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Rainbow Lawn Makeover

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  • AMANDA LENZ says

    Oh, from the photo I thought you had planted colorful flowers in a rainbow shape so I was underwhelmed to see that it was just mow lines :/

  • Andy Payne says

    I have trouble with curb appeal due to having 10 acres of land with 3 acres open and I have horses on some acreage, any suggestions for the care of my property ?

  • Gary Moss says

    Fine project, but not for a weekend. Disappointed in the first photo, line trimmer in hand without proper clothing and eye protection.

  • Carol May says

    My husband and I are 76 and 80. We have a fairly large yard, about 2,1/2 acres with trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground covers. Our flowerbeds need to be cleaned, neatly edged, some trimming, and remulching. I’m wondering if this equipment will be too heavy for me to handle, as I do the work in the flowerbeds, etc. and he mows the lawn.

  • Sarah says

    I visited Giverny about 10 years ago. Got there just as it opened on a lovely, still morning. Had the place all to ourselves for about 20 minutes before the hordes descended. The Japanese bridge garden was the best part. PS – just discovered your new book at my local library, so cool!!! ?

    • Brittany says

      You lucky thing! What a treasure to have alone time there. And how cool to hear about the book at your library!