New Printable Valentines from Artists We Love

It has always been a goal of ours to fill our shop with unique pieces of art from artists of different backgrounds and styles. Our print shop is full of those artists, with styles ranging from bold and graphic, to delicate and flowery, to detailed and life-like. This year we are so excited to offer work from 16 of our Lars Print Shop artists in a brand new form – printable valentines!

This year’s Valentine’s Day Shop has truly become a work of art, and it is now OPEN and accessible to you! Click here to see the valentines cards these amazing artists created to help you spread the love this year. And below you can learn more about all of the contributing artists!

How Printable Valentines Work

First, browse all of the new valentine options here and below. Each set was created by a unique artist, in their own fun style! There are valentines for your kids to gift to friends, plus plenty of grown-up options for you to gift to your partner, friends, neighbors, family members, the Amazon delivery man, anyone!

After you download the files you like, print however many you need to send them out to family and friends. You can save time and have your local print shop print and cut them. Or even if you end up waiting to the last minute to print them, you can use your home printer too!

Some of these new printable valentines cards allow you to attach little gifts as part of the card, like these punny options from Artist Amanda Jane Jones. Some take some minor assembly for the full (and adorable) effect, like these from Michele Brummer Everett. However, if you don’t want to add any other steps to the assembly, there are plenty of options that you can simply print, cut, fold, and send!

These printable valentines are so cute and so fun! Browse through our entire collection and download as many designs as your heart desires.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

Find the new printable valentines here.

Printable Valentines by Artists We Love

By Jacqueline Colley

Jacqueline is an illustrator and Pattern Designer based in East London with a love of colour, pattern and optimistic designs! Her Valentine collection is bright, creative, and oh so whimsical! It includes this Love Token Card, Signed Sealed Delivered Stamp Card, Perfect Match Card, and the Love Birds Card. See them all here!

Click here to see more of Jacqueline’s work in our Print Shop here, and on her website here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Jéssyka Gomes

Jéssyka is an illustrator and designer who is inspired by daily life, children’s books, embroidery and all the little things that makes her day happier. Each of her 3 valentines are perfect for brightening up anyone’s day! Download her valentine set here

You can see more of Jéssyka’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book, as well as here.

By Amanda Jane Jones

Amanda is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Mama, Author and Illustrator. Her children’s book Yum Yummy Yuck is one of Jasper’s favorite! In fact, we carry prints inspired by her book in our Print Shop here.

Her valentines are as clever as every, and were created to add a small gift! Attach treats like a stick of gum, a shiny new pencil, and more. Download the Valentine Card Giftables here, and the Valentine Button and Shirt Cards here

Click here to see more of Amanda’s artwork, and follow her here!

By Danielle Kroll

Danelle is an artist, living in Upstate New York, who makes hand painted illustrations, ceramics and textile designs. Her Love Potion Valentine is just the thing for putting your special someone under your spell this February 14th.

You can find more of Danielle’s work in our Print Shop here, and on her website here.

By Normandie Luscher

Normandie Luscher is a freelance illustrator and adjunct professor at MICA. Her valentines are created to wrap around a little gift to complete the pun! Keep the spark alive with these matchbox valentines. Or try these Valentine Candle Wraps, or these Chocolate Wraps! You cannot go wrong with chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

You can find more of Normandie’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book and on her website here.

By Julie Marabelle

Julie Marabelle is a French artist and founder of Famille Summerbelle where she designs illustrated products for the home since 2008. We are obsessed with her papercutting work, and actually carry several floral prints of hers in our Print Shop here!

After social distancing for so long, the people we share our homes with are more special than ever. Julie’s valentines were made to tell them that! Download her My Home is Your Home card here. For a complete gift that is great for family and neighbors, this version folds into a box shaped like a house! Julie also created two other valentine card designs for you to choose from here and here.

See more of Julie Marabelle’s work here in the Lars Print Shop and here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Hilary Onyon

Hilary Onyon is a third generation female artist who gathers much inspiration from the strong creative women she came from. Her Valentine collection includes this classic Cupid Valentines in pink and blue, the Hey You card, and Kiss Me card.

You can find more of Hilary’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book and here.

By Maria Trolle

Maria Trolle is a Swedish artist, who enjoys drawing and writing picture books and coloring books for adults. Bring a floral touch to your Valentine’s Day this year with Maria’s printable cards! With 5 different color schemes to choose from, you can personalize your choice. Each person you give this Valentine card will be blooming with love.

You can find more of Maria’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book and on her website  here.

By Jessica Whittaker

Jess Whittaker is an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer. She helps fight stigmas around Mental Illness through her work. And, bonus points, she used to be a part of the Lars team!

Jess’s Valentine collection is packed full of puns, just the way we like it. Check out her Historical Figures valentine collection here, and her Zoo collection here

You can find an art print by Jess in our Print Shop here, and more of her work here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Rosie Harbottle

Rosie Harbottle is a UK based illustrator with a passion for travel and culture that’s clearly expressed through her art.

If you and your significant other survived quarantine together, it must be the real deal! Acknowledge how strong your relationship is by gifting one of Rosie’s cards to your “lockdown lover.” Download her collection here

See more of Rosie’s work here in our Print Shop, and here.

By Michele Brummer Everett

Michéle is an illustrator and designer from South Africa who now lives in the United States. Her Valentine collection is bright, fun, and interactive! See the Beet Valentine Puns here, 3D “UnFROGettable” Valentines here, “You’re EGGstra Special” Valentines here, and even some foldable Heart Boxes here.

See more of Michelle’s Work in our Print Shop here, and on her website here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Jessie Kanelos Weiner is a Franco-American illustrator and author of “Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables” and the “In Stride” walking guidebooks. We have long been inspired by her work, and actually offer some free cake toppers inspired by her work here in our shop! 

Jessie’s valentine collection includes these Cake Toppers and her Eiffel Tower Valentine perfect for adding a shiny new hair accessory to. Plus download and cut out these hearts and turn your face mask into a work of art, and spread love not germs.

You can find more of Jessie’s work in our Print Shop here, as well as on her website here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Emily Isabella

Emily Isabella lives in the Hudson Valley and is endlessly inspired by small moments of everyday life. Her valentine collection is interactive, with clever tear-off elements! Give half to you best friend, or tear off the petals to find out does he love you? Does he love you not? (Hint: he loves you.) You can also send this printable postcard she created.

See more of Emily’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book and on her website here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Angie Stalker

Angie Stalker is an artist, illustrator and designer who invents playful, bright, and artful objects that send waves of optimism and confidence into every day. She really went all out for this Valentine’s Day collection for you. You can find her work in the form of Valentine cards (here and here), paper vase cards, large paper vasesIOU valentine coupons, and even an art poster in our shop now! Shop Angie’s full Valentine collection here.

You can find more of Angie’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book and on her website here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Michelle Christensen of My Little Belleville

Michelle is the international illustrator and designer behind the brand My Little Belleville. You can see her work on multiple projects throughout our archives!

Her Valentine collection is pink and red with just the right nod to Paris, the City of Love. Everything we think a Valentine should be! Download her cards here and here

You can see more of Michelle’s work in our Print Shop here, and on her website here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

By Josefina Schargorodsky

Josefina Schargorodsky is a designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work is inspired by romantic nostalgia and the beauty of small things. Her new Postage Stamp Cards will brighten up this month, rain or shine. Send them over snail mail to an old friend!

See more of Josefina’s work in our Picture Hope Coloring Book and here.

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

More Printable Valentines

Click here to see all of the new valentines in our Valentine’s Day Shop! There is somehow even more to see, like these XOXO Glasses, new giftable hair accessories, and more. Seriously, the goods just keep coming!!!

printable valentines from The House That Lars Built

DIY Twisted Candles for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

We made our candles in red and pink to add them to our Valentine’s day decorations. They would be perfect to display on the mantle, dining table, bookshelf, bathroom, anywhere, really! They would also be perfect to light on your Valentine’s day dinner at home. These candles are functional, beautiful, and customizable. No wonder we love them!

DIY Twisted Candles



Ziplock bag

Rolling Pin


(based on 12 inch tall candles)

  1. Fill a bowl with warm enough water to cover candles

2. Soak candles in warm water for 15-20 min, or until they are flexible

3. Working with one candle at a time – transfer a candle to a ziplock bag

3. Using your rolling pin, roll the center of the candle flat until it is a 1/2″ wide. Make sure to leave 2″ at the top of the candle that is unrolled, as well as 2″ from the bottom.

Tip: If at any point the candle is becoming too firm to roll out, let it sit in the warm water longer and then start rolling again.

5. Once you have flattened out the center of your candle, slowly twist it until you have created the look you want!

Embrace the trend and flaunt your modern flair!

Don’t forget to add some Doily Honeycomb Decorations and Valentines Heart Pom-Poms to your Valentine’s day decorations this year!



DIY Valentine Gift Box for Galentine’s Day


DIY Valentine Gift Box

If you loved our Valentine Tassel Heart Favor Box, you’ll also love this DIY Valentine Gift Box that is just as endearing. A custom Valentine’s day gift box is a sure way to elevate a simple Valentine’s day gram.

And these ones are punny of course! Include one of these printable cards to tell your valentine, gal pals, or any loved one that you care. Leave one on your neighbor’s doorstep, mail some to your friends, or make a few with your children to share with their friends. They definitely work for anyone, but I am especially excited to use mine for Galentine’s Day.

Gather all the pink and red craft supplies you can, and make them together at your Galentine’s Day party! Because isn’t that how that saying goes? “Friends who craft together stay together”… right?

The printable card phrases include:

“Love your Face” and “You bring a smile to my face!”

How To Make Your DIY Valentine Gift Box


DIY Valentine Gift Box for Galentine's Day


  1. Download the template (either for cutting machine or to cut by hand)
  2. If by hand, use a self-healing mat and your craft blade and scissors to cut the pieces out by hand
  3. If using a craft cutting machine, upload the SVG files. You’ll need a fine blade and scoring wheel to make the incisions and score lines.
  4. There are three pieces to the box–the top face, the top box, the bottom box. To make the top of the box, fold down your scored lines carefully.
  5. Apply glue to the tabs with a paintbrush (will make it smoother when it dries). Our glue dried rather fast so we did a few tabs at a time and then pressed them down individually.
  6. Repeat to the bottom of the box.
  7. Once your round box shape is complete, add some bling! We used pom-poms, jewels, and glitter glue to customize ours.
  8. Print off the Valentine cards to insert into your gift box along with some treats!

DIY Valentine Gift Box for Galentine's Day

That’s it! Send a box or deliver them yourself, and make it a tradition so your friends can look forward to them each year when Galentine’s Day rolls around. Don’t forget to take a picture and use the hashtag #LarsLovesLove to show us what you made!

More Projects to Create Together for Galentine’s Day


Hint Hint Hubby: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

It’s that time of the month, I mean, year! Time to celebrate your love, of course! I gather you are here for some insight and guidance. 2020 was rough to say the least, and last year’s Valentine’s Day happened before all the mayhem. The lady in your life has dealt with her share of trials this past year and needs some extra pampering. Let’s shower her with some extra love and gifts she will appreciate.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We categorized our Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you narrow down your search. From practical to romantic, from unexpected to comforting, we have you covered! Explore our curated list below, and check out the Lars Valentine Shop for more ideas!

Lars Valentine Shop

Valentine's day gift guide

This is just the beginning of the Valentine’s Day Gifts we carry in our Shop. Click here to see more accessories, cards, decor, and more.

Romantic Gifts

Spoil her with a purse she didn’t know she needed, earrings that are on trend, candles that are on her wishlist, linen sheets that have over 2000 positive reviews, slippers and bubble bath soap that will make her feel like a queen. Indulge her hidden wishes and top it off with chocolate straight out of a Wes Anderson film. These are the gifts that are sure to win you a personal Husband-of-the-Year award.

Valentine's day gift guide | The House That Lars Built

Useful Gifts

So much time has been spent indoors and naturally there have been things around the home, things that are used every day, that are in need or are in desperate need of sprucing up. She might need a beautiful brass wick candle trimmer because it’s difficult to cut wicks that are towards the bottom half of the container. Speaking of candles, lighting candles on a modern Moroccan candlestick or these glass candlesticks will instantly upgrade dining at home. (And don’t worry, both of those candlesticks are great options even if your significant other is a picky decorator.) For everyday use, these pink blue light glasses, felt coasters, watering cans, and colorful slides will brighten ordinary tasks. There’s an upgrade you can find for almost everything she uses, and that is a gift that will tell you you notice all her hard work.


Unexpected Gifts

These gifts may not have crossed your mind but will be a pleasant surprise. Consider a charming chess set made of plexiglass board and wooden game pieces because she watched A Queen’s Gambit and is ready to learn or renew her love for the game. If she is not into chess but still loves boardgames and puzzles, this Scrabble Deluxe Edition or any of the puzzle sets are sure to provide some fun times together. If you want to pick out clothing or accessories and are unsure of her taste, you can stay safe with a nice pajama set and/or a chic headband. There are plenty more unexpected Valentine’s day gift ideas she will love!

Homey Gifts

Does your lady love decorating and rearranging the home? Gift her this functional and display worthy handblown glass cloche with matches. Or an oil diffuser that serves as a beautiful flower arrangement. If she’s redecorating for spring, a pop of yellow with this throw and striped pillow will definitely brighten things up.

Valentine's day gift guide | The House That Lars BuiltValentine's day gift guide | The House That Lars Built

Wrap it Up

Valentine's day gift guide | The House That Lars Built

Don’t forget the gift wrap! Check out all of our exclusive wrapping paper designs here, including the fun bold shapes above + our Cherry Wrapping Paper and Chocolate Truffles Wrapping Paper made specifically for Valentine’s Day!

Find more ideas from last year’s post or make a larger version of our Valentine Fruit Piñata and fill it with gifts you’ve found above. We also think face masks, cozy loungewear for working from home, blue light glasses, or some new office decor would make amazing gifts. Click any of those links to see our favorite options available! Look forward to more Valentine’s Day gift ideas in the coming week.

DIY Doily Honeycomb Decorations

DIY Paper Doily Honeycomb Decorations

You might recall that we made these custom Honeycomb Christmas decorations from templates that we designed, but we wanted it to be a bit easier. Turns out, doilies are great because the shape is created for you and all you have to do is cut them down the middle and assemble. Plus, the doilies create that beautiful lace effect.

The More You Know

I had to do a bit of digging to find out more about what a doily is and why we have them. Turns out, the term doily came from the last name “Doily”, a London firm of linen merchants who made fringed napkins in the 1700’s. Then, from 1711, a doily was a small  ornamental napkin used at dessert. THEN, they were placed on the backs of chairs to protect them from the oil that men used on their hair. Nowadays, some people use them to protect surfaces of tables from decorative objects.

Ok, so now that we know the history of doilies, let’s get to learning how to make these honeycomb decorations. I’m thinking they would be lovely to give as a Valentine or adorn a branch tree (you know we love a decorative tree!) or taking the place of a wreath.

Here’s how to make it!

DIY Honeycomb Valentine ornament


  • See above for where to get the doilies
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors or paper cutter


  1. Measure a line down the middle of the doily to create an axis of symmetry
  2. Cut doilies in half. If your doilies are heart-shaped and have different colors on each side (ours are white on the back) keep the right-sided halves separated from the left-sided ones. You will alternate gluing left and right sides of the heart.
  3. Glue a line down the middle of one half-doily (starting at the axis and moving to the edge.
  4. Place another doily on top. For heart-shaped doilies or ones with different colors on each side, glue the same colors together. The contrasting color/blank side will now be facing up.
  5. Glue two lines down the sides of the doily on the top of the stack.
  6. Place another doily on top, again gluing the same colors together.
  7. Carefully separate the layers where glue may have escaped to lower layers through the holes in the doily.
  8. Repeat steps 4-8 until the stack is tall enough to open up and wrap back around so that the first and last layers meet. This will be about 50 layers or 25 whole doilies.
  9. While pressing down the layers of doilies, glue a line down the spine of the stack and even it out with the warm tip of the glue gun. Make sure that all the layers are adhered together with this glue.
  10. Glue a loop of ribbon to the top of the spine.
  11. Fan open the ornament, carefully separating any layers that may still be stuck together, and glue the first and last layers together. You’re finished!

How to make a circle doily honeycomb decoration

And the tutorial is a bit different if you’re doing a heart. Here’s how to make it:

Would love to see how you put them to use. What will you do with them? Tag us when you make yours with #LarsLovesLove #LarsMakes.

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Lunch sack honeycomb decorations
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DIY Valentine Fruit Piñatas

DIY Valentine Pinata from The House That Lars Built

DIY Valentine Piñatas in Fun Fruit Shapes

I’m thinking that these guys would be great to leave at a door for a friend or even send in the mail. And then match up the fruit with candies of the same flavor–can you imagine?! So cute! You can choose from an orange (orange you glad we’re friends?), peach “you’re a peach!”, a strawberry “you’re berry special”, a pear “you’re pearfect”, and a honeydew melon “HoneyDEW you want me to be your Valentine?”.

+ Printable Fruit Sticker Valentines

Complete your DIY Valentine Fruit Piñatas with these printable fruit stickers! Just download the file here and print them out on sticker paper. It’s just the touch your special someone will love.

DIY Valentine Pinata from The House That Lars Built

How to Make Your Own DIY Valentine Fruit Piñatas


DIY Fruit Pinata from The House That Lars Built


  1. Use our templates to trace the shape of the fruit onto cardboard. You’ll need two shapes per cardboard.
  2. Cut 1.5″ strips going against the grain of the cardboard for the sides of the fruit shapes. Glue or tape them onto the fruit shape.
  3. Cut 3/4″ fringe of crepe paper or tissue paper.
  4. Apply the fringe to the bottom of the fruit and then work your way up to the top of the fruit.
  5. STEM: Add on a stem by rolling a piece of tissue or paper around in a circle. Glue in place.
  6. LEAF: Cut a leaf out of paper or crepe paper and glue in place.
  7. Top it all off with one of our adorable fruit stickers (you can find them here).

DIY Valentine Pinata from The House That Lars Built

Other DIY Valentines

A Valentine with a handmade touch is the best way to show your crush, your gal pals, or your loved ones you really care. Check out our Valentine’s Day archives for more DIY ideas for the crafty Secret Admirer, or click any of the photos below.


DIY House Valentine Box stickers


DIY Valentine Box House with Printable Stickers

As a working mother to a toddler and now newborn, heaven help me, I totally understand the need to be crafty, but also the lack of time. These stickers are meant to make it a no brainer to get creative. And with the amount of Amazon boxes we are all most likely getting right now it’s a simple way to put those boxes to use.

How to make a Valentine Box House

Here’s how to make a simple box come to life with the addition of adorable Valentine’s Box stickers.



  1. (Optional) Wrap your box in a red/white/pink wrapping paper or leave it blank! Make sure to leave a flap in the back to retrieve the Valentines.
  2. Add door, windows and accessory stickers onto the box.
  3. (Optional) Add on a roof with construction paper or cardstock.
  4. Cut a slit into the top of the box to drop the Valentines.

EASY, right?!

And if you’re really feeling the desire to craft, get out all your craft supplies and let the kids decorate it with ribbons or sequins or whatever you have around the house.

Here are some of the cutie pie sticker options to choose from. There’s four pages of fun stickers!

Can’t wait to see how you make your Valentine boxes. Show us what you’re making with the hash tag #LarsLovesLove.

If you like this project, you might also like the following:

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Heart Friendship Bracelets

And check out our Shop for more easy Valentine giftables, printables, and projects!

Valentine’s Day Cherry Wreath Kit

Valentine's Day wreath kit by The House That Lars Built

DIY cherry wreath kit

Remember our Orange Winter Berries Wreath Kit and the Lemon Wreath Kit? Now we have a Wreath Kit available for Valentine’s Day! By now, I think everyone has gotten used to spending holidays at home during quarantine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! As you may have guessed, wreaths are a staple in Lars holiday decorating. How could you pass them up when they’re so fun to make? And since we can’t have huge gatherings for the holidays, you can hang a wreath on your door for passersby to admire.

Remember this Valentine’s Day Paper Flower Wreath from a few years ago? We also used it as a valentine’s Day floral crown. Maybe you’ll use your Cherry Wreath Kit for a paper cherry crown. The possibilities are endless! Plus, cherries are in season during the Spring and Summer, so you can leave your wreath up for months!

Valentine's Day wreath kit by The House That Lars Built

Cherry Wreath Kit pre-order

Get a head start on planning your Valentine’s Day this year! Pre-orders begin TODAY January 7 and run until January 14. Order yours now for a special early bird sale price! This Cherry Wreath Kit is perfect for bringing some love into your home this Valentine’s Day.

Click here to order your Wreath Kit on Sale

Valentine's Day wreath kit by The House That Lars Built

Your Valentine’s Day Wreath Kit includes:

  • A workshop style video walking you through the entire project!
  • Red, Pink, and Green Crepe Paper
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Red Cardstock
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Styrofoam Balls

You can’t go wrong with little cherries and paper hearts! Tie it with a red or pink ribbon for the finishing touch!

Click Here to Order Your Wreath Kit

Valentine's Day wreath kit by The House That Lars Built

Our wreath kits have been popular, so make sure to get yours before Jan 14th. After that they will no longer be available.

Valentine’s Day in quarantine

This Cherry Wreath Kit is the perfect way to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day, even if you’re celebrating on your own this year. There are more ways to share the joy with loved ones who are far away. Send them a box of paper hearts (and maybe some paper cherries!) like we did here and here! You could also send a Valentine’s Day care package to friends and family who are far away. And if you want EVEN MORE ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest! While you’re crafting your paper cherries, you can put together a gift for someone else to continue spreading the love!

Compliment Cards to Spread the Joy (not the germs)

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

How to use these compliment cards

Everyone could use a little more sunshine right now. Do you have a friend who is always giving you the advice right when you need it? (and when you want it! A hard balance to find!) Send them the “you help me grow” compliment card! Your friend that has been sending all the right memes right as social distancing is starting to get unbearable? Send them the “you are my favorite person to text” compliment card! Have a coworker you were just starting to make small talk with before you started working from home? Send them the “you have great style” compliment card and keep that friendship going!

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

Share joy with everyone!

There is a compliment card for every kind of relationship in your life. Your sister, your childhood best friend, your neighbor you admire from afar, your boss, anyone! Even a stranger at the grocery store who is rocking their mix patterns and bold colors, tell them they have good taste!

Click here to download the printable version!

We would love to see how you use your compliment cards to spread joy, tag us here!

Valentine’s Box Competition Winners


2020 Valentines box contest winner!

The winner of the first annual Valentine Box challenge is…Hannah Gumbo of @NotAllThatGlittersIsGumbo. Hannah created a box inspired by Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Lemonade and KILLED IT! There’s even a window in the back to retrieve valentines. Take at look at her Instagram post to see the video she made.

The Lars Team Valentine Boxes

Don’t worry, no Lars team members were actually allowed to win the competition, but they certainly all could have been winners! Here’s what they did:


Hannah used the left over Anagram balloons from our Valentine heart attack and cardboard to construct her box. She made it because she really like the shape and look of diamonds. And diamonds are girls best friend, of course. The fact that it is hot pink just makes it extra girly for Galentines!


Emma wanted to use some of the tutorials from our website. She started with the DIY Gingerbread Gift box Tutorial, moved into the paper flower tutorials (poppies, peonies, and daffodils), worked a little magic and the flower greenhouse Valentine’s box was born!


I knew I wanted to create a Dala horse but my idea was solidified as I was walking through Ikea and spotted the dala horse candies (which yes, I did buy to match my box and hand out as my valentine candy). I used the Dala Horse template template from our Craft the Rainbow book and got to work. The shape of the body is a liiiittle off because I didn’t actually use the template (my bad!) and I ran out of time to paper maché it, but I do love the heart details and overall I’m happy with my Valentines Dala Horse Box!


Sammy loves piñatas and she wanted to make a piñata with a non-traditional valentines colors!

Just a handful of our favorites!

If you look at the hashtag #LarsValentineBox you can see some of the amazing entries. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Anatomical Heart Valentine Box

My amazing neighbor, Charlotte, showed me the coolest Valentine box that she made herself and I thought it was so clever that I had to share it. She created an anatomical heart Valentine box made from a papier mache balloon and even included veins. Isn’t it awesome?! I love it so much!

Happy Valentine’s Day! See you around next year!

Last Minute Valentines Printables


Print, cut, sign and send. We are making Valentines extra easy for you this year with all of the PDF’s available in our shop!

Valentines PDF Printables

For more Valentines printables check out our shop!

Valentines game printables!

Don’t miss out on saying I love you this year in an extra fun (not to mention easy!) way! Tag us with #larsloveslove so we can see how you say I love you this year!

Valentines Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath

We took a few extra steps of DIY to make this wreath as cost effective as possible by making the heart shaped foam wreath ourself. With a handful of floral foam, glue sticks, string, live baby’s-breath (we use live and then let it dry itself out naturally), spray paint, and cardboard we set out to make our wreath!

Valentines Baby’s Breath Wreath


See above.

Please note: We’ve since done some research on environmentally friendly alternatives to floral foam and you can find them here!


  1. Draw a heart on a piece of cardboard with a slightly smaller heart (about 2 inches apart) inside of it.
  2. Take a good pair of scissors and cut out the outside as well as the inside of the heart.
  3. Take your floral foam pieces and place them around your guide making sure all of the cardboard is covered. Note that some will need to be cut in order to fit all the way around it.
  4. Taking a glue stick spread a generous amount onto and secure each piece in place, this will need time to dry. You can use a glue gun, however, it does not stick as well but it will speed up the process.
  5. With a sharp knife, trim the floral foam according to your guide.
  6. Once you have the shape you want, take some twine and secure each piece in place.
  7. Take your baby’s breath and lightly spray it with spray paint until the color is as deep as you want it.
  8. Once the baby’s breath is dry cut the pieces off and start placing them packed tightly together onto the wreath.

We are loving this wreath on our door this Valentine season and can’t wait to see it on all of your doors! Tag us with #larsloveslove so we can see these wreaths in all their glory!