use a scoring tool to score the lines that will be folded.
  4. Cut out your popping piece.
  5. Fold your 2″ rectangle into thirds.
  6. With the two halves of your popping pieces you will need to glue them to the 2″ rectangle in the middle fold, be sure to leave a small space between the two strips of paper.
  7.  Take your popper template and choose which flap you would like to attach your popper to.
  8. Gently push your popper template edges in so you create a mountain piece at each end to mimic what it will be like all folded and use the popper piece to mark the spot where it should be places. That will be the distance apart that you need to make your poppers be placed.
  9. Glue your popping piece to the popper template at the measured spot from the previous step on both sides of the popper.
  10. Place all of your goodies in the popper.
  11. Roll the folded layers to create the final shape of the popper.
  12. Your first tab and last tab will overlap.
  13. tie ribbons around the end to secure it closed

We cant wait to see the you pop around! Be sure to tag us with #Holidayswithlars

Inspiring Christmas trees and how to get the look


Truly Inspiring Christmas Trees

I’ve gathered them into a few different groupings as I think there are things to learn from each type. Let’s get going:

Unusual shapes in unexpected objects

The folks at Martha once again pull through in providing some beautiful Christmas tree inspiration and this list is full of them. And for good reason! This one is from last year’s December issue and made me pause while I was flipping through the issue. Why is it beautiful?

  • The unusual and organic shape. You will always make a mark when you re-think the foundation and that’s precisely what happened here. It takes you by surprise, no?
  • The beautiful moss tree skirt. Unexpected, earthy, and a beautiful chartreuse color.
  • The perfectly chosen color palette of cool shades of greens, teals, blues and whites.
  • The lack of a tree topper keeps it refreshing.

Photo from here

Here’s another unusual shaped tree. You could  leave it on it’s own and it would be stunning. And the natural elements allow it to sing!

Photo from here 

I’ve loved this one for many years because of the simplicity of the design yet the unexpected glass vessel and lovely shape of the tree. The organic quality keeps it interesting and sculptural.

Photo from here

Tinsel trees

Tinsel was in fashion in the 50s and 60s and we totally forgot about it when I was growing up. Sad for us! A lovely tinsel tree adds wonder! And if you don’t have a beautiful shaped tree or want to pay for a cheaper one, get one that’s disregarded and cover it! These two are also stunning for their sheer size. In this case, MORE IS BETTER!

Photo from here

Photo from here

Floral Christmas Trees

It was only a matter of time before flowers hit Christmas trees once again and I found a few that are stunning (in addition to my Martha Stewart dream, as you know).

Design Love Fest created this beautiful with a continuous downward spiral ombre look made from flowers.

Photo from here 

This floral Christmas once again features an ombre effect and I’m digging the head to toe feel.

Photo from here

Dried flowers are the flowers of the moment and Vanessa Pouzet nailed hers! Plus, she can reuse the flowers afterward.

Photo from here

Another pretty floral tree with a touch here and there. Makes it feel like you’ve stepped into a garden.

Photo from here

Scandinavian Christmas trees

My friend Eva always has the most beautiful Christmas trees. This isn’t hers below (wish I had a picture), but it kind of reminds me of hers. She always chooses a Charlie Brown type tree and decorates it with traditional Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian ornaments–a lot of straw ornaments and mini flag bunting. She lets the tree speak.

Here, I love how it’s all contained in a pretty natural basket and there’s the right amount of triangle bunting and great colors here and there.

Photo from here

Over the top Christmas trees

I will always applaud someone who goes TO TOWN with their trees because it takes so much time and work!

I spotted this mini tree a couple of years ago and loved how they combined the colorful plastic handmade straw ornaments (look at that tree topper!) and the mini straw ornaments (see our tutorial here!). She sets it off with the black and white checked ribbons, which I love!

Photo from here

I can always rely on Aunt Peaches for over the top done well! I love that you can feel her exuberance! She talks about her process in her post. Tons of poms, pom pom garlands, eye of God, and, of course, ALL THE COLORS! She calls it granny chic.

Here’s how to get the look:


Photo from here

And for the finale….This is another one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. Too much??? NEVER!!!! Alison, this is what I have in mind for you!

Get the look:


Top image from Martha Stewart

Christmas Village Present Scene with Pottery Barn Kids

Living in small quarters, I don’t allow just any toy in the house As a mother I feel a certain level of obligation to provide Jasper with toys and games that promote healthy learning and play, which is why I went gaga over Pottery Barns kitchen toy items. For long time readers, you might be thinking “Brittany, you don’t even like to cook,” and you would be correct. However, I’m looking to instill a love of cooking in Jasper from a young age, just like his daddy, so he can take care of me as we gracefully age. This is a dream to expound on another day, but now, back to all of the goods I found at Pottery Barn Kids. 

Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar Using our DreamBox


See our Craft Palace in Action! 

As you know, we are constantly DIY’ing our hearts out here. What you may not know is how much easier out DIY’ing experience has become thanks to our DreamBox. It is dreamy, that’s right, I said it! Dreamy! But seriously, to say we are loving our DreamBox may be the understatement of the century. 

Watch this video to see the DreamBox in action and make the Bulb Advent Calendar while you’re at it!

Gifts for All the People in Your Life and How to Wrap Them


Can anyone tell that we are really in the Christmas spirit already? CAN IT JUST BE CHRISTMAS YET?! Okay, actually, no not really because that would mean I would need to be done with the one thousand things on my very long very extensive checklist, however, thanks to Tuesday Morning that checklist has become noticeably shorter. A few weeks back I found myself feeling that holiday rush, yes, I know a bit premature but this is what happens when you work in a field where you start every season 6-8 weeks early! Feeling the pressure I found myself wandering into Tuesday Morning for what I can only describe as the happiest shopping experiences.  (Click HERE to find the closes Tuesday Morning store to you!)

Christmas Home Advent Calendar


‘Twas the night before Christmas…Okay no not really, I know it’s not Christmas yet, but we are getting very excited for the Christmas season. The lights, the colors, the crafts what’s not to love?! However, one of the things I love most about Christmas is the spirit of excitement, glee, and giving that floats in the air. As we near the day that it becomes socially acceptable to countdown to Christmas the Lars team decided that we could use a little reminder to keep that true Christmas spirit around and help us not get caught in the snare of a commercialized Christmas. And thus 2019’s advent calendar was born.

Holiday Swag with Vistaprint


This post is sponsored by Vistaprint. We love our sponsors who allow us to create beautiful, original content for you. Use code LARSHOLIDAY to get up to 50% off holiday cards, wall calendars, and photo gifts!

One of my very favorite family traditions has been our yearly Christmas card. It’s that rare time of year when I can get Paul in front of the camera to document our family’s growth. Pre-photo generally tends to be a little stressful: organizing outfits, finding a location yadda yadda, then there’s the actual time in front of the camera which usually looks something like us bribing Jasper with some type of treat to get the shot (zoom in!). But man oh man the joy of looking through those photos once Jane (our in-house photographer) sends them back to us is twelvefold.

Wrapping paper in Lars’ House!


New Christmas wrapping paper from The House That Lars BuiltAnyone remember a few months ago when I talked to you on Instagram stories about the idea of wrapping paper in our shop? Well, you were all so encouraging and enthusiastic about the prospect of Lars Wrapping paper in your home this holiday season that we went ahead and created the line!

The line was design by the lovely Monica Dorezwinski (check out her prints in our shop!), but final decisions were made by the members of our Lars family (i.e.: you guys!) via Instagram stories. We were neck and neck on a few designs but these guys proved victorious and each ended up winning by the landslide!

DIY Custom Christmas Stockings

For years I’ve been planning on making stockings for my little family, but I never managed to scrape out the time. Before I knew it, a year would come and go and my stocking dreams we postponed for another year. But not this year! I suppose Jasper added some additional motivation, and I finally sewed up a batch of stockings for the Jepsen Family. I referenced a really simple and clear tutorial to create the stockings with some fun graphic fabrics. To jazz them up a bit, I embellished them with embroidered vintage trims and ribbons. The combination of folk with punchy patterns was just the look I was going for! I used customized ribbon to identify each stocking and I love the way they turned out!

DIY Nativity Puppets

Last year we made what might be my favorite project ever, our Painted Nativity Set! This year, now that I have Jasper, I wanted to create something that was a bit more child-friendly. I was inspired by these ornaments to create puppets using paper mache balls. I’ve been wanting to do this forever, only to find out my good friend, Merrilee had already done something similar! Great minds think alike! I enlisted the talented Michelle Christensen of My Little Belleville to illustrate the faces for each character in the Nativity. To turn them into puppets, we drilled a hole into each sphere, inserted a pencil, and clothed each one in a simple fabric tunic. So simple! Jasper is already a big fan.

Gift Guide: Kid Edition


Gift Guide Kid Edition

Since having a baby of my own, I love nothing more than searching for really adorable children’s stuff. Toys, clothes for boys, you name it. If it’s adorable, I will find it! Here’s our guide for kids this year!

Gift Guide: $100 and Under


For the person who you want to give just a little bit more.

See below for the full guide!