best valentine ideas for kids
best valentine ideas for kids

Chocolate heart beet valentines

Last year at the last hour, I decided to make some Valentines for Jasper’s preschool class. I did it the day before Valentine’s Day so there were no more candies at the store. Thankfully I had some extra chocolate hearts from another project so I could use what I had! I was inspired by Michele Brummer Everett who made these adorable printable beet Valentines over in our Valentine’s Shop. It just needed a coordinating treat to go with it! Here’s how to make the chocolate heart beet Valentines

You'll Need:

Chocolate heart beet Valentines

Are in need of a simple, yet adorable, valentine for those you love or maybe your child’s classmates? Although real beets are not very delicious (depending on who you ask) these cute beets use 2 chocolate hearts which are the perfect sweet treat for your valentine’s day!

best valentine ideas for kids

These little chocolate beets pair perfectly with these beet themed cards that we have in our shop! The cards feature beet themed puns! We really do love Valentine’s day puns around here. Purchase those HERE! 

Now to make these cute little guys, here are the instructions! 

Materials needed for chocolate heart Valentines

best valentine ideas for kids

Chocolate heart Beet Valentine instructions 

  1. Start by cutting a long strip of crepe paper, about 2 feet long, and ¾ inch wide! Make sure you are cutting the strip so it is able to stretch. 
  2. Now with 2 chocolate hearts put together on the flat edges, start to wrap your crepe paper around the 2 chocolates so they form a ball or a “beet” shape! 
  3. When you get to the end of your crepe paper strip, use a small dot of glue to secure the paper.
  4. Now cut out the beet leaves from green paper, make a small fold at the bottom and attach to your beet using another dot of hot glue! 

Here’s the video I made:

best valentine ideas for kids

Beet Valentine puns

Don’t forget to include a card with a beet-inspired pun. There are a lot of good ones!

  • I’m always “rooting” for you
  • You can’t be “beet”
  • My heart “beets” for you
  • My heart skips a “beet” for you

Now you have a cute beet valentine! These will be sure to make a splash in your kid’s classroom as the kids unwrap their yucky beets, to find yummy hearts! Enjoy!

If you make your own, tag it with #LarsLovesLove, our Valentine’s Day hashtag so we can all see it! 


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