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DIY Crepe paper holly

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  • Suzanne says

    I have worked in paper since I was a child (I’m 53 and went to Philadelphia College of Art or University of the Arts while I was there). My next long project is to make 4 tree skirts and 4 Advent Calendars out of 1.5 mm felt. I am going to borrow your holly pattern for my tree skirts (this is a compliment – I’ve looked at so many and yours is by far the best.) I will alternate the holly with the mistletoe around in a circle at the bottom of the skirt. The outside will lay on the ground and rise to about 6 inches around the tree. I have three adult children that I will give these to and keep one for myself. I made the first advent calendar about 30 years ago and the skirt about 25 years ago. So I have a pattern to work from. My children want to weigh in about the decorations for their advent calendars. I work the way you do with stringing the berries. Absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you,