How to make a paper topiary heart

This paper topiary heart is a classy way to express your love this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s for your home or a gift to a loved one, this topiary will match with anything! Plus, who doesn’t love greenery in their home (even if it’s paper!).

Read below for the full tutorial, and check out some other Valentine’s crafts and topiaries.

You’ll Need:

I’m always so late in actually decorating for my own house for the holidays, and this Valentine’s day is no exception. Seeing as how we don’t really even own furniture at this point except for an owl side table–it’s amazing–anything can help our decorating situation. I don’t really like to do obvious colors for Valentine’s day, and so I thought I’d do a paper topiary heart. If I had my way, our place would be one giant topiary. I love these guys (and I’ve done one before. Check it out here.)

DIY paper topiary heart


  • topiary, good for the frame only (we got the tacky tinsel topiary from Michaels)
  • gold spray paint
  • clay pot
  • shades of green paper
  • moss
  • glue gun
  • scissors


  1. Take our tacky topiary and unwrap the base.
  2. Take off the tinsel. It’s super easy. It’s just wrapped around the wire stand.
  3. With wire cutters or plant cutters, cut off the pegs.

4. Draw a leaf shape onto your paper.

5. Cut out and repeat many times. I cut out several sizes to give it a variety.

6. Fold slightly down the center.

7. Glue gun one leaf onto the wire frame.

8. Glue another leaf going the opposite way.

9. Repeat along all the lines of the frame so that the frame is covered.


10. Spray the wire gold. The gold acts as a neutral color.
11. Glue gun moss to the base of the topiary and stuff it into the cracks too.

Voila! Just a cute little topiary guy ready for some Valentine’s lovin.

A huge thank you to Michèle for loaning out her table for a few minutes and for just generally being an awesome person! 

More Valentine’s Day crafts

The paper topiary heart is the perfect subtle decoration for Valentine’s Day. If you want to get into more paper heart crafts, check out this oversized heart chain, complete with paper arrows through the center! For another subtle paper flower Valentine’s decoration, take a look at the tutorial for the pink paper blossom wreath. Plus, you can leave it up through the Spring!

Browse more Valentine’s Day crafts in the Lars shop to fill your home with love (and handmade decorations!).




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