Handmade Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing with a handmade Valentine card. It’s the perfect size project for those without a lot of time and you can take it in any direction you want. We’ve created a lot of handmade cards over the years and thought you might enjoying seeing some of these options in one post.

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Handmade Valentine Cards

I will always be Team Handmade Card even if I don’t actually get around to making anything (ha! the reality of being a working mom, or just a mom…or just human ;). To me, a handmade card is a wonderful expression of your innate creativity. Plus, you don’t really need a gift if you spend some time making a handmade card. That IS the gift, right?!

Here are some favorite Handmade Valentine cards.

Tootsie Pop cherry Valentines

These Tootsie Pop cherry Valentines are such a cute idea for kids AND adults. It would be fun to get some kids or friends together and make them altogether. Plus, they are a super simple project even if you don’t think your craft skills are top notch. Write a little note on the leaf as a personalized card.

Tootsie Pop Cherry Valentines

Hand in heart token Valentines

These hand in heart token Valentines have a long history, which you can read about here. You can cut them by hand or put them in a craft cutting machine. We even made some templates for them, which you can find here.

diy valentine cards

Scandinavian woven hearts

These woven hearts are used at Christmastime in Scandinavia, but I think they’d be VERY cute as Valentines too. You could even blow up the proportions and use it as a Valentine’s Day box.

Danish Christmas hearts

Library card Valentines

We found the cutest library cards and had to turn them into a library theme for Valenine’s Day. You could either paint on them, color, or, in our case, embroidered them. So many fun options there. You can find the tutorial here.

Embroidered Library Card Valentines

Bleeding hearts card

In our Learning to Draw course, we have a section on how to draw bleeding hearts (some of my favorite flowers). I think it would be so so pretty to draw a card with them. They are a beautiful symbol for love.

Paper face boxes

I love the idea of a Valentine that also acts as a candy receptacle and these paper face boxes are just that. Plus, you can add in a printable card to go inside or make your own! The templates for the face boxes can be found here and the printable can be found here.

Paper Lipstick Valentines

One of the best ideas for girlfriends are these paper lipstick Valentines. You can find the tutorial here.

Paper Lipstick Valentines

Shrinky Dink Valentines

A cute way to add some personality to a card is by adding in a shrinky dink pin to go with it. Here’s how to make shrinky dink.

shrinky dinks

3 ways to Fold a love letter

You don’t have to go completely over the top but you can just look like you did. Take a normal piece of paper and then fold it in a cute way. Here are three ways to fold a love letter.

Make your own heart doily

We created some beautiful templates to make a handmade papercut heart Valentine doily. You can even use your craft cutting machine to get it absolutely perfect. Put a solid piece of paper underneath for a pretty contrast.

Heart tassel box

This paper heart box is a little more involved but you can simplify it by not adding the paper cuts on the box. Here’s how to make the heart tassel box.

Fruit pinatas

I love these fruit pinatas and think they’d be the cutest to give out for Valentine’s Day. Here are the full instructions. You can even download the sticker for a complete look.

Make a heart box

You can make a heart box and include a note inside of it for a full handmade Valentine. Here’s the tutorial and template for making it!

Let me know how it goes! I always love to hear how you’re getting creative! 


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