12 Handmade Valentine’s Day projects

We’re so close to Valentine’s Day, but it’s not too late to get gifts for your loved ones (or better yet, make your own gifts)! Who doesn’t love getting something handmade? Even if you’re not an expert crafter, we have plenty of easy ideas to spread some love.

Read below for details on all 12 handmade Valentine’s Day projects!

handmade valentine's day

I was going through my archives and realized that I had a lot of Valentine’s Day projects just sitting there waiting to be made by you. Perhaps you’re looking for something simple and made of paper? These are the projects for you. And your friends. And your kiddies.

12 Handmade Valentine’s Day projects

1. 3 Valentine’s Day gift wrapping ideas

If you already have a gift for your loved one, create the wrapping yourself! From fringe to ombre to lace heart patterns, these 3 handmade Valentine’s wrapping paper ideas will brighten up your gift even more!

2. Send a heart attack to someone through the mail

This is a great way to share the holiday spirit with someone far away. This “heart attack” box can be filled with paper hearts, sweets, or anything else your loved one would like. A handmade Valentine’s gift for someone far away is the perfect way to show you’re thinking of them.

3. Valentine’s Day paper heart topiary

If you’re going for something a little more subtle than the bright pinks and reds that accompany Valentine’s Day, check out this DIY paper heart topiary. It would be the perfect centerpiece for the holiday!

4. Heart piñata made of post-its

Valentine’s Day calls for chocolate and sweets, and what better way to celebrate than with a colorful heart piñata made of post-its?

5. Valentine’s Day paper flower wreath

Whether inside or outside of your home, this Valentine’s Day paper flower wreath would be the perfect decor DIY (for a gift or yourself)! Plus, this wreath doubles as a Valentine’s Day flower crown. It’s a win-win.

6. Gold glitter heart box template

This is the most adorable little heart box to gift to a loved one! Fill with their favorite candy or a little trinket and your gift is all done!

7. Conversation heart care package for Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day box to share with those far away (or even close family, friends, or neighbors)! This care package will lift your loved one’s spirits, and it’s a super easy project!

8. Oversized paper heart chain garland

This Valentine’s Day project is another easy one that you can make with paper! Hang this oversized paper heart chain garland in your house or give to a friend to share the love!

9. Make heart stamps in the snow with beet juice

Cut out a heart shape from cardboard and use beet juice to dye the snow. This one would be a fun surprise in the yard!

10. Make a heart attack on someone’s door

This Valentine’s heart attack idea would be fun for your own door or a neighbor’s! You could also write messages on the hearts to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day!

11. Make heart stamps on the grass with flour

Similar to the beet juice in the snow, you can create a heart cutout and make stamps in the grass with flour!

12. Cut out hearts in gift wrapping and heart erasers

More handmade Valentine’s day gift wrapping ideas! These are super simple and festive!

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