DIY Colorful Summer Pots

Summer is in full swing here at The House Lars Built we’ve been working not only sprucing up the inside of our white house but the outside as well. Since we have such a lovely blank canvas to work with, you all know my feelings on neutrals vs default colors, we thought it would be nice to throw some color into the palette. Goal: work some color into our main entryway. Plan: use flowers, terra cotta pots, white paint and thoughtfully selected colors that help us work any colors our hearts might desire into our outside decor. Outcome: A lovely colorful entryway! These pots are easy, beautiful and a quick fix to spruce up any entryway not to mention inexpensive!

Painted garden pots

DIY painted pots



  1. Pick a cohesive color palette.
  2. Paint pots white, we applied three coats for a clean look.
  3. Tape off shapes
  4. Apply a layer of glue, this will help you pull up a clean edge.
  5. Paint in shapes, we used 2-3 layers on each shape. You can use the blow dryer between layers to speed up the drying process.
  6. Gently peel off tape around shapes, be very careful of this step. Sometimes the paint will peel up with your tape. You can use an x-acto knife to gently cut edges if you notice your paint sticking.Painted garden potsPainted garden potsPainted garden pots

We’d love to see your colorful pots on your summer porches! Tag us with #LarsMakes when you post them!


  1. I’m unfamiliar with tropical plants in your area. I’d go ahead and search for what types of plants do well in your area in pots. Sorry, wish I knew!

  2. Hola! Pones capas gruesas o finas de pintura? Y el pinzel casi seco o normal? Las impermeabilizas? El pegamento es para pintar luego por encima? Gracias!!


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