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A Garden Transformation with Troy-Bilt

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  • SA Graver says

    I was directed to this page through a link titled ‘How Do I Rescue a Lackluster Yard?’ However this page is titled ‘A Garden Transformation with Troy-Bilt’. It does have a image of a yard that is half dirt with patchy grass next to a picture of the same yard with perfect grass so I proceeded on, eventually discovering the entire article was only about the small garden. I noticed in the progression of images the ‘lackluster yard’ suddenly appears as a perfect yard of beautiful grass. It’s a shame there is no mention whatsoever of anything to do with the ‘YARD’ in this article… even though, at the beginning, you stated “We took a poll on Instagram to see which project we should tackle first! Annnnd drumroll…. you guys picked the backyard!” There is a difference between ‘the backyard!’ and a small corner decorative landscaped area. Maybe you could create an article showing everyone how that yard/grass magically transformed into a beautiful lawn and send me the link.