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Why I only wear dresses and where I buy them

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  • Sally from Little Hiccups says

    I pretty much only wear dresses too. They’re the easiest thing ever to throw on in the morning, people think you’ve put in way more effort than you have, and they’re so much comfier than jeans – which have to be the most uncomfortable item of clothing ever! Sonnet James is my go to brand as they’re stretchy and perfect for moms on the go but I do love Gorman too (especially because they’re Australian like me). I mostly dress my three girls in dresses too (Tea Collection and Scandinavian brands like Duns and Smafolk are my faves). My little sister used to work for Zimmerman (also Australian!) and has the most gorgeous collection of their dresses that I’m super jealous of!

  • Julie says

    Thank you for your dress shopping adresses, i desperately need new dresses to wear as unlike you I spend my days in trousers and I’d love to mix it up a little! X

  • Nikki says

    Such an interesting perspective! I also live in Utah, we’ve lived here two years and have one left (Army). I tend to wear more dresses in the summer, but I’m trying to style more dresses for Winter too. My trial with dresses is that we’re a pretty active family, so I find I end up changing in to shorts to pull weeds, or ride bikes, etc … ! I sure do love them, though and they’re my favorite to sew.

  • Sarah says

    I love the dresses that Elk (another Australian brand) and Huffer (a New Zealand brand) come out with. I’m not a girly girl, and both these brands make dresses that are interesting, have cool prints and they do dresses for winter and summer (Huffer do great A line swingy shift dresses for summer).

  • Jade Papathanasiou says

    I love this! You’ve inspired me to fill my wardrobe with comfy beautiful dresses. Especially coming into summer (in Australia) and I’ve just had my second babe so body is forever changed again, dresses are the perfect wardrobe update. I also love Zimmerman and a wardrobe full of those beauties is the dream but I wouldn’t be able to pay for my house if i did that!
    Have you tried Cos? My fav dress is from there and there were so many others I wanted but am waiting for post pregnancy body to do it’s thing before I invest.
    I am looking forward to wearing things I love and properly investing in my wardrobe, why did it take till I was in my mid 30’s to get this mindset ?‍♀️

  • Aprale M. Davis-Gonsalves says

    I absolutely love your recommendations of stores and have spent hours perusing each site! Stay lovely!

  • Terry says

    I love your style! I am an Aussie living in Japan and you’d find some gems
    Here! I’m currently buying cotton T-shirt dresses in block colours from Uniqlo and making them interesting with Marimekko and Vintage Japanese fabric collars and pockets.
    Keep up the style inspo!

  • Lisa says

    Hi, Love your attitude towards comfortablity and the overall social rules on clothes that a person wears.

    I will be looking at the list of stores you shop at because we have the same style.

    Happy holidays, stay and healthy, Lisa😎

  • anonymouse says

    My wife dislikes dresses. I always make her wear them to work or special events and that’s the only time she’ll wear em. We haven’t been to any special event in years due to lockdowns in Cali. Also, she’s unemployed for over a year. So all she does is wear pants all day, everyday, for as long as I can remember. She goes “I wanna be comfortable” or “nobody wears dresses in public” or “I don’t need to look good because I am already good looking.” I tell her to style your hair, paint your nails, wear make-up, at least wear nice dresses. She goes, “Women wear those because they don’t look good” etc, etc, etc. and more excuses! I think I may as well save the agony and wear dresses myself!

  • Carla says

    Another daily dress wearer here, at least in the summer. In winter I tend toward skirts and tops, but a good dress is always great! I make my own linen dresses from an outdated pattern that’s simple to turn into a very loose, cool garment. Like you, I typically wear them a week at a time. With a slip underneath and an apron on top for chores this is perfectly doable. Accessories are jewelry, scarves, and sometimes a hat. Fun, simple, incredibly comfortable — I love a good dress!

  • Stacey Nocella says

    To this day I hate dresses. You talked about the dress but not the shoes that have to go with them. I am active, I get cold. I wear boots and pants. I have never figured out why any woman wants to wear a dress. They make me feel ewwww.

  • Rachel says

    I loved it! I think I just found my signature style. Thank you so much for the article. I was so used to having/needing jeans in my wardrobe that I never assumed that I could completely skip them and just go for different kinds of dresses. Where I live, most women only wear jeans.

  • Buckeye Joe says

    Yes, women are so lucky to get to wear pretty dresses. As a man, I wear dresses around the house but not in public. I wish I could though. I buy my dresses at Goodwill stores. So far the cashiers have been very nice in checking me out. One even gave me a discount! I SIMPLY LOVE DRESSES! I LIKE TO SEE THEM ON BEAUTIFUL SWEET WOMEN AND I LIKE WEARING THEM A LOT. I am praying that the day will come when men can wear them in public without being judged or mocked.

  • Ellen says

    Hi, I really love this post, so much inspiration, thank you! Maybe you’ll love Oilily too, a very colorful Dutch brand. They also do boys’ clothes. Definitely check out their dresses and outlet on

    • Brittany says

      I ADORE Oilily! There was an ad in American Girl magazine in the 90s and it changed my life. But I haven’t looked recently–thanks for the reminder!

  • A says

    Aa a fellow dress lover and almost exclusive dress wearer, I think you’d love another Australian (small, ethical, woman owned) called Little Tienda! It fits all of your criteria, plus more. They also do a seasonal subscription dress, where you subscribe and get a surprise dress quarterly. SO GOOD. Ax

  • Anna Rose says

    Oh my goodness, I love that red and light blue dress! Vintage wallpaper meets seaside. Can you share where this is from? I want this so badly 🙂

  • Kerita says

    I almost exclusively wear dresses and skirts, too! (The exception is leggings for my daily walk, but I’m trying to find a good fitness skirt that REALLY is for fitness.) I’m also an avid knitter, so I have all the knit shawls/wraps/tees/socks to go with my dresses and skirts. I’m so happy I found you for my dress AND craft inspo!