Hi! Thanks for popping into Lars. We are pleased to have you here. Here are a few questions that we get asked. Perhaps they’ll explain how this little spot in the world wide web was created.

Who is Lars?

Probably the most frequent question we get. And for good reason. It’s slightly odd, I’ll admit. Summed up, Lars is my dad. But my dad’s name is Bob. Ugh, that’s where it gets complicated. You see, growing up my dad would put in his name as Lars at restaurants and us 4 kids would get such a chuckle out of it. Silly dad. You can read more about the origin story here.

How did you start this blog?

I started The House That Lars Built for a grad school project for one of my interior design classes and I created a fictional family to live in the house I was designing. I named the dad Lars, after my real dad (see above). I maintained the blog for school for a few years before I realized that I really loved blogging. Over time it morphed into a craft/DIY blog and here I am today! You can read more about the origin story here.

So, uh, what do you do for a living?

The House That Lars Built has morphed over the years from a single student blog into a full-fledged creative services studio with a full team dedicated to showing you, our dear makers community, how to make life artful. Whether it’s through a tutorial, or a resource guide, tried and true tips and tricks, and now our latest focus, our shop, we are on a mission to show you that life is better (and healthier!) when you have a project to work on. Our aim is to land on beautiful ideas that we think are worth your time and money. Because life is more fulfilling when it’s thoughtfully designed.

Do you love blogging?

Yes I do! Even though the NY Times write an article about how I’m burned out 🙂 but blogging for me is something that I truly enjoy. I love that it keeps my creativity accountable. And along the way I’ve been able to grow along with a supportive community as well as a wonderful team.

But how do you make money?

Oh man, the magical question. Through sponsorships on the blog, affiliate links, and my freelance work. On the blog, I love working with companies to create original content in my voice. I find it a fun way to exercise my creativity. We also have a shop now where we sell our printables, patterns, and other beautiful things!

But what are affiliate links and why do you use them?

Affiliate links are products that we link to—products that we love—that we may receive a commission on sales. On occasion, we may work with affiliate links on our Pinterest pins. All items that we pin are things that we love and would use and/or wear myself.

Do you want to work collaborate?

Yes! Email us: hello [at] thehousethatlarsbuilt [dot] com

How can I become a sponsor on the blog?

Email us! hello [at] thehousethatlarsbuilt [dot] com

Do you take your own photos?

We have a wonderful photographer on staff who takes all our photos. Occasionally we use photos that we find on the web, but we always try to credit when I can. If for some reason we haven’t, please holler and we will make the appropriate credits or take it down.

What are the Terms and Conditions for your current giveaways?? 

You can find them all here.

Have a question? Email me! 

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