Heart Attack: a Valentine’s Day Surprise

We’ve created a spin on the classic paper heart Valentine and cut out a bunch of different colored ones! This Valentine’s Day, surprise your friends, family, or neighbors with this heart attack box! What better way to spread the love?

Keep reading for more pictures and ways to get crafty for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

Ever received a heart attack? The paper, less life-threatening type? Well, consider yourself attacked. Happy Valentine’s day. PS–“kærlighed” means “love” in Danish. PPS–wish me luck, this is my last day with long hair. Hip hip.


Valentine’s Day Heart Attack Ideas

We’ve done a few other “heart attack” surprises for Valentine’s Day! Try posting paper hearts to a friend or neighbor’s door like we did here (or put them on your own door/ windows for festive Valentine’s Day decor!). We tried another version of the heart attack gift box here. These boxes are a great way to show some love to everyone, from neighbors who are close by to friends and family who live far away. Another great way to share the holiday with those who are far away is to send a Valentine’s Day care package. Fill it with your loved one’s favorite sweets and some candy hearts!

Another easy way to spread some love is through balloon heart attack surprises! We did this in 2018 and 2020 (and yes, I dressed up like Cupid!), and we can’t get enough of these heart balloons! Maybe it will become a tradition to sprinkle the town with balloon hearts each year.

Handmade crafts for the holiday

Nothing shows love like a handmade gift for Valentine’s Day! Check out these 12 handmade projects to create for your loved ones. From packages to decor to hearts painted on the lawn, you can find a project for whatever Valentine’s style you’re going for. For some lovely accessories (for yourself or as gifts!), take a look at these DIY shrinky dinks. With lips, hearts, eyes, and other shrinky dink gems, you’ll be feeling as festive as ever. And why not show them off at a heart, hands, eyes, lips Galentine’s day party?

Baking is always a great idea for sharing the love! Decorate some Valentine’s cookies to share. Put those cookies in the most adorable cookie box to put on their doorstep! Be sure to check out the Lars Valentine’s Day shop for more craft ideas and printables!



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