Tis’ the season for giving! December is all about shopping, presents, gift giving, and wrapping. Whether you’ve got a gift exchange coming up, or you’re involved in a cookie swap, or maybe you’re prepping some neighbor treats, there are plenty of opportunities for giving this month. We wanted to create a simple way for you to easily package up small treats in a really festive way. Enter the Holly Berry Surprise Ball!Holly Berry Surprise Ball

Typically surprise balls are crepe paper-wrapped balls that have a small hidden toy in the middle. We’ve opted to use paper strips to create a lovely holly berry that you can fill with candy, a gift, or even some homemade cookies wrapped in parchment paper! Adorned with a paper holly leaf, you can write their name and a sweet sentiment. These holly berry surprise balls are the perfect evening activity. They’re a cinch to make and deliver to all your friends!

Get the tutorial and start filling your berries!

Holly Berry Surprise BallHolly Berry Surprise Ball

Holly Berry Surprise Ball

Holly Leaf Template PDF and SVG


  • Cardstock in different shades of pink, red, and green (12×12 for the large berries and 81/2×11 for the small berries)
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gold Pen
  • Treats, trinkets, or treasures to fill the berries!


  1. Cut your paper into 1-inch by 12-inch strips for the large berries and 1-inch by 8 1/2-inch strips for the small berries.
  2. With your hot glue gun, make the strip into a loop by dabbing some hot glue onto the ends of the strip and overlapping them.Holly Berry Surprise Ball
  3. Repeat process using 4 to 8 strips total depending on how dense you want the berry to be.Holly Berry Surprise Ball
  4. Be sure to tuck in your treat or trinket before the cover the berry completely if it is a larger gift. If it’s small, you can easily spread the paper strips apart to squeeze some candy into the strips.
  5. Using the templates provided, cut out 1 to 2 holly leaves for each berry. Score the center of each leaf. Holly Berry Surprise Ball
  6. Write their name and/or a note on the leaf with a gold pen and attach with hot glue.Holly Berry Surprise Ball
  7. Deliver to your friends, neighbors, teachers, or co-workers and be on your merry way!

Holly Berry Surprise Ball

Holly Berry Surprise Ball

Photography by Clara Sumsion Jones | Crafting by Rebecca Hansen