Three Ways to Fold Love Letters

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us! Have you decided what you’re doing for your loved ones? I have to admit, there’s almost nothing I love more than a sincere, handwritten note. It says “I love and care about you” better than a lot of expensive store-bought gifts could ever do.

Well today, we’re going to show you some sweet little folding techniques to spice up that 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper you’ll be writing notes on. Here are three ways to fold love letters. Let your loved ones know you care and wow them will your origami skills at the same time!

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Three Ways to Fold Love Letters

Writing a love letter is romantic and sweet and turns out, it was our number one post from 2022! You must be writing a lot of letters! But, of course, every love letter is ten times better in a cute fold.

Remember that with all of these instructions, it’s much easier to reference our video below. I’m a visual learner! If I can see it, the written instructions make more sense.

Origami Heart

We couldn’t show you how to fold love letters without giving you a heart option–it’s a given. That being said, here’s the first of our three ways to fold love letters:

    1. Take a corner of the paper and fold it diagonally to the opposite side. You should see a triangle with an exposed strip of paper on one end.
    2. Unfold and repeat the first step on the other corner on the same end of the paper. Unfold everything and you’ll see a folded “X” on one end, and a narrow rectangle on the other.
    3. Next, fold the paper at the point where the two fold lines intersect, hamburger style. Unfold.
    4. Now you have the folds prepped. Flip the paper over and fold the paper along the folds. It will naturally want to dip in on the two sides. Gently push the two sides into the center. You’ll end up with a triangle shape with the two other sides folded neatly under. Note that there’s still a rectangle poking out at the bottom.
    5. Next, take the top layer of the triangle and fold the flap on the right over to the other side. Unfold and repeat for the other flap. You’ll end up with a nice seam in the middle of the triangle.
    6. Now, take the right point and fold it up to the top point. Repeat for the left point.
    7. The next thing to do is take both outside edges and fold them into the center.
    8. At this point, flip the paper half and fold the top flaps in half. Flip it back over and fold the bottom up until it meets the bottom point of the folded diamond section.
    9. Flip it back over now and fold both bottom points into the center.
    10. Now, take the top flap of the diamond and fold it down.
    11. You should have two pointed tips poking up from the top at this point. Fold them down, angling them out slightly, and tuck them under the fold that they’re on top of.
    12. Flip it over and you’ll see the final shape of your heart!


The second of our three ways to fold love letters is pretty simple with this hexagon fold. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, fold your paper in half lengthwise, or hotdog style.
  2. Unfold, and fold both edges back into the center line you just folded.
  3. Now unfold one of the edges back out. You should still have one edge folded into the center.
  4. On that folded side, take the top corner and fold it down until the corner meets the edge that’s folded into the center.
  5. Now fold the top left corner down to the same point you folded the other edge to, making sure the folded edge meets that intersecting point.
  6. Keep working your way around the paper, with the next consecutive point folding into the center point.
  7. On the next fold, take the entire section of unfolded paper and fold it according to the pattern.
  8. Continue the pattern and fold another time.
  9. Now you should have a little lip of paper left over. Tuck this into the first fold of the hexagon and you’re done!

Pull-Tab Envelope

The last of our three ways to fold love letters is an origami envelope with a cute pull-tab envelope. It’s a classic, and makes for a sweet little package to unfold. Here’s how to make it:

  1. For this way to fold love letters, fold the paper hot dog style again, then unfold.
  2. Now, on the narrow edge, fold in the two corresponding corners so they meet in the middle. Do the same thing on the other side. It will now look like your paper has two triangles on each end.
  3. Next, take both outside edges on the long side of the paper and fold them into the center line.
  4. The next step is to take each end point and fold them neatly into the little triangles that were formed with the last folds you made.
  5. At this point, flip the paper over and write your love letter on the back (the side with no exposed paper edges).
  6. Now, fold the paper in thirds to hide the love letter.
  7. At this point there should be two nice little triangle pockets to slide in the corners of the top flap you folded over.
  8. Done! To open, simple pull on the little pull tab that appeared with the folds.

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