Compliment Cards to Spread the Joy (not the germs)

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

How to use these compliment cards

Everyone could use a little more sunshine right now. Do you have a friend who is always giving you the advice right when you need it? (and when you want it! A hard balance to find!) Send them the “you help me grow” compliment card! Your friend that has been sending all the right memes right as social distancing is starting to get unbearable? Send them the “you are my favorite person to text” compliment card! Have a coworker you were just starting to make small talk with before you started working from home? Send them the “you have great style” compliment card and keep that friendship going!

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

Share joy with everyone!

There is a compliment card for every kind of relationship in your life. Your sister, your childhood best friend, your neighbor you admire from afar, your boss, anyone! Even a stranger at the grocery store who is rocking their mix patterns and bold colors, tell them they have good taste!

Click here to download the printable version!

We would love to see how you use your compliment cards to spread joy, tag us here!

Valentine’s Box Competition Winners


2020 Valentines box contest winner!

The winner of the first annual Valentine Box challenge is…Hannah Gumbo of @NotAllThatGlittersIsGumbo. Hannah created a box inspired by Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Lemonade and KILLED IT! There’s even a window in the back to retrieve valentines. Take at look at her Instagram post to see the video she made.

The Lars Team Valentine Boxes

Don’t worry, no Lars team members were actually allowed to win the competition, but they certainly all could have been winners! Here’s what they did:


Hannah used the left over Anagram balloons from our Valentine heart attack and cardboard to construct her box. She made it because she really like the shape and look of diamonds. And diamonds are girls best friend, of course. The fact that it is hot pink just makes it extra girly for Galentines!


Emma wanted to use some of the tutorials from our website. She started with the DIY Gingerbread Gift box Tutorial, moved into the paper flower tutorials (poppies, peonies, and daffodils), worked a little magic and the flower greenhouse Valentine’s box was born!


I knew I wanted to create a Dala horse but my idea was solidified as I was walking through Ikea and spotted the dala horse candies (which yes, I did buy to match my box and hand out as my valentine candy). I used the Dala Horse template template from our Craft the Rainbow book and got to work. The shape of the body is a liiiittle off because I didn’t actually use the template (my bad!) and I ran out of time to paper maché it, but I do love the heart details and overall I’m happy with my Valentines Dala Horse Box!


Sammy loves piñatas and she wanted to make a piñata with a non-traditional valentines colors!

Just a handful of our favorites!

If you look at the hashtag #LarsValentineBox you can see some of the amazing entries. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Anatomical Heart Valentine Box

My amazing neighbor, Charlotte, showed me the coolest Valentine box that she made herself and I thought it was so clever that I had to share it. She created an anatomical heart Valentine box made from a papier mache balloon and even included veins. Isn’t it awesome?! I love it so much!

Happy Valentine’s Day! See you around next year!

Last Minute Valentines Printables


Print, cut, sign and send. We are making Valentines extra easy for you this year with all of the PDF’s available in our shop!

Valentines PDF Printables

For more Valentines printables check out our shop!

Valentines game printables!

Don’t miss out on saying I love you this year in an extra fun (not to mention easy!) way! Tag us with #larsloveslove so we can see how you say I love you this year!

Valentines Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath

We took a few extra steps of DIY to make this wreath as cost effective as possible by making the heart shaped foam wreath ourself. With a handful of floral foam, glue sticks, string, live baby’s-breath (we use live and then let it dry itself out naturally), spray paint, and cardboard we set out to make our wreath!

Valentines Baby’s Breath Wreath


  1. Draw a heart on a piece of cardboard with a slightly smaller heart (about 2 inches apart) inside of it.
  2. Take a good pair of scissors and cut out the outside as well as the inside of the heart.
  3. Take your floral foam pieces and place them around your guide making sure all of the cardboard is covered. Note that some will need to be cut in order to fit all the way around it.
  4. Taking a glue stick spread a generous amount onto and secure each piece in place, this will need time to dry. You can use a glue gun, however, it does not stick as well but it will speed up the process.
  5. With a sharp knife, trim the floral foam according to your guide.
  6. Once you have the shape you want, take some twine and secure each piece in place.
  7. Take your baby’s breath and lightly spray it with spray paint until the color is as deep as you want it.
  8. Once the baby’s breath is dry cut the pieces off and start placing them packed tightly together onto the wreath.

We are loving this wreath on our door this Valentine season and can’t wait to see it on all of your doors! Tag us with #larsloveslove so we can see these wreaths in all their glory!

Hint Hint Hubby: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Husbands! Boyfriends! Significant others! We are talking to you. We assume your lady did her job and sent you over to our complete Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Using this guide will allow you to surprise her AND find a gift you already know she will love! We have categorized our gift ideas to help you narrow down the search. What will make Valentine’s Day extra special this year for your true love?

For sentimental value

Heart jewelry is a natural direction to go when gift hunting for your Valentine. To make your gift long-lasting and unforgettable make sure to find jewelry she will love to wear all year long! These earrings and this necklace are simple and minimal, and she won’t want to take them off! Pair it with a fragrance you’ll both love and your upcoming date nights are sure to be extra special!

For the hostess

Does your wife love to host amazing parties? These gifts will know you took time to think of what she would love most. Bring a hint of romance to every party with this agate cheeseboard made of amethyst, February’s gemstone. Putting your flowers into a new amazing vase this year will instantly level up the gift.

For everyday

Sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones, that she can use every single day! Above you’ll find a floral thermos, a portable charger, a new passport cover (maybe to tell her about an upcoming trip, eh? 😉 and more – all in colors she will swoon over!

For the hopeless romantic

Flowers she can keep forever (they are dried!) romantic vases and perfumes that hint of Paris – the city of love. Make this Valentine’s Day feel like her favorite romantic movie with these gifts.

Surprise her! Unique and unexpected gifts

Your Valentine will never expect a fun gift like this heart-shaped waffle maker – Even better, use it to make her breakfast in bed! And bring her this monogrammed mug with her initial!

For a well-deserved spa day

Offer to watch the kids for a couple hours and let your wife try out all of these self-care items – like this luxurious waffle robe, or this silk pillowcase. Write a sweet love note in this bar of fancy soap. She’ll love you forever for it.

How to wrap your gift

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s really the details that make it special. Taking extra time and care your wrap your gift will pay off, we promise she will notice! Below you’ll find our special Valentine’s Day wrapping paper, and some of our favorite gift wrap items. Your lady will be thanking you before she has even opened her present!

Find our full Valentine’s Day wrapping paper collection here! And to include a fun valentine card with your gift, click here!

Phew, now that we’ve gone over the big stuff, time to get a card, head on over to our shop to pick one out! 

Good luck!

Valentines Gift Box with Arlo Cookies

Printable Valentine cookie box

When Luna (creator of Arlos cookies) agreed to work with us we were ecstatic! We knew we wanted to create a box to put the cookies in but we needed them to be just as lovely as the cookies would inevitably be. With our task at hand we set out to make the most beautiful Valentine gift box worthy that would be carrying the elegant cookies.

To say we love the cookies and the box designed to carry them is an understatement! Wether you are putting Arlos Cookies in these boxes or any other Valentines treats they are bound to amplify your valentines gifting this season! Get your Valentine Cookie Box here!

Be sure to tag us with #larsloveslove so we can see how lovely your valentines gifts turn out!!!

Find Arlos Cookies

Website of Arlos Cookies
@arlocookies on Instagram


Valentine Hair Clips Round-Up

A handful of our favorite hair clips!

We got a new batch of clips in and listed them in the shop. You can find them here!

Valentine hair clips

Total e-clips of the heart printable card

Or grab our new clip Valentine cards here.

Snag these up quick so you can send these cards out to everyone you love! Be sure to show us how you styled the card with #larsloveslove!!

DIY Valentines Heart Pom-Poms


DIY Heart Pom-Pom’s

We want wait to see how your heart pom-poms turn out! Make sure to tag us with #Larsloveslove so we can see how yours turn out!

Ideas for Valentine’s activities

Things to do with your gals for Galentine’s Day

We love a good Galentine event here. Remember this from last year? And this one? And here are some additional ideas.

  • Craft Night. This is, of course, our favorite way to celebrate. May I suggest our Lipstick Valentines or heart friendship bracelets, or heart tassel boxes
  • Heat Break Bingo. Our printable Bingo set is SO fun. You can put on this playlist while you’re crafting or making Valentines or decorating cookies and then play the game at the same time. Each time a song on your sheet comes up, you can place a piece on. First one to Bingo, wins!
  • Karaoke. There’s no better place to make a fool out of yourselves than in front of your gals.
  • Spa Night. Because we all need one!
  • Decorate cookies. Get inspired by @arloscookies and then place them in one of our Conversation heart boxes!
  • Watch a rom com. Some of Team Lars’ faves are the following:
    • Brittany: You’ve Got Mail, Never Been Kissed, Pride and Prejudice
    • Emma: How To Lost a Guy in 10 Days
    • Hannah: 10 Things I Hate About You
    • Sammy: Pretty in Pink, She’s All That
    • Holly: When Harry Met Sally, About Time (not a comedy but “you’ll love it)
    • Jane: She’s the Man
  • Get take out or Door Dash
  • Hot Tub
  • Online shopping. Listen, Sammy, our content editor, actually does this with her friends. They put it up on their TV and get opinions about what they should buy. These are some of her favorite places to shop:
  • Concert.
  • Paint night. Try a paint by numbers or go to a ceramics painting shop.
  • Just Dance. This is perhaps my favorite thing to do ever. The new 2020 is awesome.
  • Play Mash for old time’s sake.

Things to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day

  • Cupcake or cookie decorating (paired with our lemon apron, of course 😉
  • Valentine’s coloring page placemat from our shop
  • Work on Valentine’s. These ones are perfect for little hands as are these!
  • Valentine Games like Bingo tic-tac-toe,
  • Make a Valentine Box. And join in on our competition!
  • Write appreciation letters to grandparents.
  • From Hannah, our studio assistant: My mom used to do a fancy dinner for us kids. She’d make a heart shaped pizza.
  • From Emma: My mom used to make us heart pancakes that were pink and left a Valentine on our plate for breakfast.
  • Sammy: My dad used to make the most amazing Valentine cards for each of us kids.
  • Sammy: My mom used to give us all a little Valentine’s present.
  • Hailey: We would also spend way too much time on valentine boxes, that was a pretty big deal

Things to do for the classroom for Valentine’s Day

  • Hailey: Our school had a Valen-gram set up every year where you could buy a candy for someone anonymously and StuCo would deliver it.  My mom was a teacher at our school and ALWAYS bought us one haha.  
  • Make a Valentine Box competition. Join us!

We’d love to hear your clever ideas. Dish! 

Give a (balloon) Heart Attack

Now, I know what many of you are thinking, “Brittany, if that’s your absolute number one dream, why didn’t you dress up as Cupid for Halloween one year?” The answer is simple. Why would I use my one day of the year when it’s acceptable to dress up as whatever I want to be Cupid, when I can just dress up as Cupid on a day when it’s not acceptable to dress as anything else! Halloween or not, this is the season of love, and it would not be the end of the world if I started a trend of people dressing up on another holiday.

Embarrassing as it might be, when I first envisioned myself as Cupid, I really did see myself in the most Cupid-esque costume I could think. You know, baby curls, rosy cheeks, and that small diaper he wears? I soon realized that the outfit might not be the most appropriate for the weather or the people that would have to see me in it. I settled on the next best thing; a Greek-inspired breezy toga, heart-embellished accessories, and of course, some fluttery wings!

Give a Balloon Heart Attack for Valentine’s Day

Donned in my Cupid attire and ready to put a little bit more love in the world, I set out to spread the enchantment far and wide. This is where I really got to shine, thanks to the many heart shaped foil balloons (which come in the most amazing Valentine’s color palettes) I had in my arsenal. Using these impressive foil balloons, I got to work heart attacking a few of my most beloved friends’ houses. Don’t worry, it’s a lot less drastic than it sounds, just the simple act of decorating an unsuspecting friend’s house with hearts of all sizes, shapes, and colors! We were so excited to team up with anagram because of how incredible we knew a house would look if it was absolutely covered in balloons. With the house decked out in hearts, we used foil letter balloons to spell out, “You’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow” and left a box full of foil balloon goodies on their porch so they could pay it forward. 


  • Use an electric air pump (we use this one)
  • Use sticky Command strips to attach to the house
  • Heart string: You can create your own hanging tabs for the heart balloons hanging from the ceiling by using packing tape and a hole punch.


With my work done, and the dreary February skies filled with just a little more love (and mischief), I hung up my bow and arrow and took a well-deserved rest. I’m already missing my time as Cupid, but who knows, I may just have to pull out my wings next year. 

This post is sponsored by Anagram. We love our sponsors who allow us to create unique content for you.


Printable Valentine Papel Picado Streamers


  1. Cut out the 5 designs of Papel Picado using the templates, you can use a craft cutter for this or an exacto knife.
  2. Once you have the amount of templates you will use a hole punch to place holes at each top corner and use these to string your pieces up!
  3. Once strung separate each flag by about 2 inches.
  4. Hang up where ever your heart desires!

Tag us with #Larsmakes so we can see these at all of your Valentines festivities!

DIY Valentine’s Rainbow Box and competition


  1. Using a pencil draw a rainbow shape of the cardboard, once you have a shape that you like cut it out mine is out 17″ long from one base to the other and 7″ wide and 14″ tall.
  2. Trace the shape of the rainbow arch cut out in step one on another piece of cardboard and cut it out.
  3. Once you have the two arches cut out cut strips of the cardboard that will be used to connect the pieces together, you will need enough to connect the top of the rainbow and the bottom of the rainbow. I cut my trips to be 7″ wide and cut them as long as i could get them out of each piece of cardboard I had.
  4. With the newly cut long strips you will want to bend them so that they can create the arched pieces easily. To do this you can run it down the side of a table applying pressure as you go to break down the board, you will see that the cardboard starts to hold an arch.
  5. once you have these pieces cut bent will begin to assemble them together.
  6. Using a hot glue gun apply and generous amount of hot glue to the edge of the rainbow and place the arched long cardboard pieces to create an edge along the rainbow arch piece. If the 7″ wide piece does not make it all the way across you can add in another piece to get it all the way to the bottom.
  7. Once the piece is attached take your second rainbow arch and use hot glue to in the same manner to attach that piece.
  8. Once the top of the piece is done you will add the underbelly of the arch by repeating step 6.
  9. You can trim with scissors or a craft cutting blade and excess of the 7″ strip of cardboard.
  10. Trace the bottoms of the rainbow onto cardboard where it is still open and cut the pieces out and attach them with hot glue.
  11. Cut a slit at the top for all of your hards to be placed into and your form is done!
  12. Cut strips of news paper about 1.5″ wide by 7″-13″ long
  13. Make paper máche for your rainbow form.
  14. Apply a light layer of paper máche covered news paper to your form and allow sufficient enough time to dry, I left mine overnight.
  15. Once dry you can paint onto it!
  16. I measured mine out a little so I had a good idea of how much of each color I could fit onto the rainbow.
  17. Once your box is painted and dry you can can cut flaps into the bottom of the rainbows to retrieve all of your love letters!

Let the Valentine’s games begin! We are taking this very seriously! Ha!