How to make glitter Valentine’s heart boxes

Valentine’s Day is meant for eating chocolate and sweets. Share some with your friends and family using these glitter Valentine’s heart boxes. They’re super easy to make and will bring a smile to your loved one!

Keep reading for the full tutorial, and view some more Valentine’s gift box ideas below!

You’ll Need:

Well, easy is the name of the game for these past few Valentine’s ideas and this one is SO simple. It’s perfect for last minute gifty ideas. These glitter Valentine’s heart boxes are a breeze and you probably have everything you already need. Just print off the template and get going!

DIY glitter Valentine’s heart boxes


  • Glitter paper (here’s a suggestion)
  • scissors
  • template
  • glue gun or glue stick or double-sided stick tape


  1.  Print off your template onto cardstock paper.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Trace the template onto the backside of your glitter paper.
  4. Cut out lines on glitter paper.
5. Fold the bottom portion of the box (indicated on the template with dotted lines).
6. Fold over the tab.
7. Glue the tab to the other side of the box.
8. Gold the bottom tabs up so they are secure.
9. Attach the heart pieces together.

10. Insert CANDY!! Chocolate or conversation hearts preferred (am I right?!)

These Valentine’s heart boxes would be cute little gifts to give to neighbors, friends, or family!

Valentine’s Day gift boxes

We have some more Valentine’s gift box ideas for you! You can fill these boxes with anything from handwritten valentines, paper hearts, and sweets! We have a printable version of the candy boxes (and they have the most adorable patterns!). You can also fill these boxes (and the Valentine’s heart boxes) with these shrinky dink Valentine’s Day pins! In Lars’ past, we’ve sent out Valentine’s care packages for those far away. You can find it here, and the heart attack versions here and here. For a fun Valentine’s Day activity, take a look at the tutorials for three Valentine’s Day piñata boxes. It’s a great way to share EVEN more chocolate and sweets on Valentine’s Day. For more Valentine’s Day box inspiration, you can check out ideas from readers with our Valentine’s box competition.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram using the hashtag #Larsmakes



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