Valentine’s Box Competition Winners

The verdict is in and you guys didn’t make it easy! To say that your Valentine boxes gave our boxes a run for their money is an understatement. We loved watching the submissions roll in for our first annual Valentine Box Competition and it was hard to make a final choice. But, after all, you know what they say… You can do hard things! And so, we did. We did a very hard thing and picked a winner of the 2020 Valentines Box Competition. Scroll down to see the winning box and a few boxes from the Lars team!

2020 Valentines box contest winner!

The winner of the first annual Valentine Box challenge is…Hannah Gumbo of @NotAllThatGlittersIsGumbo. Hannah created a box inspired by Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Lemonade and KILLED IT! There’s even a window in the back to retrieve valentines. Take at look at her Instagram post to see the video she made.

The Lars Team Valentine Boxes

Don’t worry, no Lars team members were actually allowed to win the competition, but they certainly all could have been winners! Here’s what they did:


Hannah used the left over Anagram balloons from our Valentine heart attack and cardboard to construct her box. She made it because she really like the shape and look of diamonds. And diamonds are girls best friend, of course. The fact that it is hot pink just makes it extra girly for Galentines!


Emma wanted to use some of the tutorials from our website. She started with the DIY Gingerbread Gift box Tutorial, moved into the paper flower tutorials (poppies, peonies, and daffodils), worked a little magic and the flower greenhouse Valentine’s box was born!


I knew I wanted to create a Dala horse but my idea was solidified as I was walking through Ikea and spotted the dala horse candies (which yes, I did buy to match my box and hand out as my valentine candy). I used the Dala Horse template template from our Craft the Rainbow book and got to work. The shape of the body is a liiiittle off because I didn’t actually use the template (my bad!) and I ran out of time to paper maché it, but I do love the heart details and overall I’m happy with my Valentines Dala Horse Box!


Sammy loves piñatas and she wanted to make a piñata with a non-traditional valentines colors!

Just a handful of our favorites!

If you look at the hashtag #LarsValentineBox you can see some of the amazing entries. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Anatomical Heart Valentine Box

My amazing neighbor, Charlotte, showed me the coolest Valentine box that she made herself and I thought it was so clever that I had to share it. She created an anatomical heart Valentine box made from a papier mache balloon and even included veins. Isn’t it awesome?! I love it so much!

Happy Valentine’s Day! See you around next year!


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