Give a (balloon) Heart Attack

Over the course of my life, I’d like to think that I’ve accomplished a lot. However, up until very recently, one of my greatest aspirations had still escaped me. It was something I’d wanted for years, yet never been able to fully grasp. Half of me feels a little sheepish about the reveal, while the other half of me feels pretty proud that I accomplished this goal. So, without further ado: my lifelong dream has been to dress up as *drum roll please* Cupid!

With my sights set on accomplishing this goal, I set out to find a partner in crime, and oh man, did I find the best one out there! Our friends at Anagram were nothing short of miraculous in helping me fulfill this life long dream, and we set out to make this Valentine’s season the most magical yet!

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Now, I know what many of you are thinking, “Brittany, if that’s your absolute number one dream, why didn’t you dress up as Cupid for Halloween one year?” The answer is simple. Why would I use my one day of the year when it’s acceptable to dress up as whatever I want to be Cupid, when I can just dress up as Cupid on a day when it’s not acceptable to dress as anything else! Halloween or not, this is the season of love, and it would not be the end of the world if I started a trend of people dressing up on another holiday.

Embarrassing as it might be, when I first envisioned myself as Cupid, I really did see myself in the most Cupid-esque costume I could think. You know, baby curls, rosy cheeks, and that small diaper he wears? I soon realized that the outfit might not be the most appropriate for the weather or the people that would have to see me in it. I settled on the next best thing; a Greek-inspired breezy toga, heart-embellished accessories, and of course, some fluttery wings!

Give a Balloon Heart Attack for Valentine’s Day

Donned in my Cupid attire and ready to put a little bit more love in the world, I set out to spread the enchantment far and wide. This is where I really got to shine, thanks to the many heart shaped foil balloons (which come in the most amazing Valentine’s color palettes) I had in my arsenal. Using these impressive foil balloons, I got to work heart attacking a few of my most beloved friends’ houses. Don’t worry, it’s a lot less drastic than it sounds, just the simple act of decorating an unsuspecting friend’s house with hearts of all sizes, shapes, and colors! We were so excited to team up with anagram because of how incredible we knew a house would look if it was absolutely covered in balloons. With the house decked out in hearts, we used foil letter balloons to spell out, “You’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow” and left a box full of foil balloon goodies on their porch so they could pay it forward. 


  • Use an electric air pump (we use this one)
  • Use sticky Command strips to attach to the house
  • Heart string: You can create your own hanging tabs for the heart balloons hanging from the ceiling by using packing tape and a hole punch.


With my work done, and the dreary February skies filled with just a little more love (and mischief), I hung up my bow and arrow and took a well-deserved rest. I’m already missing my time as Cupid, but who knows, I may just have to pull out my wings next year. 

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