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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men

As you know, we like to give the men out there a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift-giving prep. For the past few years, we’ve been on it with our “hint hint, hubby” gift guides for women. I’m always full of gift ideas for women, seeing as I usually just think of things I would be thrilled to get.

But we don’t want the men to be left out of the gift giving frenzy, either! For some reason, it’s more common to give gifts to women around Valentine’s Day, but we think the men out there should feel special on love day, too. So today, here’s our exclusive Valentine’s Day gift guide for men!

Fancy Meets Functional

First on our Valentine’s Day gift guide for men is that perfect blend of fancy and functional essentials. If you ask me, these are things every man wants but rarely thinks he needs. Everyone needs a wallet, but who says it can’t be beautiful and leather? Does your S.O. travel? Gift him a shiny new duffel that doesn’t have old drink stains on it or crumbs in the pockets. A new pair of nice shoes also adds a nice touch. Since men are shorter on accessories than women, why not treat him to a new essential that has a fancy flair, like this watch? And speaking of fancy, who says men can’t wear jewelry?

An Outfit Refresher

Am I the only one who feels like if I don’t shop for my husband he won’t buy anything for himself? He would wear the same five shirts every day for 10 years if I didn’t have anything to say about it. He’ll be as happy about his new wardrobe as you’ll be, which is why this could almost be considered an essential item on our Valentine’s Day gift guide for men.

Pamper Him

Though the beauty industry heavily targets women, who says men don’t need a little pampering? So instead of him dipping into your designated creams and lotions, why not get him his very own? If he has a beard, a little beard oil or a beard grooming kit won’t go awry. And if he’s clean shaven, a new electric razor will be a godsend. A little cologne will be an unexpected surprise, too, especially if he generally doesn’t spend much money on himself. Make him feel special and taken care of!

Get Cozy

Speaking of pampering, what S.O. doesn’t need to put their feet up and relax after a long day? There’s no better way to really relax and unwind than to ditch your daytime attire and kick back with a whole host of cozy accessories. Let him slip his feet into some fluffy slippers, don a pair of brand new pjs, and snuggle up with a blanket while you both watch your favorite show.

For His Hobbies

Last on our Valentine’s Day gift guide for men is a little something for his hobbies. Give your S.O. a reason to enjoy his hobbies this year! Does he love the outdoors? Maybe his tent could do without the holes. If he’s a whiz in the kitchen, cooking or grilling supplies would be a perfect gift. Use your imagination and get him something that brings out his inner child! Chess sets, portable camping games, the list goes on.

More Inspiration

Well, ladies, if you’ve loved these ideas for hubby gifts, you may be interested in what we have to say about you. Head over to our “hint hint, hubby” gift guide to help your S.O. decide what to get you this Valentine’s Day. Love is a mutual thing, so gifts should be, too.



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