Balloon Heart Attack

Balloon Heart Attack

Have you ever “heart attacked” someone? You go to someone’s house and plaster paper hearts all over their door or their lawn as a gesture of kindness and love! LOVE. We could all do a better job at giving gestures of love, no? Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for showing some love. And what better way to do that than with balloons! Not just any balloons either, heart balloons! The execution is simple: Blow up a bunch of balloons and scatter all over the front porch of someone who might need a little extra love. Leave a little love note, or don’t and keep it anonymous! Knock on the door and run away giddy! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and make sure someone else does too!

See where to buy Heart balloons and how to keep them from tangling and flying away!

Balloon Heart Attack

Balloon Heart Attack


  • Heart Balloons: Big (comes with ribbon!) and Small. You can also find them at some party supply stores
  • Balloon ribbon
  • Small Rocks or something to use as weights. Candy would be fun!


  1. Blow up your balloons. We used helium so they’d stay upright. You can take your balloons to any grocery or party supply store and they will fill them up!
  2. Tie them with string
  3. Take small rocks and tie the ends of the string to them so they stay anchored to the ground.
  4. If it’s a windy day, place a garbage bag over your balloons so they don’t get tangled!
  5. Scatter all over your Valentine’s doorstep and run away!

Balloon Heart Attack

Balloon Heart Attack

Photography by Jane Merritt


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