Granny’s Garden: Our new fabric and wallpaper collection

Granny’s Garden: Our new fabric and wallpaper collection

With spring breathing new life into us after what felt like an eternal winter, we thought this would be the perfect time to release our Granny’s Garden collection. Featuring a variety of roses, tulips, zinnias, and the happiest stripe design you ever did see, this collection is exactly what our souls needed to finally de-winterize.

As we designed Granny’s Garden, we knew we wanted to incorporate the floral, Laura Ashely-esque grandma-style that has recently been trending but with a fun modern twist. Throughout the design process, we found ourselves reminiscing on our own grandmas’ styles and letting their memory inspire the designs that became the Granny’s Garden collection.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and as we prepared this collection it was so fun to think about the incredible women that have helped shape us. We are reminded of them in so many of the beautiful things around us, especially flowers.

Why Spoonflower?

What we love about having our collections on Spoonflower is that we can do all sorts of fabric and wallpaper types. Gone are the days of having to choose between a pattern you love and the fabric you want. Each pattern is offered in a variety of fabrics, giving you the freedom to make exactly what you want.

You can also choose finished products like pillows, duvets, curtains, dining linens, and tablecloths. Spoonflower helps your creative vision come to life in exactly the way you want it to both look and feel, and we are so excited to have Granny’s Garden available for purchase on their platform!

On top of that, you can order just the amount of fabric you need so there’s no waste. We’ve been working with Spoonflower for years so it was really a no brainer!

The inspiration behind our granny collection

Granny’s Garden was inspired by the many amazing grannies of our Lars team. It’s funny isn’t it, how we come to attach the people we love to different items and places? As we were designing this collection, our team discovered we each had different flowers associated with our grandmothers.

Incorporating these flowers into the collection was such a special way for us to pay homage to the women who have helped shape us into the creators we are. Granny’s Garden is dedicated to Grandma Annie, Grandma Gloria, Grandma Nora, Grandma Twiss, and Grandma Dorothy and we made scarves in their remembrance. Keep reading to learn more about their individual stories and you’ll probably fall in love with these amazing women and designs as much as we have.

Grandma Annie’s Tulips

My grandma’s name is Annie. Both she and my grandpa always cherished their garden and spent hours working in it, even into their late 80s. Growing up, I loved going into my grandparents’ orchard to pick raspberries and peaches, see all the fun flowers, and lay in the tall grass. I remember when I was little my grandpa would get all of the cousins amped to attack the “invaders” of the garden (AKA the weeds). We would all grab our tools and go to battle to help Grandpa with his weeding!

They made our time cultivating flowers, fruits, and vegetables memorable and exciting. Grandma Annie would always have flowers from the garden on the table when we had dinner together and would consistently think of others before herself. I love how simple it is to add flowers to your kitchen decor, yet it feels so impactful. One of my favorite nights I remember spending with her and my grandpa, I brought over a bouquet of tulips and we chatted about how they had built their life together and the things they loved. My Grandma Annie passed away in 2022, so now flowers are a special way for me to remember her.

– Jenny, Brand Manager

Grandma ​​Gloria’s Zinnias

Roses are classic and romantic. French parrot tulips are elegant and striking. To build on this collection, I needed a happy, round flower with a lot of petals. I ended up choosing one of my favorites: the zinnia.

The collection’s oversized zinnias are named after my grandmother, Gloria. She recently passed away and in going through her things I happened upon a bunch of photos of her that I’ve never seen before. One of my favorites is a candid photo of her in her early 20s wearing a summer dress with the biggest, beaming smile. It’s the same smile you’d have if someone gave you an overflowing bouquet of bright, colorful flowers.

– Garet, Designer & Illustrator

Grandma Nora’s Mini Zinnies

This pattern is named after our photographer Jane’s grandmother. When I asked Jane which grandmother she wanted to name a floral pattern after she said, “I never knew my Japanese grandmother but I can’t wait to meet her one day. Her name was Noriko Kobiyashi, but I know she went by Nora for short. I hope to name my daughter after her one day.”

So in honor of Nora, I designed mini zinnias. I love how sweet and cheerful this pattern turned out! The way the zinnias are distributed and rotated in the pattern makes it feel like they are dancing. Honestly, it might be my favorite pattern of the bunch. With so many oversized florals, Nora’s mini zinnies really complete the collection.

– Garet & Jane, Photographer

Grandma Twiss’s Stripes

​​My Grandmother, Twiss Roper Nielson, was a gardener extraordinaire. She grew a bounty of vegetables for survival but flowers were her passion. Her acre-sized kitchen garden was filled with flowers and her petunias were so abundant they literally grew like weeds. They came back every year and she would have to dig up petunias to make room for the vegetables. You could smell the flowers in her yard nearly a block away! I won several flower show competitions as an elementary student with her exotic “Cockscomb” (Celosia).

– Kerry, Accountant

Grandma Dorothy’s Roses

My grandparents built their Los Angeles home in 1951. They developed a lovely garden with lush grass, a mossy area, and tons of flowers, of course. They were the most gracious hosts to weddings, showers, and tons of guests. Everyone who knew them called them angels on earth and I will support that statement. Flowers will always remind me of my them, and especially my grandmother. She had a sewing room off to the side of their house where she taught me how to sew. She collected fabrics from all over the world from her adventures and housed them in an overflowing cabinet. I dream about that cabinet!

– Brittany, Founder & Creative Director

Granny’s Garden: wallpapers and fabrics

These spring patterns are sure to blossom in any home, project (try this envelope pillow!), or garden and remind you of your happiest, floweriest memories. We hope you can use them to create something as bright, inviting, and timeless as the women who inspired them. As we leave winter hibernation and say hello to the land of warmth and sun (and flowers!), we’re excited to see all that you do with our Granny’s Garden! And remember, you reap what you sew!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Show us what you’re making with #LarsFabrics

Happy Mother’s Day and happy spring!